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Club underground

Casual, Local +1

In the heart of Blackpool, amidst its iconic attractions and historic allure, Club Underground invites partygoers to descend into a realm where beats, lights, and energy converge to create an unforgettable nightlife experience. This club carves out a unique niche in the rich tapestry of Blackpool's night scene, offering a space where diverse musical styles, vibrant visuals, and a dynamic atmosphere intersect. Dive into the world of Club Underground in Blackpool, United Kingdom, and explore the elements that establish it as a prominent nocturnal destination.

Strategic Central Location

Club Underground is strategically located in the center of Blackpool, making it easily accessible to both locals and tourists. Its central location integrates it seamlessly into the pulse of the city’s nightlife, providing a convenient hub for those looking to explore the diverse evening offerings of Blackpool.

A Vibrant Mosaic of Musical Styles

At the heart of Club Underground is its commitment to delivering a wide-ranging musical experience. The club is a sonic canvas where different genres, from electronic and hip-hop to rock and indie, paint a vibrant auditory mosaic. With skilled DJs behind the decks, every night at Club Underground is a unique musical journey that resonates with the eclectic tastes of its patrons.

Immersive Atmosphere

As the name suggests, Club Underground offers an immersive atmosphere that transports guests into a world where contemporary design meets underground chic. The club’s interior combines industrial aesthetics with modern lighting and design elements, creating a space that is both edgy and comfortable. The result is an ambiance that captivates and enchants, setting the perfect backdrop for a night of dance, laughter, and connection.

Themed Nights and Events

Club Underground distinguishes itself with a diverse calendar of themed nights and events. From dedicated genre nights and DJ battles to special guest performances, the club ensures a continuous influx of fresh and exciting entertainment options. These events not only augment the club’s appeal but also solidify its reputation as a vibrant and innovative entertainment hub in Blackpool.

Expansive Drink Menu

To complement the beats and the ambiance, Club Underground boasts an expansive drink menu that caters to every preference. From classic cocktails to the latest innovative mixes, the bar is a haven for drink enthusiasts. The club's experienced bartenders add flair and finesse to every beverage, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Dedicated Staff and Stellar Service

Club Underground prides itself on providing stellar service to its guests. The dedicated and friendly staff ensure that every visitor’s experience is seamless from entry to exit. The attention to detail, proactive assistance, and warm interactions amplify the enjoyment and comfort levels, making every night spent at Club Underground a delightful affair.

Descend into the Heartbeat of Blackpool’s Nightlife, United Kingdom

In the constellation of Blackpool's nightlife, Club Underground shines as a distinct star. With its diverse music, immersive atmosphere, exciting events, extensive drink options, and exemplary service, it stands as a quintessential destination for those eager to experience the vibrancy and allure of Blackpool’s night scene. For a night filled with rhythm, energy, and boundless enjoyment, Club Underground awaits to welcome and enthral every guest.

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The Flying Handbag

Live music, LGBT+

The Flying Handbag is more than just a name on Blackpool's sprawling entertainment map; it’s a vivacious symbol of diversity, acceptance, and unabashed joy. Nestled in the heart of Blackpool, United Kingdom, this iconic LGBTQ+ nightclub stands out as a colorful canvas, painting the town in hues of equality, love, and endless celebration.

A Symphony of Colors and Lights

The entry to The Flying Handbag is a gateway to a realm where colors dance and lights sparkle, creating a visually captivating spectacle. The interiors resonate with the vibrancy inherent to the club’s spirit, with flamboyant decorations and radiant lights crafting a setting that is both enchanting and energizing. Here, each corner tells a story of celebration and liberation, the atmosphere bubbling with the essence of camaraderie and festivity.

The Beat of Diversity

In The Flying Handbag, music is the universal language weaving together diverse souls. The eclectic playlist is a harmonious blend of chart-toppers, retro hits, and dance anthems, creating a sonic ambiance that invites everyone to the dance floor. Whether it’s the pulsating beats of pop music or the rhythmic allure of disco, the music at The Flying Handbag is a melodious representation of the club’s inclusive ethos.

