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Ricco London

Live music, VIP +3

Ricco London emerges as a beacon of entertainment and relaxation in the heart of Kensington, London. This state-of-the-art venue offers a unique lounge experience that stands out in the bustling city. With its chic atmosphere, Ricco London is not just a place but an experience, inviting guests to unwind and enjoy an unforgettable evening.

A Night to Remember with Live Entertainment and DJs

The essence of Ricco London lies in its vibrant live entertainment. The venue features exceptional live singers and resident DJs, creating an ambiance that's both electrifying and intimate. As the evening progresses, the lounge transforms into a lively club where guests can dance the night away to the best beats spun by talented DJs. This seamless transition from a relaxing lounge to an energetic club sets Ricco London apart, offering a dynamic nightlife experience.

Indulge in Delicious Food and Drinks

At Ricco London, the culinary experience is as important as the entertainment. The lounge boasts a menu of delicious food and drinks, catering to a variety of tastes. Whether you're in the mood for a light snack or a full meal, the offerings at Ricco London are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The drink menu is equally impressive, featuring a selection of cocktails and beverages to complement your evening.

Perfect Venue for Private Hire

Ricco London is not just a lounge and club; it's also an ideal venue for private hire. Whether it's a special celebration, a corporate event, or a private gathering, the venue offers a sophisticated and stylish space to host your event. With its elegant decor and state-of-the-art facilities, Ricco London ensures that your private event will be as memorable as it is exclusive.

Convenient Location and Contact Information

Situated at 11 Russell Gardens, W14 8EZ, London, England, Ricco London is easily accessible. The nearest stations are Kensington Olympia (Overground) and Shepherd's Bush (Underground), making it convenient for guests to visit. For inquiries, you can reach out at or call +44 20 7460 0103. The lounge is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 pm till late, offering the perfect weekend getaway.

A Unique Lounge Experience in Kensington

Ricco London stands as a testament to the vibrant and diverse nightlife of London. With its unique lounge experience, live entertainment, delicious food and drinks, and private hire options, it offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or dance the night away, Ricco London promises an evening filled with excitement and elegance.

Beduin Smithfields Logo

Beduin Smithfields

Live music, Cocktail +1

Nestled in the vibrant area of Smithfields, London, Beduin Bar stands as a beacon of nightlife luxury. This exquisite venue, located at 57-59 Charterhouse Street, is more than just a bar; it's an experience. With its doors open for unforgettable nights, Beduin Smithfields invites guests to immerse themselves in a world where the party never stops. The bar's newly refurbished interior is a visual feast, boasting intense neon lights and colorful leather sofas, creating an ambiance that's both chic and inviting.

Unmatched Ambiance and Entertainment

Spread across two floors, including a VIP space with a view of the dancefloor, Beduin Smithfields is designed to cater to all your party needs. Whether you're lounging with a bottle of champagne or dancing the night away, the venue's atmosphere is electric. The capacity to host 200 people, coupled with two bars and a massive dance floor, makes it a go-to destination for those seeking a buzzing nightlife scene. From 'Playroom' nights with throwback hits to 'Mad House' and 'Sin Saturdays' featuring commercial club anthems, there's something for everyone.

Tailored for Every Celebration

Beduin Smithfields isn't just about the regular nights; it's a place where special occasions become extraordinary. If you're celebrating something special, the venue offers a variety of fabulous drinks packages, perfect for any event. The commitment to providing an exceptional experience is evident in every aspect, from the music to the service. It's a place where memories are made, and every visit feels like a celebration.

Convenience and Accessibility

Understanding the diverse needs of its guests, Beduin Smithfields ensures that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable time. The venue is equipped with an accessible toilet, a smoking area, and Wi-Fi, ensuring that your every need is catered to. For those who require it, there's also wheelchair access, making it an inclusive space for all party-goers.

Join the Beduin Smithfields Experience

With its late license, Beduin Smithfields is the perfect spot for those looking to extend their night out. The venue's opening times cater to the weekend crowd, with doors open from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM on Fridays and until 5:00 AM on Saturdays. It's a place where the energy of London's nightlife is encapsulated in one vibrant location. Whether you're a local or just visiting, Beduin Smithfields is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of London's party scene.

A Gem in London's Nightlife

In conclusion, Beduin Smithfields is not just a bar; it's a destination. It's where luxury meets the vibrancy of London's nightlife, offering an experience that's both exhilarating and unforgettable. With its stunning interior, diverse entertainment options, and commitment to guest satisfaction, Beduin Smithfields stands out as a jewel in London's nightlife crown.



Live music, Karaoke

INTERLUDEE, located at 12 Leegate, Lee, in the vibrant city of London, presents itself as more than just a destination; it's a unique social experience. This intriguing establishment brings a fresh and exciting approach to the London social scene, promising an experience that's both different and engaging.

A Fresh Approach to Socializing

At the heart of INTERLUDEE's philosophy is the idea of bringing something new to the table. This isn't your typical London spot; it's a place where innovation meets tradition, creating a perfect blend for those seeking a novel social experience. The atmosphere is designed to be welcoming and inclusive, making it an ideal spot for both locals and visitors to mingle and create lasting memories.

The Perfect Blend of Ambiance and Location

Nestled in the bustling area of Lee, INTERLUDEE benefits from its prime location in one of London's most dynamic neighborhoods. The venue's ambiance is carefully crafted to reflect the energy and diversity of the city, offering a space that's both comfortable and stimulating. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or seeking an exciting night out, INTERLUDEE provides the perfect backdrop.

A Hub for Diverse Interests

What sets INTERLUDEE apart is its appeal to a wide range of interests. Whether you're a music lover, a food enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a good conversation in a lively environment, this place has something for everyone. It's a melting pot of cultures and ideas, fostering an environment where every visit brings a new experience.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

INTERLUDEE's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of its offerings. From the carefully curated events to the exceptional service, every detail is thoughtfully considered to enhance the guest experience. Innovation is at the core of INTERLUDEE's ethos, ensuring that each visit is as unique and memorable as the last.

A Must-Visit Destination in London

For anyone looking to experience London's social scene in a new and exciting way, INTERLUDEE is a must-visit destination. Its unique blend of ambiance, location, and commitment to quality makes it stand out as a beacon of social innovation in the city. Whether you're a Londoner or just passing through, a visit to INTERLUDEE is sure to be a highlight of your social calendar.

A Unique Social Experience in London

In conclusion, INTERLUDEE in London is not just a place; it's an experience. It's where different worlds collide to create something truly special. With its fresh approach to socializing, perfect location, and commitment to innovation, INTERLUDEE is redefining what it means to enjoy the social life in London.

Club 701 Logo

Club 701

Live music

London, a city known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse entertainment options, is home to Club 701, a premier night club that stands out in the bustling metropolis. Located at 516 Old Kent Road, Club 701 offers a unique and exhilarating experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the heart of London's nightlife.

A Night of Elegance and Excitement

Club 701 opens its doors at 10:00 PM, welcoming guests into a world where the night comes alive. The club's atmosphere is charged with energy, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to dance the night away. The music, curated by skilled DJs, ranges from the latest hits to timeless classics, ensuring that there's something for every taste.

Unmatched Security and Service

One of the standout features of Club 701 is its commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for its patrons. The club's security team is highly efficient, ensuring that all guests can enjoy their night without any worries. This attention to safety is complemented by the club's excellent service, with a friendly and attentive staff ready to make your night unforgettable.

The Heart of London's Nightlife

Club 701's location is another key aspect of its appeal. Situated on Old Kent Road, it is easily accessible and lies in the heart of London, making it a convenient and attractive destination for both locals and tourists. The club's proximity to various landmarks and transport links makes it an ideal spot for anyone looking to explore London's nightlife.

A Venue for Every Occasion

Whether you're planning a night out with friends, a special celebration, or just looking to meet new people, Club 701 caters to all occasions. The club's vibrant atmosphere makes it a great place for socializing and creating memorable experiences. Its diverse crowd and welcoming environment ensure that everyone feels part of the Club 701 community.

London's Premier Nightlife Destination

Club 701 is more than just a night club; it's a destination where memories are made. With its exceptional music, top-notch security, and prime location, it stands as a beacon of London's nightlife. Whether you're a seasoned club-goer or new to the scene, Club 701 promises an experience that is both exhilarating and safe, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of London's vibrant nightlife scene.

Loft Logo


Live music

Loft Nightclub, located at 94 Vale Rd in London, is a unique venue that stands out in the city's vibrant nightlife scene. Nestled within Low Profile Studios, Loft Nightclub is not just a place for dancing and music; it's a creative space that blends the energy of a nightclub with the artistic flair of a studio. This dual nature makes it a one-of-a-kind destination for those seeking an unconventional night out in London.

A Multi-Functional and Immersive Space

The Loft is situated on the 2nd floor of Low Profile Studios and is a split-level space with a mezzanine, offering a fantastic and immersive environment. This multi-functional venue is perfect for a range of events, from intimate gatherings to larger parties. The unique layout of the Loft provides guests with an experience that goes beyond the typical nightclub setting, allowing for a more interactive and engaging night out.

