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Crowns Club Munich


Nestled within the vibrant streets of Munich, where beer gardens echo with laughter and historic sites inspire awe, there lies a nightlife gem that contrasts and complements the city's traditional ambiance: Crowns Club Munich. Renowned as one of the city's premier destinations, the club illuminates Munich’s after-dark scene, offering a unique blend of opulence, music, and energy.

The Essence of Elegance

Upon entering Crowns Club Munich, one is immediately greeted by an aura of sophistication. The venue's interiors resonate with a sense of regal grandeur - a testament to its name. Plush seating, ornate chandeliers, and bespoke decors enhance the overall elegance, while subtle modern touches ensure a chic and contemporary feel.

Diverse Musical Landscape

While the ambiance is a significant draw, it’s the music that is the heart and soul of Crowns Club Munich. The establishment offers a diverse musical palette that caters to a wide range of tastes. From pulsating electronic beats to soulful R&B rhythms, from chart-toppers to timeless classics, the club ensures a dynamic soundtrack that keeps the dance floor alive and bustling.

A Roster of Renowned Talent

Crowns Club Munich has earned a reputation not only for its ambiance and music but also for its commitment to bringing renowned talent to its decks. The club frequently features a line-up of internationally acclaimed DJs and artists, making it a hotspot for both locals and tourists seeking top-tier musical experiences.

Signature Events and Theme Nights

Setting it apart from other nightlife venues in the city, Crowns Club Munich often hosts themed nights and signature events. Whether it’s a masquerade ball, an 80s retro night, or an exclusive VIP event, these occasions offer patrons a unique clubbing experience, further cementing the establishment's reputation as an innovator in Munich’s nightlife scene.

An Elite Experience

True to its name, Crowns Club Munich provides an elite experience for its patrons. The service is impeccable, with a dedicated staff ensuring that guests' needs are catered to promptly. The club also offers VIP sections and bottle service, allowing patrons to revel in luxury while enjoying their night out.

A Gem in Munich's Nightlife Crown

Munich, a city celebrated for its rich history, culture, and traditions, also possesses a vibrant and diverse nightlife. Within this scene, Crowns Club Munich emerges as a beacon of luxury, music, and entertainment. Whether one seeks an evening of dancing, an exclusive event, or simply a taste of Munich’s modern side, this club offers it all, rightfully earning its place as one of the crowning jewels in Munich’s nightlife.

Milla Logo


Live music

In the eclectic world of Munich’s nightlife, few venues stand out quite like Milla. Nestled amidst the bustling streets, this club represents more than just a place for revelry; it is a cultural hub, a space for creativity, and a testament to the city's vibrant arts and music scene.

A Hidden Gem

At first glance, Milla might seem like any other urban establishment. Its nondescript entrance, tucked away in a quiet alley, might be easy to overlook. But behind its doors lies a realm of musical diversity, artistic experimentation, and intimate performances that have made it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Intimate & Atmospheric

The interiors of Milla are a blend of rustic charm and urban grit. Exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and cozy seating areas create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The club has a capacity that's intimate enough for patrons to truly connect with the artists, yet spacious enough to accommodate a lively crowd.

Musical Diversity

What truly sets Milla apart is its dedication to showcasing a wide range of musical genres. From indie rock and jazz to electronic beats and world music, Milla's stage has seen it all. The club actively supports local artists, ensuring that Munich's homegrown talent gets the spotlight they deserve. Additionally, Milla often hosts international artists, allowing patrons to experience global rhythms without leaving the city.

Live Performances and Events

Beyond its regular music nights, Milla is known for hosting a plethora of events. Think poetry slams, open mic nights, and art exhibitions. These events, often curated by local creatives, add depth to Munich's cultural landscape and offer patrons a chance to explore different artistic expressions.

The Milla Crowd

The diverse lineup at Milla attracts an equally diverse crowd. From avid music enthusiasts and hipsters to curious travelers, the audience here is a mix of individuals united by their love for authentic experiences. Conversations flow freely, and it's not uncommon for strangers to bond over a shared appreciation for the night's performance.