A Canvas of Expressions

The club is a living, breathing canvas where individuality and expression find their true colors. It’s a place where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves, to embrace their uniqueness, and to paint their expressions in the bold strokes of freedom and acceptance. The colorful attires, the glittering accessories, and the radiant smiles of the patrons are the brushstrokes that bring to life the vibrant masterpiece that is The Flying Handbag.

A Cocktail of Joy

The bar at The Flying Handbag is a concoction artist's dream, a place where flavors mix, and spirits soar. From the classic cocktails to the innovative blends, each beverage is crafted with precision and flair, adding a splash of joy to the night. The tantalizing array of drinks is a companion to the rhythmic journey, ensuring the spirits are high, and the vibes are positive.

A Stage for Celebration

The Flying Handbag is a theatrical stage where every night is a celebration of love, identity, and togetherness. The club hosts a plethora of events and themed nights, from drag shows to karaoke nights, each a unique expression of the club’s vibrant personality. The engaging performances and the spirited audience create a dynamic exchange of energy and joy, turning each moment into a memorable spectacle.

The Social Tapestry

Beyond the music, the lights, and the drinks, The Flying Handbag is a woven tapestry of connections and friendships. It’s a social hub where conversations flow, laughter resonates, and bonds are forged in the shared spirit of acceptance and diversity. The warm and welcoming ambiance of the club fosters a sense of belonging, making it a home away from home for both locals and visitors.

Blackpool’s Beacon of Inclusivity and Vibrancy

The Flying Handbag is not merely a nightclub; it’s a radiant beacon of inclusivity and celebration in Blackpool’s lively nightlife scene. It’s a place where colors shine brighter, music plays louder, and smiles are wider, creating a vibrant paradise where everyone is welcome. The eclectic music, the visual extravaganza, the flavorful cocktails, and the infectious energy of The Flying Handbag make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a genuine and joyful experience in Blackpool. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, meet new friends, or simply soak in the positive vibes, The Flying Handbag promises a flight through the radiant skies of love, equality, and endless celebration.

Fubar's Rum Bar Blackpool Logo

Fubar's Rum Bar Blackpool

Live music, LGBT+

Fubar's Rum Bar stands as an effervescent tropical oasis amidst the pulsating vibrancy of Blackpool, United Kingdom. This unique venue is a cocktail of exuberance, exotic flavors, and rhythmic ecstasy, offering a refreshing escapade into a Caribbean paradise. With its diverse rum selections, eclectic music, and beach-inspired aesthetics, Fubar's Rum Bar is a captivating getaway for those seeking a slice of the tropics in Blackpool's dynamic nightlife scene.

A Beachside Retreat

Upon entering Fubar's Rum Bar, guests are greeted with a vivacious panorama reminiscent of a beachside retreat. The décor is a colorful amalgamation of tropical elements, with bamboo accents, vibrant hues, and beach-inspired ornaments crafting a lively and inviting ambiance. The atmosphere resonates with the joyful spirit of the Caribbean, enveloping patrons in a warm embrace of tropical bliss.

The Rum Symphony

The essence of Fubar’s Rum Bar lies in its extensive array of rums, each bottle a melody in the symphony of distilled sugarcane. The bar offers a diverse selection, ranging from the sweet and smooth to the bold and spicy, promising a journey through the varied taste landscapes of this exotic spirit. Whether sipped neat or enjoyed in a flavorful cocktail, each rum is a droplet of Caribbean sunshine, transporting the senses to the sandy shores and crystal-clear waters of the tropics.

Musical Waves

The musical experience at Fubar’s is a rhythmic wave that carries the essence of tropical lands. The eclectic tunes encompass a range of genres, including reggae, salsa, and calypso, creating a sonic tapestry that makes the feet tap and the hips sway. The infectious rhythms and uplifting beats evoke the lively spirit of tropical celebrations, ensuring the dance floor is a realm of energy and movement.

Culinary Delights

Complementing the liquid treasures is a menu teeming with tropical culinary delights. The food at Fubar's Rum Bar is a flavorful voyage through Caribbean cuisine, with each dish a harmonious blend of spices, textures, and freshness. From succulent seafood to flavorful grills, the culinary offerings are a gastronomic dance of tropical flavors, adding another layer to the immersive experience.