Strategically Located for Easy Accessibility

Located in the bustling area of London's N4 postcode, Loft Nightclub at 94 Vale Rd is strategically placed for easy accessibility. Its position in the city makes it a convenient and attractive option for both locals and visitors looking to explore London's eclectic nightlife. The club's proximity to various transport links ensures that it is a hassle-free destination for a night of fun and entertainment.

A Venue with a Cultural Edge

What sets Loft Nightclub apart is its connection to the broader cultural and artistic scene in London. Being part of Low Profile Studios, the club benefits from an atmosphere that is rich in creativity and artistic expression. This connection to the

arts adds a unique cultural edge to the nightclub, making it a hub for not only party-goers but also for those who appreciate a venue with artistic roots. The Loft's ambiance is infused with a creative spirit, offering a refreshing alternative to the conventional club experience.

An Ideal Setting for Diverse Events

The versatility of Loft Nightclub at 94 Vale Rd is one of its most appealing features. The space is ideal for a wide range of events, from live music performances and DJ nights to private parties and cultural events. The Loft's adaptable nature means it can transform to suit the mood and theme of any event, providing a tailor-made experience for guests. This flexibility ensures that every visit to the Loft is a unique and memorable one.

A Standout Destination in London's Nightlife

In conclusion, Loft Nightclub at 94 Vale Rd is a standout destination in London's nightlife landscape. Its artistic ambiance, versatile space, strategic location, and cultural edge make it a unique venue that offers more than just a night out. Whether you're looking for a place to dance, enjoy live music, or simply soak in a creative atmosphere, Loft Nightclub provides an experience that is both enriching and exhilarating. As it continues to attract a diverse crowd, the Loft stands as a testament to London's dynamic and ever-evolving nightlife scene, offering an experience that is both sophisticated and deeply engaging.

Tonteria Logo


Upscale, International

Situated in the upscale neighbourhood of Chelsea, London, Tonteria stands out as a beacon of extravagance, exuberance, and excitement. Far from being just another nightclub, Tonteria offers its patrons a multi-sensory experience that blends traditional Mexican heritage with the high-energy vibes of London's elite nightlife.

Ethereal Ambiance

The moment you step into Tonteria, you're greeted by an atmosphere drenched in mystique. The club draws inspiration from the rich and diverse tapestry of Mexican culture, showcased through its intricate décor, dim candlelit ambience, and hints of Day of the Dead motifs. This creates a dramatic yet intimate setting, making every evening feel like an exclusive event.

A Theatrical Experience

One of Tonteria's unique selling points is its commitment to theatre. Throughout the night, patrons are treated to mesmerising performances ranging from fire-breathing acts to vibrant dance numbers. The performers, often adorned in traditional Mexican attire, add layers of depth to the overall experience, ensuring an unforgettable night.

Sip in Style

Tonteria takes its beverages seriously. Their cocktail menu is a work of art, offering drinks infused with traditional Mexican ingredients and spirits. Of course, tequila takes centre stage here. Whether you prefer a classic margarita or wish to indulge in one of their signature concoctions, the bartenders, with their deft hands and intricate knowledge, craft each drink to perfection.

The club also offers a unique 'Tequila Train' experience. At random moments throughout the night, a miniature train delivers shots of tequila to tables, much to the delight and surprise of the guests.

Tantalizing Tunes

The music at Tonteria is as diverse and dynamic as its décor. DJs spin an eclectic mix that caters to a wide audience – from pulsating electronic beats to sultry Latin rhythms. The sound system, lighting, and the club's layout all combine to create an intimate dance floor experience, ensuring patrons feel connected to the music and each other.

Exclusivity with a Dash of Eccentricity

Tonteria operates on a guest-list-only basis, preserving its aura of exclusivity. However, it's this very exclusivity that allows for an atmosphere of eccentricity to flourish. The crowd, a blend of London's elite and international jet-setters, brings a unique energy that adds to the club's allure.

A Tapestry of Taste and Theatre in the Heart of London

Tonteria isn't just a nightclub; it's a journey – a voyage that takes you through the heart of Mexico and back, all while nestled in London's chic Chelsea district. Every element, from the décor and drinks to the music and performances, is meticulously curated to ensure an immersive experience. For those seeking a night filled with drama, dance, and decadence, Tonteria is the place to be.

Maggie's Club Logo

Maggie's Club

Elegant, Underground

Located in the posh surroundings of Chelsea, Maggie's Club is not just another nightclub in London. It's a homage to the 1980s, a decade known for its vivacious spirit, dynamic political changes, and unmistakable fashion. Named after the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, Maggie's offers an unparalleled experience, allowing guests to revel in the magic of the '80s. Here's a closer look at this iconic venue.

Retro Ambiance with Modern Elegance

From the moment you step into Maggie's Club, the ambiance transports you straight back to the '80s. Neon lights, vibrant pop art, and a collection of political caricatures set the tone. The décor features an array of cultural artefacts, including an impressive collection of '80s memorabilia, from Wham! posters to vintage television sets showcasing memorable moments from the decade.

Eclectic Soundtracks

Music is the heartbeat of Maggie's. The club's playlist is a curated selection of the very best from the '80s - from Queen and David Bowie to The Clash and The Cure. It's a celebration of a time when pop, rock, new wave, and early hip-hop intersected in beautiful, melodious chaos.

Themed Cocktails and Quirky Menu

Maggie's Club takes its theme seriously. Beyond the décor and music, even the drinks menu offers a touch of the '80s. Expect cocktails named after iconic phrases and figures from the decade. And if you get peckish, the club serves a range of nostalgic snacks, reminiscent of British cuisine from that era.

Exclusive Memberships and Private Bookings

Maggie's has an air of exclusivity around it. While the club is open to all, it offers a range of membership options for those seeking a premium experience. With a membership, you get priority bookings, exclusive event invites, and other bespoke services. Furthermore, Maggie's is available for private bookings, making it a perfect venue for themed parties and special occasions.

A Vibrant Community of '80s Enthusiasts

One of the key attractions of Maggie's is the community. Regular patrons often dress the part, donning vibrant '80s fashion, which adds to the immersive experience. The club often hosts themed nights, quizzes, and sing-along sessions, ensuring that there's always something new to experience.

Safety and Comfort

Like all premier clubs, Maggie's prioritizes the safety and comfort of its patrons. The club's security is top-notch, ensuring that guests can enjoy their night out without any concerns. Moreover, the staff at Maggie's are known for their professionalism and warm hospitality, further elevating the clubbing experience.

A Nostalgic Trip Down the '80s Lane in London

Maggie's Club is more than just a trip down memory lane. It's a unique blend of nostalgia, culture, and modern clubbing. For those looking to relive the vibrant spirit of the '80s or experience it for the first time, Maggie's Club in Chelsea stands as a must-visit destination. So, dust off those retro dancing shoes and get ready for a night of '80s magic at Maggie's.

Club 49 soho Logo

Club 49 soho

Elegant, Live music +1

Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of London's Soho district, Club 49 offers an enthralling mix of music, ambiance, and high-end service that's become synonymous with the best of London's nightlife. Renowned for its chic and exclusive vibe, this hotspot has become a favorite destination for the city's in-crowd and visitors alike.

Entrancing Location

Located on Greek Street, in the heart of Soho, Club 49 has an unbeatable location. Surrounded by historic theaters, trendy boutiques, and a plethora of dining options, the club benefits from the energetic atmosphere of its surroundings, drawing in a diverse and sophisticated clientele.

Interiors That Mesmerize

Step inside Club 49, and you're immediately transported into a world of opulence and glamour. The club boasts a contemporary design with plush seating, modern art pieces, and an impressive bar that showcases a vast selection of spirits and cocktails. The dim, ambient lighting, coupled with the rich textures and colors, creates an intimate and cozy environment, perfect for those looking to escape the bustling streets outside.

Music & Entertainment

Club 49 has earned its reputation for hosting some of the most unforgettable nights in the city. With a sound system that rivals the best in the business, the club frequently features top-tier DJs spinning a mix of R&B, hip-hop, house, and club classics. The venue often sees live performances, ensuring that no two nights are the same.

Elite Service

What sets Club 49 apart is not just its music or ambiance, but its commitment to providing an unmatched guest experience. With a professional and attentive staff, guests can expect top-notch service, whether they're ordering a signature cocktail or reserving a VIP table for a special occasion.

A Gathering Spot for Celebrities and Trendsetters

Over the years, Club 49 has become a magnet for celebrities, influencers, and trendsetters. Its exclusivity and high-energy atmosphere make it a favored spot for those looking to see and be seen. While it's not uncommon to spot a familiar face from the world of entertainment, all guests are treated as VIPs, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

An Epitome of Elegance in London's Nightlife

Club 49 Soho is not just another nightspot in London; it's a destination. With its prime location, cutting-edge music, luxurious interiors, and impeccable service, it stands out as a beacon of elegance and fun in the city's vast nightlife landscape. Whether you're a local looking for a regular haunt or a visitor wanting a taste of London's upscale club scene, Club 49 promises a night of excitement and allure.

CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden Logo

CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden

Rooftop, LGBT+ +1

Tucked away in the vibrant heart of London's eclectic Peckham district is a destination that effortlessly combines the relaxed ambience of a lounge with the captivating allure of contemporary art and the refreshing charm of a roof garden. Welcome to the CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden – a haven for connoisseurs of art, music, food, and urban culture.

A Blend of Ambiences

The most striking feature of CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden is its successful merging of multiple atmospheres into one cohesive environment. On one hand, it presents the serenity of an art lounge, with walls adorned with intriguing art pieces from both local and international artists. On the other, it boasts an elevated garden space that provides visitors a chance to bask under the London sun or admire the city's skyline.

The Art Factor

CLF (Chronic Love Foundation) has a rich legacy of supporting and promoting the arts. It is no wonder, then, that this space oozes creativity from every corner. With frequently rotating exhibits, the lounge offers an ever-evolving gallery experience that caters to a variety of artistic tastes. The artwork often spans various mediums – from evocative paintings and sculptures to edgy installations and digital media.

Gastronomic Delights

It's not just the soul that gets fed at CLF Art Lounge. The lounge is also known for its mouth-watering menu that offers a fine selection of dishes and beverages. From classic cocktails with a twist to bespoke drinks crafted to one’s liking, the bar ensures visitors have a memorable experience. The food, often locally-sourced, complements the drink offerings with its delightful flavors and creative presentation.

Musical Retreat

Being rooted in the world of art and creativity, the CLF Art Lounge frequently hosts an array of musical talents. This might range from laid-back jazz evenings to more upbeat DJ nights. The melodic strains echoing through the lounge, whether from a live band or a vinyl record, enhance the holistic experience, making it a hotspot not just for visual but also auditory pleasures.

The Roof Garden

Perhaps the crown jewel of the entire establishment is the roof garden. Offering a panoramic view of the London cityscape, the garden is a sanctuary in its own right. Comfortable seating, interspersed with greenery and lit by the soft glow of fairy lights in the evenings, makes it a favorite spot for many, whether it's for a lazy afternoon or a spirited evening.

A Hidden Gem in London

CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden is more than just a lounge or a gallery or a garden – it is a testament to the dynamic spirit of London. It captures the essence of the city, where the old and the new, the serene and the bustling, the art and the everyday coexist in harmonious synergy. Whether you're a resident looking for a unique escape or a tourist seeking an offbeat London experience, CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden promises a journey that tantalizes all the senses.

Dalston Den Logo

Dalston Den


Hidden in the midst of London's busy streets and bustling neighbourhoods, there are pockets of vibrant night-life and culture waiting to be discovered by the discerning visitor. One such gem, located in the heart of Dalston, is the intriguingly named 'Dalston Den'.

A Unique Setting

The first thing that strikes visitors about Dalston Den is its subtle blend of raw urban aesthetics with a hint of refined elegance. The brick walls and dim lighting give it an underground, almost speakeasy-like ambiance. Yet, interspersed are plush seating and well-polished bars, creating a juxtaposition that embodies the eclectic spirit of Dalston itself.

Music: The Heartbeat of the Den

Dalston Den thrives on its music. The club is a hub for emerging talents, DJs, and bands, offering a platform for artists spanning a myriad of genres. From pulsating electronic beats, sultry jazz tunes, to live indie band performances, there's always something that resonates with the diverse crowd that frequents the place.

Cocktails with a Twist

While the music is undoubtedly a major draw, the club's innovative drink menu deserves special mention. Combining classic recipes with a modern touch, the bartenders here are known to craft some of the most inventive cocktails in town. Whether it's a spicy margarita with a hint of jalapeño or a smoky whiskey concoction, every drink promises a burst of flavours that complement the energetic vibe of the club.

A Dynamic Crowd

Part of the charm of Dalston Den is the crowd it attracts. The club is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and tastes. On any given night, you might find a group of friends celebrating a special occasion, artists discussing their latest projects, or tourists seeking a genuine London clubbing experience. This ever-changing clientele adds a dynamic energy to the club, ensuring no two nights are the same.

Events and Special Nights

The management at Dalston Den ensures that there's always something special on the cards. Theme nights, special DJ events, or collaborative evenings with local businesses and artists keep the calendar packed. These events often become the talk of the town, drawing both regulars and first-timers eager to be part of the experience.

London's Underground Oasis

Dalston Den is more than just a club; it's a testament to London's rich tapestry of cultures, tastes, and experiences. In a city where trends come and go, this club has managed to carve a niche for itself, staying true to its roots while evolving with the times. For those looking to dive deep into the heart of London's nightlife, a visit to Dalston Den is a journey worth embarking on.

The Lion and Lamb Logo

The Lion and Lamb

Members, Live music

Nestled in the bustling lanes of Hoxton, in the heart of East London, lies The Lion and Lamb – a club that offers far more than meets the eye. While London has a myriad of nightlife offerings, The Lion and Lamb, with its raw energy and authentic appeal, has carved a special place in the hearts of many.

Intimate and Inviting

One of the most distinctive features of The Lion and Lamb is its size. Unlike the sprawling spaces of mega-clubs, this venue exudes an intimate, almost homely atmosphere. But don’t let the compactness fool you; its walls have witnessed some of the most electric nights the city has to offer.

A Haven for Music Lovers

While many clubs chase after the latest trends, The Lion and Lamb remains deeply committed to quality music. It has garnered a reputation as a haven for genuine underground electronic music. From techno to house, and from ambient to breakbeats, the club's sound system has been graced by both emerging talents and established names in the industry.

Curation at its Best

One of the undeniable strengths of the club is its impeccable curation. Regular nights are often helmed by resident DJs and artists who understand the very soul of the establishment. Special events and nights see a confluence of international and local talents, ensuring a musical journey that's both varied and captivating.

Pub by Day, Club by Night

Unassuming during daylight hours, The Lion and Lamb functions as a traditional British pub, offering a range of ales, beers, and pub grub. As day transitions into night, the space morphs into a pulsating hub of music and dance. This duality allows patrons to enjoy the best of both worlds – a relaxed afternoon drink followed by an exhilarating night of music.

A Loyal Community

Beyond the music and drinks, what truly sets The Lion and Lamb apart is its community. The club enjoys a loyal following, comprising locals, music aficionados, and those in-the-know. This results in an atmosphere that's both welcoming and electric, where newcomers are embraced with the same warmth as regulars.

The Pulse of London's Underground Scene

The Lion and Lamb stands as a testament to the belief that size isn’t indicative of quality. In its intimate setting, the club manages to offer an experience that's both genuine and profound. For those looking to explore London's authentic underground music scene, The Lion and Lamb isn't just a destination; it's an institution.

Effra Social Logo

Effra Social

Live music, Local

Amidst the sprawling metropolis of London, with its cutting-edge clubs and neon-lit bars, there's a venue that stands as a loving ode to the past while confidently embracing the present. Located in the vibrant Brixton district, the Effra Social is a unique establishment that transports patrons back in time, offering a slice of the city's rich social club history, wrapped up in a modern package.

A Historic Setting

The building that houses Effra Social has a storied past, originally functioning as a Conservative Club in the late 19th century. Walking through its doors feels like a step back in time, with original fixtures and a distinct retro charm. Parquet floors, wood-panelled walls, and vintage furnishings come together to create a warm and inviting ambience.

From Lounge to Dance Floor

Effra Social deftly combines various moods and settings under one roof. The front bar exudes the aura of a traditional British pub with its array of beers, ales, and spirits. Wander further in, and you'll encounter the lounge area, complete with comfortable seating and a relaxed vibe, perfect for quiet conversations and leisurely drinks. But the true heart of Effra Social beats in its back room, where DJs spin a diverse range of tunes from funk and soul to indie and electronic, turning the space into a pulsating dance floor.

A Culinary Journey

No visit to Effra Social is complete without indulging in its culinary offerings. The kitchen serves up classic British fare with a contemporary twist, ensuring that both traditionalists and adventurers find something to their liking. From hearty pies to inventive burgers, every dish is a testament to the club's commitment to quality and flavour.

Eventful Evenings

While the club is a bustling destination on any given night, it truly comes alive during its special events. Effra Social frequently hosts themed nights, live music sessions, and DJ sets, ensuring a fresh experience every time. The venue is also known for its quirky quiz nights and community events, making it a hub of local activity and camaraderie.

Community and Culture

More than just a club, Effra Social functions as a nexus of community interaction and cultural exchange. Its walls are adorned with rotating art exhibitions, showcasing local talent and offering a visual feast to accompany the sonic and culinary delights.

A Nostalgic Dive into London's Social Club Heritage

Effra Social is not just a venue; it's an experience, a bridge between eras, and a celebration of London's vibrant culture. It manages to pay tribute to its historic roots while staying firmly grounded in the contemporary scene. Whether you're a history buff, a music lover, or someone seeking a unique night out, Effra Social promises a journey that is as enriching as it is entertaining.

25 Paul Street Logo

25 Paul Street

LGBT+, Local

Tucked away in the dynamic Shoreditch neighbourhood, a district synonymous with London's artistic and nightlife cultures, 25 Paul Street emerges as an intimate haven, encapsulating a distinctive blend of sophistication, allure, and warmth. A venue that exudes discreet luxury, this club offers a unique and immersive experience for discerning visitors seeking something beyond the mainstream.

