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2funky Music Cafe


In the vibrant cityscape of Leicester, known for its rich history and diverse cultural tapestry, the 2Funky Music Café stands out as a beacon for music aficionados. Situated away from the city's bustling centre, this establishment isn't just another nightspot; it's a pilgrimage site for those with a genuine affection for eclectic sounds and rhythms.

A Mosaic of Music

One of the defining characteristics of the 2Funky Music Café is its unparalleled versatility. Unlike mainstream venues that often cater to popular demand, 2Funky is proud of its expansive range. From the pulsating beats of hip-hop and reggae to the soulful melodies of jazz and blues, the café has become synonymous with showcasing a medley of genres.

Ambience & Decor

Walking into the 2Funky Music Café is like stepping into a shrine dedicated to music. The walls, adorned with vintage posters and artwork of legendary artists, tell tales of musical eras gone by. Ambient lighting, coupled with rustic wooden furniture, creates an atmosphere that's both intimate and invigorating.

Live Performances

2Funky's reputation is largely built on its commitment to live music. The café has been instrumental in promoting local talent, offering a platform for budding artists to showcase their prowess. At the same time, it has also hosted numerous established acts, further solidifying its position as one of Leicester's premier live music venues.

Workshops and Events

Beyond just concerts, the 2Funky Music Café is also known for its workshops. These sessions, often led by industry professionals, cover various facets of music-making, from production techniques to lyrical writing. Such initiatives underscore the café's dedication to nurturing the next generation of musical talent.

Food & Beverage

No music café would be complete without a tantalising array of refreshments. 2Funky doesn't disappoint in this regard. Whether it's a chilled craft beer, a handcrafted cocktail, or a hearty snack, the café ensures that its patrons are well-fed and quenched.

A Community Hub

At its core, the 2Funky Music Café is more than just a venue; it's a community. The camaraderie among its regular patrons, the mutual appreciation for diverse sounds, and the collective enthusiasm for live performances make the café a true embodiment of Leicester's inclusive spirit.

Leicester's Sanctuary for Eclectic Sounds

The 2Funky Music Café is not just a place; it's a feeling. It's the exhilaration you experience when you discover a new artist, the nostalgia that grips you when a familiar tune plays, and the contentment of sharing these moments with like-minded individuals. For those who believe that music is the universal language of humanity, the 2Funky Music Café in Leicester is undoubtedly a sanctuary.

Après Lounge Logo

Après Lounge


Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Leicester, the Après Lounge offers an exquisite and immersive experience that transports patrons from the Midlands straight to the upscale ski chalets of the Alps. A unique blend of opulent design, top-tier entertainment, and culinary delights, Après Lounge is more than just a club—it's an expedition into a world of luxury and indulgence.

An Alpine Odyssey

From the moment you step through its doors, Après Lounge pledges an Alpine journey. The interiors are meticulously designed to emulate the warmth and coziness of a luxurious ski lodge. Wooden beams, faux fur drapes, and ambient lighting set the tone for a relaxing evening reminiscent of a snow-covered retreat.

Music & Entertainment

Après Lounge has solidified its reputation as one of Leicester's premium entertainment venues. With an impressive lineup of resident DJs and frequent guest performances, the music here traverses various genres, ensuring there's something for every taste. Whether you're in the mood for contemporary chart-toppers or classic hits, the impeccable sound system guarantees a night of auditory delight.

Delectable Delights

A venue's appeal is often as much about its culinary offerings as its entertainment, and Après Lounge doesn't disappoint. The lounge prides itself on its curated selection of drinks, from vintage wines and bespoke cocktails to craft beers. For those with an appetite, the menu boasts a range of gourmet snacks and dishes, each echoing the alpine theme with a modern twist.

Exclusive Events

Beyond its regular nights, Après Lounge has garnered acclaim for hosting exclusive events. Themed parties, corporate gatherings, and private celebrations are made memorable with the venue's commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail.