Social Harmony

Fubar's Rum Bar is a social sanctuary where diverse spirits converge to celebrate the joyous essence of the tropics. The friendly and inclusive environment fosters connections and conversations, allowing patrons to share laughs, stories, and dances in the harmonious backdrop of the Caribbean-inspired haven. The welcoming vibe makes it a cherished spot for both locals and wanderers, weaving a tapestry of friendships and memories.

Events and Celebrations

To elevate the tropical experience, Fubar's Rum Bar hosts a variety of events and themed nights, each a unique expression of Caribbean festivity. From lively dance nights to vibrant music events, the venue offers a myriad of experiences, ensuring every evening is a new adventure in the effervescent world of Fubar's.

A Tropical Odyssey in the Heart of Blackpool

Fubar’s Rum Bar Blackpool is a vibrant sanctuary of tropical enchantment in the nightlife mosaic of Blackpool. With its exotic rum selection, uplifting music, inviting ambiance, tropical cuisine, and diverse events, it crafts a comprehensive Caribbean experience, making it a luminous beacon for tropical enthusiasts. Whether you are a rum connoisseur, a tropical music lover, or someone seeking a joyful escape, Fubar’s Rum Bar promises a radiant journey through the lively spirit and exotic flavors of the Caribbean, right in the heart of Blackpool.

Sherlock's Bar Logo

Sherlock's Bar

Live music, LGBT+

Sherlock’s Bar in Blackpool, United Kingdom, stands as a peculiar and intriguing entity in the rich and varied nightlife of the town. This establishment draws inspiration from the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, offering patrons an immersive experience characterized by a blend of mystery, elegance, and Victorian charm.

Victorian Elegance and Mystery

Stepping into Sherlock’s Bar is akin to traveling back in time to the atmospheric alleys of Victorian London. The décor is a detailed and loving recreation of the 19th-century aesthetics, with dark wooden accents, antique furnishings, and subdued lighting crafting a sense of antiquated elegance. The surroundings are imbued with an aura of mystery, reminiscent of the enigmatic adventures of the famed detective, which adds a layer of intrigue to the overall ambiance.

A Symphony of Flavors

The beverage menu at Sherlock’s Bar is a curated collection, offering a diverse palette of flavors. From meticulously crafted cocktails to a sophisticated selection of wines and spirits, each drink is presented with an artistic touch, adding to the bar’s charming character. The concoctions, inspired by the literary essence of Sherlock Holmes, promise a unique and delightful experience to the connoisseurs of fine beverages.

Culinary Companions

Complementing the beverages is a delectable array of culinary delights. The food menu at Sherlock’s is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary, with each dish crafted with precision and flair. The flavorful journey through the culinary offerings is akin to unraveling a gastronomic mystery, with each bite revealing new layers of taste and texture.

A Musical Tapestry

The auditory experience at Sherlock’s Bar is a rich tapestry woven with diverse musical threads. The melodies range from the timeless classics to the contemporary hits, creating a balanced and pleasing sonic environment. The music acts as a subtle backdrop to the conversations and laughter, enhancing the overall experience without overpowering the senses.

Social Confluence

Sherlock’s Bar is a convergence point for a myriad of individuals, each drawn to the unique and inviting atmosphere of the establishment. It’s a space where connections are forged and stories are shared, all within the intriguing confines of the Victorian-inspired setting. The warm and friendly environment nurtures a sense of community and belonging, making it a favored destination for both locals and visitors.

Thematic Events and Experiences

To augment the enchantment, Sherlock’s Bar organizes a variety of thematic events and experiences, each adding a different hue to the bar’s mystical canvas. Whether it’s a murder mystery night or a literary-themed evening, every event is designed to offer patrons a distinctive and memorable experience, ensuring that every visit to Sherlock’s is a new adventure.

A Mystical Journey in Blackpool’s Nightlife Canvas

Sherlock’s Bar in Blackpool is a charming and mysterious alcove in the bustling nightlife landscape of the town. With its Victorian charm, eclectic beverage selection, delightful culinary offerings, diverse musical ambiance, and unique thematic experiences, it provides an immersive and elegant escape to those seeking a touch of mystery and sophistication. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic detective, a lover of themed bars, or just in search of a pleasant evening, Sherlock’s Bar promises a journey through time, taste, and tales, making it a must-visit destination in Blackpool.

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