A Facade of Mystery

From the outside, 25 Paul Street is elegantly understated, with no ostentatious signs or glaring neon lights. Instead, it offers an air of exclusivity, enticing the curious and those in the know. The club’s exterior is a prelude to the carefully crafted ambiance that awaits within.

Bespoke Interiors

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by interiors that resonate with character. Vintage furnishings, plush seating, and soft lighting create an environment that's both sumptuous and homely. Each room within the venue tells its own story, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every nook and cranny.

An Elevated Experience

25 Paul Street is not your typical club. Instead of a pulsating dance floor and blaring music, it offers a refined atmosphere where guests can indulge in intimate conversations, sip on expertly crafted cocktails, and lose themselves in the immersive ambiance. The music, while present, complements rather than dominates the setting, ensuring that every interaction remains personal and memorable.

Curated Events

The club frequently hosts themed nights, private parties, and exclusive events. These are carefully curated to align with the venue's ethos, offering guests experiences that are both unique and engaging. From sultry jazz nights to avant-garde performances, every event at 25 Paul Street aims to captivate and enchant.

Exceptional Service

What truly sets 25 Paul Street apart is its unwavering commitment to impeccable service. The staff, attentive yet unobtrusive, ensure that every guest's needs are catered to. Whether it's a custom cocktail request or a culinary preference, the club goes the extra mile to make every visit exceptional.

An Intimate Affair in the Heart of London

25 Paul Street stands as a sanctuary for those seeking a more intimate and luxurious clubbing experience in London. It shuns the overtly commercial in favour of the personal, ensuring that each guest leaves with memories that last a lifetime. In a city teeming with nightlife options, 25 Paul Street confidently carves its niche, offering an oasis of elegance amidst the urban hustle.

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Spanners Club, nestled in the vibrant streets of South London, stands as a testament to the city's thriving arts and culture scene. This venue is not just any ordinary club; it's a space dedicated to supporting sound, image, and performance. Its location in South London makes it easily accessible to both locals and tourists, ensuring that it remains a hotspot for those seeking a unique entertainment experience.

Intimate Space with a Twist

One of the standout features of Spanners Club is its intimate setting. Unlike the vast and impersonal spaces that many clubs offer, Spanners provides a cozy atmosphere that allows for genuine connections and interactions. This small space, however, doesn't compromise on quality. With a decent bar offering a curated selection of drinks, patrons are guaranteed a good time, whether they're sipping on a cocktail or grooving to the beats.

Diverse Events for Every Taste

Spanners Club is not just about the music; it's about the entire experience. The club regularly hosts a variety of events, from CLUB MUTANTE to GOB NATION, ensuring that there's something for everyone. Whether you're into electronic beats, live performances, or art installations, Spanners has got you covered. The club's dedication to promoting sound, image, and performance is evident in its diverse event lineup, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of London's arts scene.

Stay Connected with Spanners

For those eager to stay updated on what's happening at Spanners Club, their official website and Instagram page are the places to be. With regular updates on upcoming events, ticket information, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, fans can stay in the loop and ensure they never miss out on an unforgettable night.

A Unique Venue in the Heart of South London

In a city as bustling and diverse as London, finding a unique spot that offers a blend of culture, entertainment, and intimacy can be a challenge. However, Spanners Club rises to the occasion, providing a space where sound, image, and performance come together in perfect harmony. Whether you're a local looking for a new spot to hang out or a tourist seeking an authentic London experience, Spanners Club is the place to be. So, the next time you're in South London, make sure to drop by and experience the magic for yourself.

Club Makossa Logo

Club Makossa

Casual, Local +1

In the bustling heart of London, where every street echoes with stories of old and new, Club Makossa stands tall as a sanctuary for lovers of rhythm, movement, and genuine musical connection. Tucked away from the limelight yet pulsating with an energy that's impossible to ignore, this venue represents London's eclectic spirit in its truest form.

A Facade Whispering Secrets

From the outside, Club Makossa remains discreet, with a facade that whispers rather than shouts. This modest entrance is a prelude to the vibrancy within, ensuring that every entrant is pleasantly surprised by the explosion of colors, sounds, and sensations that await inside.

Interiors That Resonate with Life

As you step into Club Makossa, the mood shifts palpably. The club boasts an intimate setup, with interiors that juxtapose raw industrial elements against vibrant African motifs. Every wall, corner, and ceiling seem to come alive with patterns and artworks that pay homage to global cultures, particularly the African diaspora.

Musical Euphoria

Club Makossa's soul is undeniably its music. The venue prides itself on offering a sonic palette that is as diverse as London itself. While its roots lie in African beats, with Makossa being a notable Cameroonian dance rhythm, the club does not restrict itself. On any given night, patrons might find themselves grooving to afrobeats, funk, reggae, dancehall, or even electronic sounds. This musical tapestry attracts a diverse crowd, from seasoned club-goers to curious newcomers, all swaying in unison.

Culinary Adventures

Complementing its auditory delights, Club Makossa offers a culinary journey that reflects its multicultural ethos. With a menu that's a blend of traditional African flavors and contemporary twists, every dish is an adventure in taste. The drink selection, too, stands out, offering both classic cocktails and unique concoctions inspired by African ingredients.

Events: The Heartbeat of Club Makossa

Beyond its regular nights, Club Makossa often hosts special events that elevate the clubbing experience. These events range from live musical performances by local and international artists to themed nights that celebrate specific cultures or genres. Such events further solidify the club's reputation as a hub of cultural convergence.

Community Above All

More than the music, decor, or drinks, what truly defines Club Makossa is its sense of community. The club fosters an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, feels welcomed and cherished. It's not just a space to dance the night away but a place to form connections, share stories, and celebrate the universal language of rhythm.

A Kaleidoscope of Rhythms in London's Heart

In a city teeming with nightlife options, Club Makossa emerges as a space that celebrates diversity, unity, and the sheer joy of movement. It's a reminder that music knows no boundaries, and when rhythms from across the world converge, magic happens. For those seeking an authentic, soul-stirring clubbing experience in London, Club Makossa beckons with open arms.

The Grace Logo

The Grace

Live music, Alternative

Just steps away from the Highbury & Islington station, tucked amidst the eclectic mix of boutiques and eateries, lies The Grace. Not just another venue in London's sprawling nightlife, The Grace emerges as a symbol of musical passion, intimate connections, and atmospheric charm.

A Glimpse into The Grace

Formerly known as "Thousand Island" and rejuvenated under its new moniker, The Grace retains its intimate atmosphere while embracing a fresh, modern essence. Its exterior, while seemingly unassuming, belies the magic that unfolds within.

Intimate Interiors with a Pulse

Inside, The Grace manifests as a dimly lit haven, its ambiance punctuated by sporadic fairy lights and the soft glow of the stage. The venue's size contributes to its allure: it's intimate enough for every attendee to feel the pulse of live performances, yet spacious enough to house the thrumming energy of passionate fans.

A Platform for Emerging Talent

While many of London's venues chase after the big names, The Grace's heart lies with up-and-coming artists. A stepping stone for emerging talent, the club frequently showcases bands and soloists on the cusp of stardom. For patrons, this means a unique opportunity to discover the next big thing, to connect with music before it hits mainstream airwaves.

Diverse Genres, One Philosophy

From indie rock and punk to electronic beats and acoustic sets, The Grace does not limit itself to a single musical genre. Yet, every act that graces its stage shares a common thread: raw, authentic passion. This philosophy, favouring heart over commercial appeal, sets The Grace apart in London's bustling music scene.

More than Just Music

Beyond the music, The Grace is known for its curated events that resonate with the city's cultural ethos. Think of spoken word evenings, immersive theatre nights, and eclectic DJ sets that have attendees dancing into the wee hours.

Crafted Concoctions for Every Palate

No evening at The Grace is complete without delving into its drink offerings. The bar is stocked with a blend of classic favourites and innovative concoctions, ensuring that everyone, from the casual drinker to the discerning cocktail enthusiast, finds their perfect sip.

London's Melodic Oasis in the Heart of Highbury & Islington

The Grace isn't just a music venue; it's an experience. It stands as a testament to the power of authentic music, intimate settings, and the magic that arises when the two combine. For those looking to explore the undercurrents of London's music scene, to immerse themselves in sounds both familiar and undiscovered, The Grace awaits with open doors and a promise of unforgettable nights.

Star of Bethnal Green Logo

Star of Bethnal Green

LGBT+, Local +1

Nestled amidst the historic lanes and bustling streets of East London lies a venue that marries tradition with modern flair: The Star of Bethnal Green. Beyond its vibrant facade, this establishment tells a tale of community, music, and memories crafted over nights of revelry.

Historic Charm Meets Contemporary Spirit

The Star of Bethnal Green seamlessly merges its rich heritage with contemporary touches. Its Victorian architecture is a nod to the London of yesteryears, while the interiors exhibit a playful mix of classic and modern aesthetics.