A Personalised Experience

Understanding the diverse needs of its patrons, Après Lounge offers a range of seating options. Whether you prefer the intimacy of a private booth, the vibrancy of the dance floor, or the tranquility of the outdoor terrace, there's a spot tailored for your comfort.

In the Heart of Leicester

While its theme might be alpine, Après Lounge's location is conveniently central. Situated in the heart of Leicester, it's easily accessible and has become a favourite haunt for both locals and visitors seeking an upscale night out.

A Glimpse of Alpine Luxury in Leicester

In a city teeming with nightlife options, Après Lounge stands out not just for its unique theme but also for its unwavering commitment to offering an unparalleled experience. It's a testament to the fact that, with a touch of creativity and a dash of luxury, even in the midst of Leicester, one can find a slice of the Alps. For those seeking an evening draped in opulence, rhythm, and culinary excellence, Après Lounge promises an adventure like no other.

Corah Works Logo

Corah Works


Steeped in history and oozing a distinctive character, Corah Works is not your conventional nightlife venue. Located in the heart of Leicester, this club seamlessly marries the city's rich industrial heritage with the pulsating beats of the modern dance scene. An emblem of Leicester's storied past repurposed for the contemporary crowd, Corah Works offers an unparalleled experience.

History Etched in Bricks and Beams

Once a bustling hub of the hosiery trade, the Corah factory was a testament to Leicester's prominence in the textile industry. While the machines have long since ceased their hum, and the looms lie silent, the essence of that era still permeates the walls of Corah Works. The club has retained many of the original architectural elements, from the exposed brickwork to the soaring steel beams, serving as a tangible link to the past.

A Space Transformed

Corah Works has been thoughtfully transformed into a multi-dimensional space. The vast floor area, reminiscent of the factory's expansive workshops, now sees a different kind of craftsmanship - the art of music and entertainment. The high ceilings, coupled with state-of-the-art lighting, create a mesmerizing ambiance, playing with shadows and illuminations.

Sonic Landscape

The club boasts a curated sound system, ensuring that every beat, every note, resonates with clarity. Regularly hosting renowned DJs from both the local scene and international circuit, Corah Works has established itself as a hotspot for dance and electronic music enthusiasts.

Beverages & Bites

Paying homage to its roots, the drink menu at Corah Works often features themed cocktails that nod to the textile industry. Whether it's a gin concoction named after a famous designer or a cocktail that mirrors the hues of popular fabrics, there's creativity in every sip. The club also offers a selection of snacks and light bites, perfect for refueling during a night of dancing.

Events & Gatherings

Beyond its regular club nights, Corah Works serves as a versatile venue for various events. The expansive space can be molded to fit private parties, corporate events, and even art exhibitions. The club's team works diligently to ensure every event is tailored to perfection.

Location & Accessibility

Positioned conveniently in Leicester's city center, Corah Works is easily accessible by both public and private transport. Its central location has made it a favored destination for night owls looking for an immersive experience.

In Conclusion

Corah Works isn't just a club; it's a narrative. A story of a city's evolution, of how the old can blend with the new, and how history can dance to contemporary tunes. It's a testament to Leicester's ability to respect its past while forging ahead into the future. For those seeking a night out with a difference, Corah Works promises both a trip down memory lane and a journey into the heart of modern beats.

Doppler Studio Logo

Doppler Studio


Nestled amidst the architectural tapestry of Leicester is Doppler Studio, an emblem of the city's flourishing music scene and the thirst for innovation in auditory experiences. More than just a club, Doppler Studio bridges the gap between art and sound, offering an auditory haven for the modern audiophile.

A Symphony of Design and Acoustics

Upon entering Doppler Studio, one is immediately struck by its meticulous design. Every inch of the space has been optimized for the best acoustic experience. The walls, draped with sophisticated soundproofing materials, ensure that every note, every beat, remains untainted and pure. The name 'Doppler' isn't just a moniker; it's a representation of the club's focus on the science of sound and its propagation.