Tantalizing Beverages

A night at Milla is incomplete without sampling their range of drinks. The bar offers an array of craft beers, signature cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you're in the mood for a tangy mojito or a smooth ale, Milla has got you covered.

A Melting Pot of Music, Art, and Urban Culture

Milla isn’t just a nightclub; it's an institution. It represents the heart and soul of Munich's underground arts and music scene. Every corner of the club tells a story, every performance evokes an emotion, and every night promises an adventure. For those seeking an authentic taste of Munich's cultural offerings, Milla is the place to be.

Enter the dragon Logo

Enter the dragon

Live music, Upscale

In Munich, a city celebrated for its traditions and rich history, one club has managed to fuse the old with the new, creating an electrifying ambiance that resonates deeply with both residents and tourists. Enter the Dragon is not just another club; it is an experience that encapsulates the essence of Munich's modern nightlife.

A Mythical Entrance

The very name "Enter the Dragon" evokes a sense of intrigue and excitement. As patrons approach the club, they are greeted by a grand dragon-themed facade that hints at the immersive experience inside. The neon-lit entrance, with its oriental designs and symbols, acts as a portal from the charming streets of Munich to a world of auditory and visual delight.

Modern Interiors with a Traditional Twist

Inside, Enter the Dragon seamlessly marries Munich's rich history with contemporary design. While the club features cutting-edge lighting systems and state-of-the-art sound equipment, it also showcases elements reminiscent of traditional Bavarian taverns. This unique blend of the modern and the historical creates a distinct atmosphere that's both comforting and thrilling.

Eclectic Musical Offerings

Enter the Dragon prides itself on its diverse musical programming. The club hosts a rotating roster of local and international DJs who play everything from techno and house to R&B and hip-hop. The versatility in musical styles ensures that every night offers something different, catering to the varied tastes of its patrons.

An Elevated Culinary Experience

Apart from its musical endeavors, the club is also recognized for its culinary offerings. With a menu that draws inspiration from both Bavarian and Asian cuisines, patrons are in for a treat. The fusion dishes, paired with the club's signature cocktails, promise an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

The Crowd: A Melting Pot of Cultures

One of the standout features of Enter the Dragon is its diverse crowd. On any given night, one can witness a mix of locals, expats, tourists, and students, all swaying to the beats and sharing stories. The inclusive nature of the club has made it a favorite among people from all walks of life.

Special Events and Theme Nights

The club frequently hosts themed nights and special events. From traditional Bavarian evenings to futuristic techno raves, there's always something unique happening at Enter the Dragon. These events, often interspersed with live performances, elevate the clubbing experience.

The Pulsating Heart of the City's Nightlife

Enter the Dragon is more than just a venue for music and dance; it's a testament to Munich's evolving cultural scene. It embodies the city's spirit of innovation while staying rooted in tradition. For anyone visiting Munich or even for locals looking to rediscover their city, a night at Enter the Dragon is an absolute must. It's here that memories are made, stories are shared, and the true essence of Munich's nightlife is experienced.

Lucky Who Logo

Lucky Who


Munich, a city recognized for its historical landmarks, pristine gardens, and vibrant culture, has a secret gem pulsating in its heart – the Lucky Who Club. Offering an unparalleled blend of contemporary design, stellar music, and an exuberant crowd, Lucky Who is more than just a club; it's a Munich nightlife experience you wouldn't want to miss. Dive in with us as we explore this hotbed of modern urban culture.

Location and First Impressions

Situated in the upscale area of Munich, Lucky Who enjoys a prime spot that attracts a chic and fashionable crowd. The exterior, minimalist yet sophisticated, subtly hints at the cutting-edge environment inside.

A Symphony of Modern Design

As you step inside Lucky Who, you’re immediately enveloped in a space that feels both expansive and intimate. High ceilings give an airy feel while strategically placed lighting casts a warm, inviting glow. The décor is a melange of contemporary art pieces, sleek furniture, and subtle metallic touches that reflect the club's modern vibe.