Mood and Melody: An Ever-changing Tapestry

One of the standout features of the Star of Bethnal Green is its diverse musical offerings. From pulsating DJ nights and indie bands to soulful jazz performances, the venue celebrates an eclectic mix of sounds. The ever-changing roster ensures that patrons are in for a fresh experience every time they step through its doors.

Karaoke Nights and Community Gatherings

Beyond its regular musical nights, the club is renowned for its vibrant karaoke sessions, where patrons can take the stage and belt out their favourite tunes. These sessions, often packed to the brim, reflect the venue's commitment to community bonding and shared experiences.

Sip, Savour, Celebrate

The Star of Bethnal Green isn’t just about music; it's a gastronomic delight as well. The bar, often bustling with energy, offers a curated selection of drinks, from timeless classics to innovative cocktails infused with local ingredients. The food menu, meanwhile, is a testament to British culinary traditions with a contemporary twist.

Special Events and Seasonal Celebrations

Year-round, the venue hosts a plethora of special events. From festive Christmas parties to summer BBQs on its terrace, there's always something happening at the Star of Bethnal Green. These events, often themed, add an extra layer of charm to the venue, making it a sought-after spot for both locals and tourists.

A Nucleus for the Community

What truly sets the Star of Bethnal Green apart is its unwavering focus on community. Regular quiz nights, charity events, and community-driven gatherings underline the venue's philosophy of being more than just a club – it's a hub where people from all walks of life converge, share stories, and create memories.

A Twinkling Gem in East London

In a city as expansive and diverse as London, the Star of Bethnal Green shines with its unique blend of history, modernity, and community spirit. It stands as a reminder that, amidst the rapid pace of city life, there exist spaces where one can unwind, connect, and revel in the simple joys of music, food, and shared experiences. For those venturing into East London, this venue is a must-visit, promising nights filled with melody, laughter, and heartwarming connections.

Off The Cuff Logo

Off The Cuff

Casual, Live music

Tucked away in the railway arches of Herne Hill, Off The Cuff is an emblem of London's vibrant underground music scene. More than just a club, it's a haven for true audiophiles and those in search of authentic, raw musical experiences.

Unassuming Facade, Electric Interior

To the uninitiated passerby, Off The Cuff's entrance might seem modest, but this only adds to its allure. Once inside, the venue unfolds as a labyrinth of pulsating beats, ambient lighting, and artistic flair, encapsulating the essence of underground London.

Music: The Heart and Soul

While many venues in the city chase popular genres, Off The Cuff's allegiance lies with indie, alternative, jazz, and grassroots electronic music. The sound system, meticulously curated, ensures that every note, every beat resonates with crystal clarity. Live performances here are less about grandeur and more about genuine connections between the artists and the audience.

Eclectic Line-up: A Sonic Adventure

The musical line-up at Off The Cuff is as eclectic as it is profound. On any given night, patrons might stumble upon a passionate indie band, a jazz ensemble, or an up-and-coming DJ spinning ambient electronica. This dedication to diverse, high-quality sound sets the venue apart in London's bustling nightlife.

Intimate and Immersive

With its stripped-back interiors, Off The Cuff offers an intimacy that's rare to find. Artists and audience members mingle freely, blurring the lines between performer and spectator. This communal vibe, coupled with the venue's impeccable acoustics, makes for an immersive musical journey.

Crafted Drinks for Every Taste

Music aside, Off The Cuff boasts a bar that's both welcoming and well-stocked. From craft beers and classic cocktails to non-alcoholic refreshments, there's a drink for every preference. The bartenders, always up for a chat, add to the venue's friendly ethos.

Community Driven, Passion Fueled

At its core, Off The Cuff is a community-driven space. Regular workshops, open mic nights, and collaborative events underscore its commitment to nurturing talent and fostering connections. The staff, often local music enthusiasts themselves, bring an infectious energy that's palpably felt throughout the venue.

London's Underground Gem in Herne Hill

Off The Cuff is not just another club in London. It's a testament to the city's thriving underground music scene, a beacon for authentic sound, and a community space where like-minded souls converge. Whether you're a local seeking a refreshing sonic experience or a tourist looking to explore London's musical underbelly, Off The Cuff promises a night of unfiltered, unforgettable soundscapes.

The Glove That Fits Logo

The Glove That Fits

Casual, Local

Tucked within the bustling borough of Hackney, "The Glove That Fits" stands as a testament to London's rich tapestry of hidden musical gems. This uniquely named venue is more than just a club; it's a warm embrace for music aficionados and those seeking authentic, intimate experiences.

Unpretentious Facade, Passionate Interior

At first glance, The Glove That Fits might seem unassuming. Its entrance is discreet, almost whispering a secret to those in the know. However, once inside, the atmosphere pulsates with passion, creativity, and an undeniable love for music.

Sonic Brilliance in Every Corner

The acoustics of The Glove That Fits is nothing short of phenomenal. The sound system, meticulously curated, ensures that every genre, be it jazz, electronica, indie, or ambient, resonates with pristine clarity. This dedication to impeccable sound transforms every live performance or DJ set into an immersive auditory journey.

A Canvas for Emerging Artists

The Glove That Fits has earned its reputation as a launchpad for emerging talent. The venue regularly showcases budding artists, offering them a platform to connect with discerning audiences. This commitment to nurturing new talent has made it a beloved spot among local musicians and DJs.

Craftsmanship at the Bar

Beyond its sonic offerings, The Glove That Fits boasts a bar that's a haven for craft beverage lovers. From artisanal cocktails, each with a unique twist, to a selection of local and international brews, the drink menu is both expansive and exquisite. The bartenders, with their flair and knowledge, add to the overall experience, crafting beverages that complement the musical ambiance.

Artistic Flair Beyond Music

The walls of The Glove That Fits serve as an ever-evolving gallery. Local artists often display their creations, adding a visual dimension to the venue's sensory appeal. From contemporary art pieces to abstract creations, the art showcases further cement the club's position as a cultural hub.

A Community of Music Lovers

What truly sets The Glove That Fits apart is its community-centric ethos. Regulars and newcomers alike are welcomed with warmth, fostering an environment where connections are made over shared musical tastes. This communal spirit is palpable, making every visit feel like a reunion of like-minded souls.

An Intimate Melodic Haven in Hackney

The Glove That Fits is not just a club; it's a sanctuary for music lovers nestled in the heart of Hackney. It's a space where melodies come alive, artists find their voice, and patrons discover new sonic landscapes. In the vast and vibrant world of London's nightlife, The Glove That Fits snugly wraps its visitors in a melodic embrace, promising nights of unparalleled auditory delight.

Bunker Club Logo

Bunker Club

Casual, Local +1

Nestled amidst the diverse nightlife offerings of London stands the Bunker Club, a space that truly lives up to its name. Subterranean in location and spirit, Bunker Club offers a unique mix of atmospheric intensity and cutting-edge entertainment.

A Dive into the Depths

Descending into Bunker Club is much like entering a secret chamber. The modest entrance gives little away, but as you venture deeper, the echoing beats and pulsating lights paint a picture of a world removed from London's bustling streets.

Industrial Chic Meets Futuristic Design

The decor of Bunker Club showcases an intriguing blend of raw industrial aesthetics and avant-garde designs. Exposed pipes and rough brickwork play counterpoint to sleek LED light installations and modern art pieces. This interplay creates a unique ambiance, setting the stage for the night's escapades.

Eclectic Sound Waves

Bunker Club's essence is undeniably its music. The venue takes pride in presenting a varied sonic palette, with nights ranging from thumping techno and deep house to alternative rock and live indie performances. This eclectic mix ensures that regular patrons and first-timers alike find something that resonates with their musical tastes.

State-of-the-Art Acoustics

The sound system at Bunker Club is nothing short of stellar. Custom-designed for the space's unique architecture, it guarantees that every beat, every note reaches its audience with precision. This commitment to impeccable sound makes for immersive dance sessions and intimate live gigs.

A Liquid Journey

Matching its sonic offerings, the bar at Bunker Club is an exploration in itself. From signature cocktails with a twist to a wide range of craft beers and spirits, the menu caters to diverse preferences. The skilled bartenders, often doubling as entertainers, ensure that every drink is both a visual and sensory delight.

A Hub for Creatives

Beyond music and drinks, Bunker Club frequently collaborates with local artists, performers, and event organizers. The space often transforms into a canvas for art installations, pop-up events, and themed nights, reflecting the club's commitment to London's vibrant creative community.

Intimate Yet Inclusive

The beauty of Bunker Club lies in its ability to maintain an intimate atmosphere while welcoming a diverse crowd. The club's layout encourages mingling, and the staff's warm approach ensures that everyone, from seasoned clubbers to curious explorers, feels at home.

An Underground Adventure in Modern Nightlife

Bunker Club is not merely a venue; it's an experience. In a city as vast and varied as London, it stands out as a subterranean sanctuary that celebrates the modern ethos of nightlife. Whether you're seeking an electrifying dance night or a chill evening with innovative beats, Bunker Club promises a memorable dive into the depths of London's underground scene.

