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Prygoshin Backroom

Live music, LGBT+

Nestled in the heart of Munich, Germany, the Prygoshin Backroom is a treasure trove for night owls, music enthusiasts, and those with a penchant for immersive experiences. Transcending the traditional concept of a nightclub, this hidden gem offers an intimate and unique ambiance that leaves an indelible impression on all who venture within its inviting confines.

Unassuming Elegance

Prygoshin Backroom stands as an emblem of understated sophistication. Its exterior may be modest, but within lies a world brimming with exquisite allure. The interiors of the club echo a vintage elegance, with dark wooden accents, plush velvet seating, and ambient lighting casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the space. It’s a setting that harmoniously melds the classic with the contemporary, offering a timeless backdrop for unforgettable nights.

Eclectic Musical Offerings

Music is the heartbeat of Prygoshin Backroom. The club’s commitment to delivering an unmatched auditory experience is palpable. It boasts a diverse lineup of both burgeoning and established DJs, offering an eclectic mix of sounds that range from the ethereal beats of electronic music to the soulful rhythms of jazz and indie. This musical melange ensures that every night at Prygoshin is a unique auditory adventure, resonating with the multifaceted preferences of its patrons.

Exquisite Beverages

Adding to the appeal of Prygoshin Backroom is its illustrious bar, renowned for its extensive and innovative beverage offerings. The menu features a comprehensive array of spirits, wines, and crafted cocktails, each meticulously created by the club’s skilled mixologists. Guests can savor the nuanced flavors of a perfectly balanced cocktail, or opt for a classic glass of wine, sourced from the finest vineyards across the globe.

Exclusive Experience

With a capacity that leans towards the intimate side, every night at Prygoshin Backroom is an exclusive affair. The club’s limited seating ensures a personal and comfortable atmosphere, allowing patrons to mingle and dance without the constraints of overcrowding. This exclusivity enhances the overall experience, transforming an ordinary night out into a cherished memory.

Events and Performances

Beyond its nightly operations, Prygoshin Backroom is a thriving venue for private events and live performances. Its cozy and elegant setting provides an ideal backdrop for a diverse range of events, from private parties to intimate live concerts. The club’s dedicated team ensures each event is executed flawlessly, providing customized services to cater to every unique requirement.

Munich's Hidden Gem

In the bustling nightlife landscape of Munich, Prygoshin Backroom emerges as a sanctuary of elegance, intimacy, and unparalleled entertainment. It’s a space where every element harmoniously intertwines to craft a sublime experience, leaving patrons with a longing to return. In Prygoshin Backroom, discover the quintessence of Munich's vibrant and diverse nightlife, and embark on a journey marked by auditory bliss, sensory delight, and memorable connections.

Alte Utting Logo

Alte Utting

Live music, LGBT+ +1

Nestled within the bustling heart of Munich, Alte Utting stands as an extraordinary oasis and a unique maritime escapade amidst the urban landscape. This unforgettable venue, a decommissioned ship perched atop a bridge, offers its visitors a diverse range of experiences, from relaxed evening outings to lively social gatherings, all within the unique confines of its nautical architecture.

Ambiance and Setting

Alte Utting provides an ambiance infused with a seafaring aesthetic, despite its inland location. The imaginative repurposing of the ship into a communal space beautifully merges the rugged elegance of naval design with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Guests can explore various sections of the ship, each tailored with thoughtful attention to detail, creating an environment where maritime history and contemporary Munich culture intertwine.

Dining and Drinks with a View

The culinary offerings aboard Alte Utting are a delightful part of the adventure. Guests can savor an eclectic range of foods, including scrumptious local and international delicacies. The dining area, adorned with nautical elements, offers a unique atmosphere for enjoying meals with friends and family. The ship's outdoor space, adorned with atmospheric lighting and comfortable seating, provides a stunning backdrop of the Munich skyline, elevating the dining experience to a sublime level.

Events and Activities

Alte Utting is not just a place for dining and relaxation, but also a vibrant hub for various events and activities. The venue hosts an array of musical performances, art exhibitions, and themed parties, making it a dynamic focal point for Munich’s cultural and social scenes. The ship’s diverse spaces, from its intimate cabins to the expansive deck areas, are adaptable to a variety of events, offering a distinctive setting for both public and private gatherings.

Sustainability Focus

Beyond its unique setting and lively atmosphere, Alte Utting is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. The repurposing of the decommissioned ship into a functional, community-focused space is a testament to the venue’s dedication to eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable operations. This commitment enhances the overall experience for visitors, who can enjoy the ship's offerings while supporting environmentally responsible practices.


In conclusion, Alte Utting emerges as a remarkable gem within Munich’s vibrant urban terrain. The blending of maritime allure with diverse culinary, social, and cultural experiences makes it an essential destination for residents and visitors alike. Whether seeking a tranquil sunset viewing, a delightful meal, or a lively event, guests at Alte Utting embark on a memorable journey, sailing on a sea of enjoyment and exploration in the heart of Munich, Germany.

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