Sonic Waves of Ecstasy

Lucky Who prides itself on a sound system that delivers crisp, deep, and immersive audio. The club frequently plays host to both local and international DJs, ensuring a musical journey that spans across popular hits, deep house, techno, and everything in between. The acoustic design ensures that whether you're on the dance floor or lounging with friends, the music feels just right.

Cocktails Crafted to Perfection

The bar at Lucky Who is nothing short of a visual and sensory delight. With an extensive menu that covers classics to modern mixes, each cocktail is crafted with precision, care, and a flair for presentation. The bartenders, with their meticulous attention to detail, concoct drinks that not only taste fantastic but also look Instagram-worthy.

The Dynamic Crowd

Lucky Who has garnered a reputation for attracting a dynamic, young, and energetic crowd. The vibe is cosmopolitan, with both locals and international visitors mingling, dancing, and enjoying the night. The club's ambiance is inclusive, making everyone from a solo visitor to large groups feel welcomed.

Exclusive Events and Parties

While any night at Lucky Who promises a great time, their special events, theme nights, and guest DJ parties are particularly legendary. These nights see the club transform, sometimes with unique décor or a special menu, offering regular patrons and newcomers an experience that's different from the usual.

Modern Elegance Meets Electrifying Energy

Lucky Who Club in Munich is where modern design meets the timeless essence of a good party. It’s a place where memories are made, friendships are forged, and nights turn into early mornings. For anyone seeking the pulse of Munich's contemporary nightlife, Lucky Who is undoubtedly the place to be. Whether you're a seasoned clubber or someone looking for a memorable night out in Munich, let Lucky Who be your destination.

Nachtgalerie Logo


Casual, International +1

In the ever-evolving landscape of Munich's nightlife, certain establishments not only stand the test of time but also redefine the very essence of a night out. Enter Nachtgalerie, a club that has woven itself into the city's nocturnal fabric, providing locals and visitors alike with nights full of dance, music, and memories.

A Vivid Mosaic of Music and Dance

Situated in the heart of Munich, Nachtgalerie is a testament to the city's love for varied music and vibrant dance floors. Unlike many other establishments that stick to a single genre, Nachtgalerie takes pride in its multifaceted musical offerings. From the energetic beats of modern chart-toppers to the nostalgic rhythms of old-school classics, the club ensures that every patron finds their groove. The result? Dance floors that see a beautiful blend of ages, backgrounds, and dancing styles.

Interiors: A Blend of Contemporary and Classic

The decor of Nachtgalerie mirrors its musical ethos. The club effortlessly merges contemporary design elements with classic motifs. The strategic use of lighting, combined with tasteful artwork and plush seating areas, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making patrons feel both at home and yet in a world apart.

Themed Nights: A Unique Attraction

One of Nachtgalerie's standout features is its themed nights. From '80s throwback evenings to Latin fever nights, there's always something fresh on the calendar. These events often come with specially curated playlists, décor, and even drinks, ensuring a unique experience every time.

The Bar: Crafting Liquid Symphonies

No clubbing experience is complete without the allure of a well-stocked bar. Nachtgalerie's bartenders are more than just mixologists; they're artists. Crafting drinks that range from the timeless to the experimental, they ensure that your taste buds are on a journey as exciting as your dance moves. Whether it's a signature cocktail, a local brew, or an international spirit, Nachtgalerie's bar caters to every palate.

A Melting Pot of Patrons

The club's welcoming ambiance and versatile musical offerings mean that it attracts a diverse crowd. On any given night, you might find yourself sharing a dance floor with college students, young professionals, tourists, and even seasoned clubbers. This blend of patrons adds a unique energy to Nachtgalerie, making every night unpredictable and exciting.

A Tapestry of Nights to Remember

Nachtgalerie is not just a club; it's a Munich institution. Its commitment to providing unforgettable nights, combined with its ever-evolving musical and event lineup, ensures its place in the hearts of those seeking the pulse of Munich's nightlife. Whether you're a first-time visitor to the city or a local looking for a night of fun and dance, Nachtgalerie promises an experience that will have you coming back for more.