The Post Bar Logo

The Post Bar

Casual, Live music

In a sprawling metropolis like London, with its myriad of nightlife offerings, The Post Bar emerges as a distinct experience that beautifully encapsulates the city's eclectic spirit. Located in the heart of the city, this venue isn't just another bar on the block – it’s a testament to London's unwavering charm and ever-evolving culture. Step inside The Post Bar and find yourself enveloped in a world where tradition meets modernity, and every night promises memories that last a lifetime.

Architectural Allure

The Post Bar’s façade presents an inviting preview of its equally captivating interiors. Drawing inspiration from London's rich architectural history, the space combines Victorian nuances with contemporary design elements. Exposed brick walls, rustic wooden floors, and avant-garde art pieces create a harmonious blend of the old and new, immediately setting the tone for a memorable evening.

Sonic Landscape

A testament to London's diverse music scene, The Post Bar curates a soundscape as varied as the city's inhabitants. From soulful jazz nights, indie rock sessions to pulsating electronic beats, the venue ensures that no two nights are alike. Its roster includes both renowned DJs and emerging talents, making certain that patrons experience the best of the global and local music scenes.

A Culinary Voyage

London's culinary tapestry is vast and varied, and The Post Bar prides itself on mirroring this diversity in its menu. Guests can indulge in an array of dishes that draw inspiration from different parts of the world, all while being rooted in British culinary traditions. From classic English fare to innovative fusion dishes, the gastronomic journey here is as enticing as the sonic one.

Drink and Delight

A bar isn’t complete without its liquid offerings, and The Post Bar doesn't disappoint. The establishment boasts an extensive list of wines, spirits, and innovative cocktails. Whether you're in the mood for a classic British pint or a whimsical concoction, the bartenders, with their deft skills, ensure that your glass is always filled with perfection.

Cultural Commune

Beyond being a hub for music and gastronomy, The Post Bar serves as a community space. It often hosts art exhibitions, poetry readings, and film screenings, turning the venue into a cultural melting pot. Such events offer patrons an opportunity to engage with the city's vibrant arts scene, making their visit to the bar a holistic experience.

A Tapestry of London's Cultural Nightlife

In the vast expanse of London's nightlife, The Post Bar stands tall as an emblem of the city's multifaceted culture. It isn't just another place to grab a drink; it's a destination that promises an exploration of London's soul. From its architectural beauty, eclectic music, sumptuous dishes to its commitment to the arts, The Post Bar is more than just a venue – it's a chapter in London's ever-evolving story.

Ormside Projects Logo

Ormside Projects

Local, Live music

Amidst the ever-evolving cityscape of London, often hidden away from the most beaten paths, one finds spaces that redefine the essence of creativity and communal gathering. Ormside Projects, situated in the vibrant heart of South Bermondsey, is one such gem—a multidimensional space that intersects the worlds of art, music, and culture. Let's embark on an exploration of this underground haven.

An Industrial Canvas

Ormside Projects resides in a former Victorian warehouse, a space that lends itself both in size and aesthetic to an array of artistic endeavours. The raw, industrial features of the venue—exposed bricks, high ceilings, and spacious interiors—provide an atmospheric backdrop for the events it hosts. These architectural remnants, reminiscent of London's industrial past, add a layer of authenticity to the contemporary projects showcased.

Beyond Just a Club

While Ormside Projects might frequently find mention among London's clubbing enthusiasts, it is far more than just a nocturnal haunt. The space operates as a versatile cultural hub, hosting art exhibitions, workshops, live music events, community gatherings, and of course, nights dedicated to electronic music with DJs propelling the dance floor into the early hours.

A Commitment to the Arts

The heart of Ormside Projects beats with an unwavering commitment to the arts. By providing emerging artists, musicians, and curators a platform, it plays an essential role in nurturing new talent and innovative ideas. This commitment ensures a continuous flow of fresh and avant-garde content, making each visit a unique sensory experience.

Electronic Odyssey

For those passionate about electronic music, Ormside Projects offers an unparalleled experience. With a sound system that does justice to the acoustics of the space, club nights here are intense auditory journeys. The programming leans towards the experimental side of electronic music, showcasing artists and DJs who push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Community and Inclusivity

In the heart of its ethos, Ormside Projects champions the values of community and inclusivity. It's a space that welcomes all, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Regular patrons and first-timers alike can sense the collaborative spirit that permeates the venue—a collective commitment to art, expression, and mutual respect.

London's Avant-garde Artistic Nexus

In a city as diverse and dynamic as London, Ormside Projects stands out as a beacon for the contemporary arts scene. It's a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and the magic that ensues when space is given purpose and soul. Whether you're an art enthusiast, an electronic music lover, or someone simply seeking an authentic cultural experience, Ormside Projects promises a rendezvous with the very pulse of London's underground arts scene.




Tucked away in the sprawling landscape of London's cultural venues, IKLECTIK stands out as an embodiment of avant-garde expression and exploration. Positioned amidst the historical grounds of Old Paradise Yard in Lambeth, this non-profit arts space promises more than just an evening out—it offers an experience steeped in experimental wonder. Let's dive into the world of IKLECTIK, a hub where sonic boundaries are pushed and artistic horizons are expanded.

A Celebrated History

IKLECTIK's location is an essential part of its charm. Old Paradise Yard, where the venue is situated, boasts a rich history that traces back to the time of the Archbishop of Canterbury's residence. This historical backdrop lends an atmospheric touch to the modern, forward-thinking events hosted by the venue.

A Canvas for the Contemporary

Walking into IKLECTIK, one is immediately struck by its minimalist, industrial aesthetics. Bare walls, ambient lighting, and open spaces create an adaptable setting, perfect for the myriad events the venue hosts. Whether it's a sonic art performance, a visual projection, or an experimental music concert, IKLECTIK offers an ambiance that complements the essence of each presentation.

Soundscapes Beyond the Mainstream

IKLECTIK has garnered a reputation for being at the forefront of experimental music and sonic art. Its calendar is a testament to its commitment to showcasing artists and musicians who venture beyond the confines of the mainstream. Ambient sessions, electronic explorations, and improvised performances are but a few of the genres that find a home here.

Interdisciplinary Events

While music is undeniably at the heart of IKLECTIK, the venue's scope extends to a range of interdisciplinary arts. Workshops, seminars, film screenings, and art exhibitions are frequent, making it a nexus for creatives from various fields. It's a place where cross-pollination of ideas is not just encouraged but celebrated.

Community and Collaboration

More than just an arts space, IKLECTIK is a community hub. Its ethos is rooted in fostering collaboration, not just among artists but also with audiences. It's not uncommon for events to evolve into interactive sessions, with attendees becoming participants in the artistic process.

Eco-conscious Ethos

Adding another layer to its uniqueness, IKLECTIK operates with a strong eco-conscious approach. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of its operations, from its choice of suppliers to the way events are managed. This commitment resonates with a growing audience seeking spaces that align with their environmental values.

London's Sanctuary of Experimental Art and Music

IKLECTIK is more than a venue; it's a movement. It challenges the norms of artistic expression, provides a platform for the unconventional, and nurtures a community that thrives on exploration and innovation. In the bustling metropolis of London, where countless venues clamor for attention, IKLECTIK stands as a quiet yet profound testament to the power of experimental art and music. It's a must-visit for anyone eager to experience the pulse of London's avant-garde arts scene.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club Logo

Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Live music, Local

In the vibrant district of Shoreditch, renowned for its eclectic arts scene and dynamic nightlife, the Looking Glass Cocktail Club stands as a beacon of mystery and allure. As its whimsical name suggests, this venue is more than just a cocktail bar—it's an immersive experience that transports its patrons into a world of fantasy, all the while offering some of the finest drinks in London. Join us as we step through the looking glass and delve into this enchanting establishment.

A Doorway to Another Realm

One of the first things visitors to the Looking Glass Cocktail Club will notice is its unassuming exterior. But like all great treasures, it's the interior that captivates. The entrance serves as a metaphorical 'looking glass,' and crossing it feels akin to stepping into a different, more magical dimension, reminiscent of the whimsy of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland.

Victorian Charm Meets Modern Elegance

Inside, the décor artfully blends Victorian inspirations with contemporary flair. Plush leather seating, gilded mirrors, and sultry lighting create an atmosphere of intimate luxury. The space feels both timeless and modern, a setting where the past and present collide in the most delightful manner.

Cocktails Beyond Imagination

The true star of the Looking Glass Cocktail Club, however, is its extraordinary menu of drinks. Every cocktail is a work of art, crafted with precision, flair, and a touch of theatricality. Using premium spirits, unique infusions, and a range of exotic ingredients, the mixologists here elevate drink-making to an art form. The presentation of each concoction is equally impressive, with drinks often served in unusual glassware or accompanied by a sensory garnish, ensuring a treat for both the eyes and the palate.

An Evocative Soundscape

Complementing the visual and gustatory delights is the club's impeccable selection of music. Gentle tunes during the early evening set the mood for relaxed conversations and mellow enjoyment. As the night progresses, DJs often take over, spinning a mix of classics and contemporary hits, ensuring that the energy remains vibrant and electric.

Secret Spaces and Private Soirees

For those in the know, the Looking Glass Cocktail Club boasts a secret room, hidden behind a mirrored door. This space, with its distinct ambiance and exclusive feel, is perfect for private gatherings or those desiring a more secluded night out.