The Beat of the Heart of Leicester

While the city of Leicester boasts a vibrant club scene, Doppler Studio has managed to carve out a unique niche for itself. It is recognized for its eclectic music selection. From techno to trance, classical to jazz, the studio showcases a broad spectrum of sounds, ensuring there's something for every ear.

Technological Brilliance

At the heart of Doppler Studio is its state-of-the-art sound system, a technological marvel that delivers unparalleled clarity. With every speaker positioned for optimal resonance and DJs equipped with the latest mixing tools, the club ensures a seamless and immersive musical journey.

The Liquid Palette

The bar at Doppler Studio is as diverse as its playlists. Serving a medley of cocktails, each drink is crafted with precision and flair, with bartenders often infusing musical themes into their creations. From classic mixes to experimental concoctions, the drinks mirror the club's ethos of tradition meeting innovation.

An Artist's Retreat

Doppler isn't just for the party-goers. The studio regularly collaborates with artists, hosting album launches, live performances, and even intimate unplugged sessions. These events transform the club into a melting pot of creativity, where music creators and aficionados can converge and converse.

Location and Connectivity

Doppler Studio's prime location in the heart of Leicester ensures easy accessibility. Surrounded by a network of public transportation options and ample parking spaces, reaching the studio is hassle-free.

The Echoing Sound Haven of Leicester

Doppler Studio, with its fusion of design, technology, and music, has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of Leicester's nightlife. It's not just about the sound; it's about the experience, the community, and the shared love for music. For those who believe that music is not just heard but felt, Doppler Studio offers a space where every note echoes the heartbeat of the city.

Lane7 Leicester Logo

Lane7 Leicester


In the heart of Leicester, amongst its storied lanes and bustling streets, lies a venue that is rewriting the narrative of traditional entertainment: Lane7 Leicester. Far removed from the dimly lit, retro vibe of classic bowling alleys, Lane7 offers an upscale, eclectic experience that bridges bowling, gourmet dining, and a modern bar scene.

A Striking First Impression

Stepping into Lane7, one is immediately enveloped in a sophisticated ambiance. The blend of industrial chic decor with ambient lighting strikes a fine balance between urban style and cozy intimacy. Rustic wooden lanes are juxtaposed against neon signage, creating a vibe that's both retro and contemporary.

Not Just Bowling

While bowling remains the heart of Lane7, the venue wears many hats with aplomb. Beyond the bowling lanes, you'll find ping pong tables, pool, and even some vintage arcade games. It's a playground for the young-at-heart, offering a gamut of games to ensure there's never a dull moment.

Gourmet Grub

Lane7 isn't just about games; it's a culinary delight as well. Their kitchen serves up a tantalizing array of dishes that move beyond the typical alleyway fare. From gourmet burgers to inventive appetizers, each plate is crafted with fresh ingredients and culinary finesse. The desserts, decadent and delicious, are the perfect way to round off a game-filled evening.

Liquid Luxury

The bar at Lane7 is a testament to the venue's commitment to upscale entertainment. With a curated selection of craft beers, artisanal cocktails, and a range of spirits, the bar caters to every palette. The bartenders, with their mixology magic, are adept at whipping up both classics and Lane7 specials.

Events and Celebrations

Beyond the regular nights of bowling fun, Lane7 Leicester is also a popular spot for events. From birthday bashes to corporate outings, the venue's versatile space, coupled with its entertainment options, makes it an ideal location for celebrations of every kind.

Connectivity and Location

Located centrally in Leicester, Lane7 is easily accessible by both public transport and cars. With its proximity to other nightlife venues and eateries, it's perfectly positioned for those looking to continue their evening elsewhere.

Bowling, Beverages, and Beyond

Lane7 Leicester redefines the bowling experience. It's a place where the fun of games merges with gourmet dining and a vibrant bar scene. Whether you're looking to roll a strike, enjoy a sumptuous meal, or just sip on a cocktail with friends, Lane7 promises an experience that's both unique and memorable. In the panorama of Leicester's nightlife, it stands as a beacon of innovative entertainment.

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