Ruby Dance Club Logo

Ruby Dance Club

Casual, Live music

When the lights dim in Munich and the city gears up for another night of revelry, there are a few hotspots that immediately come to the mind of the avid party-goer. The Ruby Dance Club, nestled in the heart of the city, stands as a gleaming jewel among these nightlife venues. It's not just another club; it's a testament to Munich's vivacious spirit and its ability to blend sophistication with sheer fun.

A Glimpse of Glamour

Even before you step inside the Ruby Dance Club, you're met with an air of elegance. The club's entrance exudes an aura of exclusivity, but it's an inviting one. As you enter, the interiors are both plush and polished, seamlessly combining opulent decor with an undeniably modern touch.

Pulse-Pounding Music

Ruby's main draw, of course, is its dance floor. Vibrant lights play across the space, bathing it in hues that change with the beat. And what beats they are! The club boasts a sound system that delivers crystal-clear audio, ensuring that every note, every drop, resonates through the crowd. The DJs, handpicked from both the local scene and international circuits, weave musical spells that range from deep house to chart-topping hits.

Cocktails with a Twist

The bar at Ruby is as much a visual treat as it is a hub for delightful concoctions. Experienced mixologists craft drinks that are both classic and inventive. From timeless cocktails to Ruby-special creations, there's a drink for every palette and mood. The presentation of each beverage, garnished with flair, is Instagram-worthy.

The Ruby Experience

What sets Ruby Dance Club apart from its counterparts is the holistic experience it offers. Beyond the dance and drink, it's a place of connection. The staff, always attentive, ensures that every guest feels like a VIP. Special events, from themed nights to guest DJ sets, keep the experience fresh for regulars and entice newcomers to dive into the Ruby universe.

A Diverse and Dynamic Crowd

Ruby attracts a medley of guests: the city's elite, tourists seeking the best of Munich's nightlife, young professionals letting loose, and even celebrities looking for a spot to unwind. This melting pot of patrons adds layers to the Ruby experience, ensuring that each night has its own unique narrative.

Where Elegance Meets Electricity

Ruby Dance Club isn't just a place; it's a phenomenon. Every evening, it promises and delivers a whirlwind of emotions: the thrill of the dance, the joy of connection, the taste of a perfectly crafted drink. As the night ends and the dawn approaches, those who've danced the night away at Ruby leave with memories that last a lifetime. For in the heart of Munich, Ruby stands as a beacon of what nightlife can and should be - elegant yet electrifying.

Prygoshin Backroom Logo

Prygoshin Backroom

Live music, LGBT+

Nestled in the heart of Munich, Germany, the Prygoshin Backroom is a treasure trove for night owls, music enthusiasts, and those with a penchant for immersive experiences. Transcending the traditional concept of a nightclub, this hidden gem offers an intimate and unique ambiance that leaves an indelible impression on all who venture within its inviting confines.

Unassuming Elegance

Prygoshin Backroom stands as an emblem of understated sophistication. Its exterior may be modest, but within lies a world brimming with exquisite allure. The interiors of the club echo a vintage elegance, with dark wooden accents, plush velvet seating, and ambient lighting casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the space. It’s a setting that harmoniously melds the classic with the contemporary, offering a timeless backdrop for unforgettable nights.

Eclectic Musical Offerings

Music is the heartbeat of Prygoshin Backroom. The club’s commitment to delivering an unmatched auditory experience is palpable. It boasts a diverse lineup of both burgeoning and established DJs, offering an eclectic mix of sounds that range from the ethereal beats of electronic music to the soulful rhythms of jazz and indie. This musical melange ensures that every night at Prygoshin is a unique auditory adventure, resonating with the multifaceted preferences of its patrons.

Exquisite Beverages

Adding to the appeal of Prygoshin Backroom is its illustrious bar, renowned for its extensive and innovative beverage offerings. The menu features a comprehensive array of spirits, wines, and crafted cocktails, each meticulously created by the club’s skilled mixologists. Guests can savor the nuanced flavors of a perfectly balanced cocktail, or opt for a classic glass of wine, sourced from the finest vineyards across the globe.