A Mirrored Wonderland in Shoreditch

The Looking Glass Cocktail Club isn't just a venue; it's a narrative—one where every drink tells a story, every corner holds a secret, and every evening promises an adventure. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur, a lover of unique spaces, or simply someone seeking an unforgettable night out in London, this Shoreditch gem beckons with its promise of magic, mystery, and masterful mixology. Through the looking glass, wonder awaits.

The Front Room Logo

The Front Room

Live music, Local

Amid the bustling metropolis of London, with its iconic landmarks and sprawling urban vistas, lies a hidden gem that resonates with a unique blend of intimacy and vibrancy: The Front Room. This venue, while less grandiose than some of the city's famed establishments, holds its own with an unparalleled charm and a promise of unforgettable nights. Join us as we step into The Front Room, where every evening is an intimate affair of music, conversation, and connection.

Unassuming Elegance

Located in one of London's eclectic neighbourhoods, The Front Room's exterior might seem modest at first glance. But as with many treasures, it's what's inside that truly counts. The club's décor is a seamless blend of vintage charm and modern elegance, with plush seating, dim lighting, and walls adorned with contemporary art that tells stories of the city's vibrant culture.

A Melodic Haven

The Front Room's heartbeat is its music. Offering a diverse range of genres, from jazz and blues to indie and acoustic sessions, the club has become a sanctuary for music lovers. Live performances are frequent, with both emerging local talents and seasoned musicians gracing its stage. The acoustics, finely tuned to the room's intimate size, ensure that every note, every chord, strikes a chord with the audience.

Crafted Concoctions

What's music without a touch of the libations? The Front Room boasts a meticulously curated menu of cocktails, wines, and spirits. Each drink, crafted with precision, complements the ambiance. From classic cocktails with a twist to innovative creations that surprise the palate, the bar ensures that the musical journey is accompanied by a symphony of flavours.

A Space for Connection

Beyond music and drinks, The Front Room thrives on its ethos of fostering connection. The venue's layout encourages conversation, with seating arranged to promote mingling and interaction. It's not just a place to listen and sip—it's a space where friendships are forged, where stories are shared, and where memories are made.

Exclusive Events

Occasionally, The Front Room transforms into an event space, hosting everything from poetry readings to themed nights. These events, often ticketed, provide patrons with unique experiences that go beyond the usual club offerings. It's a testament to the venue's commitment to offering diverse, enriching experiences to its clientele.

London's Intimate Escape for Music and Mingling

In a city as vast and varied as London, The Front Room stands out not for its size, but for its soul. It's a space that celebrates the essence of music and human connection, all within an ambiance that feels both cozy and cosmopolitan. Whether you're a local looking for a regular haunt or a visitor seeking an authentic London club experience, The Front Room beckons with its promise of melodious nights and memorable encounters.

Ninety One Living Room Logo

Ninety One Living Room

Live music, Local

In the heart of London's eclectic Shoreditch district, where urban art meets vintage vibes, there's a venue that stands apart in its embodiment of warmth and artistic energy: Ninety One Living Room. This place isn't just a club or a mere music venue; it is, as its name suggests, a 'living room' – a cozy, welcoming space where Londoners and visitors alike gather for good music, great food, and unforgettable moments. Let's meander through the inviting quarters of Ninety One Living Room.

Bohemian Flair with Contemporary Comfort

The very essence of Ninety One Living Room is its atmosphere, reminiscent of a bohemian artist's loft. The interiors are adorned with vintage furniture, plush cushions, ambient lighting, and walls dotted with art pieces and tapestries. Yet, it doesn't forsake modern comfort, blending the old-world charm with contemporary touches that make it inviting to a diverse crowd.

Jazz Evenings and Musical Mélange

Perhaps what Ninety One Living Room is most renowned for is its vibrant music scene. Jazz enthusiasts in particular find themselves drawn to its frequent live sessions, where sultry saxophones and tantalizing trumpets fill the air. But it's not just jazz; the venue celebrates a myriad of genres, from acoustic sets to funk nights, ensuring that every musical palate finds its match.

A Gastronomic Journey

Ninety One Living Room isn't just about the tunes. The venue takes pride in its culinary offerings. From tapas-style dishes inspired by global cuisines to classic British comfort food, the menu is both diverse and delectable. To complement the food, there's a bar that serves an array of handcrafted cocktails, wines, and craft beers. Each drink, much like the dishes, tells a story, crafted to perfection by their seasoned mixologists.

Communal Vibrancy

At its core, Ninety One Living Room fosters community spirit. Its layout, with communal tables and intimate corners, encourages conversations between strangers and friends. On certain nights, the venue also hosts events that range from poetry slams to open-mic nights, further emphasizing its commitment to the arts and local talent.

Eco-Conscious and Sustainable

In tune with modern sensibilities, the establishment is also known for its sustainability initiatives. From sourcing local produce to minimizing waste, Ninety One Living Room walks the talk when it comes to being environmentally conscious. This commitment extends to their menu, where seasonal and fresh ingredients are paramount.

London's Bohemian Retreat for Melodies and Memories

Ninety One Living Room is more than just another spot in London's vast nightlife scene. It's a sanctuary for those seeking soulful melodies, gastronomic delights, and genuine connections. In a bustling metropolis, it offers a haven where one can slow down, soak in the vibes, and savor moments that linger long after the night ends. Whether you're looking for a soul-stirring jazz night or simply a cozy corner to converse, Ninety One Living Room promises an experience that resonates and warms the heart.

Matchstich Piehouse Logo

Matchstich Piehouse

Live music, Local +1

Nestled in the creative hub of Deptford, London, where cultural innovation meets traditional charm, Matchstick Piehouse is a venue like no other. Part theatre, part café, and completely devoted to fostering community and artistry, this club is a testament to the city's ever-evolving spirit of inclusivity and creativity. Journey with us as we delve into the enigmatic world of Matchstick Piehouse.

A Quaint Industrial Atmosphere

The first thing you'd notice about Matchstick Piehouse is its atmospheric allure. Housed in a railway arch, the venue maintains a raw, industrial look interspersed with warm lighting, rustic wooden furniture, and local art gracing its walls. The exposed brickwork and metal beams, paired with cosy nooks, provide a wonderful juxtaposition of rugged charm and comfort.

More than Just Pies

While the name might suggest a purely culinary endeavour, Matchstick Piehouse offers so much more. True, they serve delicious pies, each flaky crust bursting with flavourful fillings. However, the 'Piehouse' in its name is also a playful nod to its theatrical side, where 'playhouse' meets pies in a delightful union.

Theatre at its Most Intimate

The theatre space within Matchstick Piehouse is intimate, making every performance a deeply personal experience for the audience. With a focus on new writings and innovative productions, the venue often showcases emerging talents, giving them a platform to shine. The close proximity of the audience to the performers fosters a unique connection, blurring the lines between viewer and performer.

An Artistic Melting Pot

Beyond theatre and pies, the Piehouse is also a haven for various art forms. From art exhibitions to spoken word nights and live music sessions, the venue pulses with creativity. This diverse programming ensures that there's always something new to discover, be it a soulful acoustic set or a thought-provoking art piece.

Community at its Core

At the heart of Matchstick Piehouse is a strong sense of community. The venue champions local artists, sources ingredients from local suppliers, and often hosts events that celebrate Deptford's rich history and diverse population. By providing a space where locals can gather, share, and express, the Piehouse reinforces its role as a community pillar.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Staying true to modern values, Matchstick Piehouse has a firm commitment to sustainability. The venue makes efforts to reduce waste, promotes vegan and vegetarian dishes, and supports ethical sourcing of products. This forward-thinking approach is not just evident in their operations but is also a central theme in many of the performances and exhibitions they host.

The Rustic Fusion of Theatre, Art, and Gastronomy in London

Matchstick Piehouse isn't just a venue; it's an experience. It embodies the spirit of London – diverse, innovative, and rooted in community. In a world where commercialization often takes precedence, the Piehouse stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when passion, artistry, and community come together. Whether you're in the mood for a heartwarming pie, a gripping theatrical performance, or simply a space to connect with fellow art enthusiasts, Matchstick Piehouse awaits with open arms and a rich tapestry of experiences.

Trapeze Bar Logo

Trapeze Bar


Located in the creative and ever-buzzing district of Shoreditch, Trapeze Bar delivers a sensory spectacle worthy of its vibrant surroundings. As its name suggests, this venue is no ordinary haunt; it's an eclectic fusion of circus-themed aesthetics, innovative cocktails, and soulful rhythms. Let's take a mesmerising journey into the captivating world of Trapeze Bar.

Step Right Up: An Entrancing Ambience

Trapeze Bar immediately captures the imagination with its circus-inspired interiors. From the vintage trapeze props hanging from the ceiling to the captivating murals that adorn its walls, the venue provides a whimsical escape from the ordinary. Its multi-level layout offers diverse spaces: a laid-back bar area, an intimate basement club, and cosy booths that seem to whisper tales of intriguing cabaret nights from a bygone era.