Exclusive Experience

With a capacity that leans towards the intimate side, every night at Prygoshin Backroom is an exclusive affair. The club’s limited seating ensures a personal and comfortable atmosphere, allowing patrons to mingle and dance without the constraints of overcrowding. This exclusivity enhances the overall experience, transforming an ordinary night out into a cherished memory.

Events and Performances

Beyond its nightly operations, Prygoshin Backroom is a thriving venue for private events and live performances. Its cozy and elegant setting provides an ideal backdrop for a diverse range of events, from private parties to intimate live concerts. The club’s dedicated team ensures each event is executed flawlessly, providing customized services to cater to every unique requirement.

Munich's Hidden Gem

In the bustling nightlife landscape of Munich, Prygoshin Backroom emerges as a sanctuary of elegance, intimacy, and unparalleled entertainment. It’s a space where every element harmoniously intertwines to craft a sublime experience, leaving patrons with a longing to return. In Prygoshin Backroom, discover the quintessence of Munich's vibrant and diverse nightlife, and embark on a journey marked by auditory bliss, sensory delight, and memorable connections.

Beverly Kills Logo

Beverly Kills

Live music, Local

In the majestic cityscape of Munich, Germany, where old-world charm harmoniously blends with the contemporary, Beverly Kills stands out as an epitome of avant-garde nightlife. It's more than a nightclub; it's a realm where music, fashion, and art converge to offer an unparalleled sensory feast.

Unmatched Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Munich, Beverly Kills emanates an aura of elegance and modernity. The meticulously designed exterior, highlighted by soft neon lights, entices patrons into a world of refined entertainment. The club effortlessly exudes glamour, making it a beloved hotspot for the city’s chic and stylish crowd.

Surreal Interior Ambiance

Upon entering Beverly Kills, guests are enveloped in a surreal ambiance. The interior, characterized by sleek design elements, plush furnishings, and innovative lighting, sets the stage for a memorable night. The strategic interplay of lights and shadows, complemented by avant-garde art pieces, adds to the club’s captivating allure.

A Symphony of Sounds

Beverly Kills prides itself on offering a diverse and impeccable musical experience. The club hosts a rotation of renowned DJs, both local and international, ensuring the beats that flood the dance floor are always fresh, vibrant, and in tune with the audience’s pulse. From electrifying electronic dance music to soulful live performances, Beverly Kills is a symphony of diverse sounds, offering something for every musical palette.

Culinary and Mixological Excellence

The club goes beyond traditional nightlife offerings, delighting guests with a superb menu of gourmet bites and artisanal cocktails. The in-house chefs and mixologists at Beverly Kills exhibit exceptional culinary and bartending artistry, presenting a curated selection of dishes and drinks that tantalize the taste buds while adding to the overall aesthetic experience.

Exquisite Service

At Beverly Kills, every guest is treated with utmost respect and care. The staff, trained to provide impeccable service, ensure the comfort and satisfaction of patrons, enhancing the club’s reputation as a top-notch destination for elite socializing and entertainment in Munich.

The Gem of Munich’s Nightlife

Beverly Kills stands as a beacon of sophisticated nightlife in Munich, embodying the city's vibrant cultural and social scene. It's not just a venue; it’s an experience that captivates all senses, leaving patrons with cherished memories of a night filled with rhythm, elegance, and joie de vivre. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Beverly Kills, where every night is a unique narrative of fun, flair, and fascination.

Import Export Logo

Import Export

Live music, International

Amidst the classic charm of Munich, a city renowned for its Oktoberfest celebrations, historic landmarks, and vibrant beer gardens, Import Export stands out as a refreshing oasis of alternative culture. This unique club, nestled away from the city's tourist trails, offers a kaleidoscope of experiences, representing Munich's cosmopolitan spirit and diverse arts scene.

A Venue Without Borders

True to its name, Import Export transcends boundaries—be it in music, art, or ethos. The club brings together influences from around the globe, creating an eclectic mix that's rare in Munich's mainstream nightlife. Here, you're as likely to encounter Afrobeat rhythms as you are to hear Balkan beats or avant-garde electronic music.

Raw Ambiance with Artistic Flair

Walking into Import Export is like stepping into an underground art haven. The venue retains a raw, industrial aesthetic, with exposed brick walls and minimalist decor. This deliberate simplicity serves as a canvas for vibrant art installations, graffiti, and spontaneous artistic expressions, lending the club an edgy, bohemian vibe.

A Platform for Diverse Voices

Import Export is more than just a space for music and dance; it's a platform for dialogue, expression, and cultural exchange. The venue often hosts workshops, discussions, film screenings, and even culinary events, celebrating the diverse tapestry of Munich's immigrant communities and fostering a sense of unity and understanding.

Nurturing Local and Global Talent

While the club features international artists, there's a strong emphasis on promoting local talent. Upcoming bands, indie performers, DJs, and artists find a welcoming stage at Import Export, making the venue a hub for creative growth and discovery.

Sip and Savor from Around the World

Complementing its global arts scene, Import Export boasts a bar that mirrors the venue's inclusive ethos. From classic German brews to exotic cocktails inspired by global flavors, there's a drink for every palate. Occasional food pop-ups, showcasing cuisines from different corners of the world, add another layer to the club's multicultural offerings.

Munich's Melting Pot of Cultures and Creativity

Import Export is a testament to Munich's evolving cultural landscape. It's a space where traditions merge with modernity, where local meets global, and where art, in all its forms, finds a home. For those seeking an authentic, offbeat experience in Munich, Import Export promises a journey through the city's heartbeat, one beat at a time.

Sugar Mountain Logo

Sugar Mountain

Live music

Nestled amid Munich's iconic architectural wonders and rich historical tapestry lies a venue that pulsates with modern energy and allure: Sugar Mountain. While the name may evoke images of serene landscapes, make no mistake — this club is Munich's answer to those seeking electrifying nights and unforgettable experiences.

Ethereal Interiors with a Hint of Whimsy

As you step into Sugar Mountain, you're immediately enveloped in an ambiance that's both luxurious and otherworldly. The club cleverly intertwines its namesake theme with its decor — crystal chandeliers resembling cascading sugar crystals, walls adorned with shimmering patterns reminiscent of sugar glazes, and seating areas that seem as plush as marshmallows.

A Sonic Adventure from Dusk Till Dawn

Sugar Mountain is renowned for its eclectic music palette. The pulsating beats of electronica, techno, and house music often dominate, but the club isn't shy about mixing in pop, rock, and even jazz nights. This sonic diversity, amplified by a state-of-the-art sound system, ensures that every night offers a fresh auditory experience.

Concoctions as Sweet as the Name Suggests

At the heart of Sugar Mountain is its innovative bar. Here, mixologists whip up cocktails that align perfectly with the club's theme. Think drinks garnished with candy, or cocktails that fizz, sparkle, and even change colors. For those who prefer classics, the bar offers a curated selection of spirits and wines that cater to the most discerning palates.

Exclusive Events with a Sugary Twist

True to its reputation for innovation, Sugar Mountain frequently hosts themed nights and special events. From Candyland parties where attendees are invited to don their most colorful outfits to Masquerade Balls with a sweet twist, there's always a reason to revisit this vibrant venue.

A Meeting Spot for Munich's Trendsetters

The crowd at Sugar Mountain is as diverse as its musical offerings. On any given night, you'll find a mix of locals and international visitors, all brought together by their love for music and the club's unique ambiance. The air is thick with excitement, and the energy is palpable, making it the go-to spot for those looking to dance the night away.

Munich's Sweetest Escape into Nightlife Euphoria

Sugar Mountain, with its enchanting theme, eclectic music, and innovative offerings, has firmly established itself as a must-visit in Munich's nightlife scene. It promises more than just a night out; it offers an adventure where every detail, from the decor to the drinks, is designed to captivate and enthral. For those in Munich seeking an experience that's as sweet as it is exhilarating, Sugar Mountain beckons.

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