Music for Every Soul

True to its Shoreditch locale, Trapeze Bar is a musical chameleon. Depending on the night, patrons might find themselves swaying to indie tunes, getting lost in electronic beats, or grooving to the nostalgic tunes of the '80s and '90s. The bar's basement club, in particular, pulses with energy, hosting regular DJ nights and live performances that keep the dance floor ablaze.

Liquid Alchemy at its Finest

Cocktails at Trapeze Bar are nothing short of theatrical. The menu boasts an array of drinks inspired by classic circus elements. Whether you're sipping on a "Ringmaster's Fizz" or a "Bearded Lady," each drink promises a delightful combination of flavours and presentation. These crafted concoctions, combined with the bar's circus setting, make every drink a memorable experience.

Eclectic Events and Vibrant Nights

Beyond its regular offerings, Trapeze Bar is known for its dynamic events calendar. Themed nights, circus performances, cabaret shows, and burlesque evenings bring a touch of the avant-garde to Shoreditch's nightlife. These events, often accompanied by exclusive deals and offers, ensure that Trapeze Bar remains a focal point for those seeking a night out with a difference.

An Oasis in Urban Chaos

While Shoreditch is renowned for its bustling streets and relentless energy, Trapeze Bar provides a welcoming respite. Its distinctive decor and ambience offer patrons a space where they can unwind, celebrate, and lose themselves in a world of fantasy and fun.

A Dazzling Escape in Shoreditch's Heart

Trapeze Bar isn't just another addition to London's nightlife; it's a unique space where the magic of the circus comes alive amidst urban vibrancy. It celebrates the whimsical, the extraordinary, and the dreamlike, all while offering top-notch entertainment, delectable drinks, and a genuine connection. As the streets of Shoreditch hum with life, Trapeze Bar beckons all to join its enchanting dance, promising nights filled with wonder, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

The Marquis Logo

The Marquis

Live music, LGBT+

Situated amidst the hustle and bustle of London's sprawling metropolis, The Marquis emerges as an emblem of refined luxury and timeless allure. It isn't just another club; it's an institution, a legacy, and a narrative of London's undying penchant for elegance and sophistication. Join us on an opulent journey through the hallowed halls of The Marquis.

Heritage Architecture Meets Modern Opulence

The very structure of The Marquis, with its Edwardian facades and neo-classical touches, speaks of a history intertwined with London's own evolution. Yet, the interiors present a sharp contrast with their contemporary designs, chic decor, and state-of-the-art amenities. This fusion of the old and the new creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and forward-looking.

A Realm of Tranquility

The moment you step inside The Marquis, the din of London fades into oblivion, replaced by an ambiance of serene luxury. Dimmed lights, plush velvet seating, and soft instrumental melodies set the mood, creating a cocoon where the city's elite can unwind and indulge.

A Culinary Odyssey

Beyond its ambiance and aesthetics, The Marquis prides itself on its culinary offerings. A carefully curated menu, which blends traditional British flavours with global gastronomic trends, ensures that every dish is a masterpiece. Paired with an exhaustive list of wines, spirits, and bespoke cocktails, dining at The Marquis becomes an experience in itself.

The Talk of the Town

The Marquis, known for its exclusivity, frequently hosts events that are the talk of London's social circles. From fashion soirées and art showcases to private concerts and literary evenings, every event is meticulously planned, exuding elegance and panache.

Membership: An Elite Club

True to its reputation, The Marquis operates on a membership basis, preserving its aura of exclusivity. Members of this prestigious club enjoy a myriad of benefits, from priority reservations and personal butler services to exclusive access to certain sections of the club.

An Epitome of Class and Exclusivity in London

The Marquis is not just a club; it's a statement. It embodies the essence of London's elite, offering an oasis of luxury in the heart of the city. Every detail, from the architecture to the services, is a testament to its commitment to excellence and refinement. For those who seek an experience that transcends the ordinary, The Marquis beckons with open arms, promising nights of unparalleled grandeur and memories that last a lifetime.

The Haggerston Logo

The Haggerston

Live music, Local

In the heart of Dalston, one of East London's most vibrant and ever-evolving neighbourhoods, lies a jewel that effortlessly captures the essence of the local scene: The Haggerston. For years, this establishment has stood as a testament to genuine, unpretentious nightlife and the ever-ebbing pulse of London's underground music scene. Let's dive deep into the vibrant world of The Haggerston and explore its rich tapestry of sounds, spirits, and souls.

Quintessential East End Charm

From the exterior, The Haggerston doesn't shout for attention. Instead, its modest facade blends seamlessly with the urban fabric of Dalston. But step inside, and you're instantly immersed in an ambiance that brims with character. The dim, mood-lit interiors, wooden accents, and worn-out leather seats all tell a story—a narrative of countless evenings filled with music, laughter, and shared memories.

A Melting Pot of Genres

The Haggerston's musical lineup mirrors the diverse crowd it attracts. On any given night, patrons might sway to the soulful rhythms of jazz, get lost in deep electronic beats, or revel in the raw energy of live indie performances. Local DJs and emerging artists frequently take the stage, adding to the pub's reputation as a crucible for fresh talent.

Libations for Every Palate

The drink menu at The Haggerston is both diverse and carefully curated. Whether you're in the mood for a classic pint, a glass of fine wine, or a bespoke cocktail, this establishment ensures your thirst is adequately quenched. And for those with a penchant for exploration, the rotating specials and seasonal concoctions promise a new experience with every visit.

A Hub for the Local Community

Beyond the music and drinks, The Haggerston serves as a gathering point for East London's eclectic community. The pub's relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for intimate conversations, networking, or simply soaking in the local vibe. Regulars and newcomers alike find common ground here, bound by their shared appreciation for authenticity.

A Rendezvous with Authenticity in London's East End

The Haggerston isn't about flashy lights or opulent decor. It's about genuine connections, soul-stirring music, and the simple joy of a well-made drink. In a city where venues often chase the latest trends, The Haggerston remains steadfast in its commitment to its roots, offering a slice of real East London to all who walk through its doors. Whether you're a local seeking solace after a long day or a traveller eager to experience London's underground scene, The Haggerston awaits with open arms and a promise of a night to remember.

Next Door Records Logo

Next Door Records

Casual, Live music

Tucked away from the more trodden pathways of London's pulsating nightlife lies a sanctuary for audiophiles and music enthusiasts: Next Door Records. Melding the ethos of a vinyl shop with the spirited energy of a live venue, this club offers an experience that resonates with the heartbeats of both seasoned music lovers and curious newcomers. Let's take a sonic journey through the unique world of Next Door Records.

The Allure of Analog in a Digital World

In an era dominated by digital streaming and instant access, Next Door Records stands as a reverberating testament to the tactile allure of vinyl. The walls are lined with carefully curated records, each sleeve narrating tales of genres, artists, and eras gone by. For those who believe that music is as much about the medium as the melody, this place is nothing short of a paradise.

Intimate and Evocative

Beyond its impressive vinyl collection, Next Door Records offers an ambiance that is both cozy and eclectic. Vintage furniture, warm lighting, and subtle decor create a space where every corner feels like a personal listening nook. The acoustic setup is designed to deliver pristine sound quality, ensuring that every note, beat, and lyric is experienced in its full depth and nuance.

Where Passion Meets Performance

One of the standout features of Next Door Records is its commitment to live music. The club regularly hosts intimate gigs, spotlighting both emerging talent and established artists. These sessions, often accompanied by the soft crackle of a vinyl in the background, transport attendees to a world where music is raw, real, and resonant.

A Confluence of Tastes

Understanding that a musical journey is best complemented by the right drink, Next Door Records boasts a diverse beverage menu. From artisanal coffees for the daytime crate diggers to craft beers and cocktails for the evening crowd, there’s a drink to match every mood and melody.

A Community of Music Aficionados

What truly sets Next Door Records apart is its vibrant community. It’s a hub where vinyl collectors, musicians, DJs, and casual listeners converge, sharing stories, recommendations, and experiences. The passionate staff, well-versed in various music genres, further add to the charm, always ready with a suggestion or a fascinating anecdote.

London’s Hidden Gem of Vinyl and Vibes

Next Door Records isn’t just another club in London’s vast nightlife landscape. It’s a sanctuary of sound, a space where music is celebrated in its most authentic and tactile form. Whether you’re on the hunt for a rare vinyl, eager to catch a live gig, or simply looking to immerse yourself in a rich auditory experience, Next Door Records promises an evening that strikes the perfect chord. In a bustling metropolis like London, this club is a gentle reminder of the timeless magic encapsulated within the grooves of a record.

Simon The Tanner Logo

Simon The Tanner

Casual, Local

In the heart of London's bustling Bermondsey Street, where history intertwines with modernity, lies a cozy nook that encapsulates the spirit of old-world charm combined with contemporary vibrancy: Simon The Tanner. Far from the clamor of London's mega-clubs and ritzy bars, this quaint establishment offers a refreshingly intimate experience. Let's step inside this endearing locale and discover the magic of Simon The Tanner.

A Glimpse into the Past

Upon first glance, the exterior of Simon The Tanner speaks to its historic roots. Its façade, a tasteful blend of brick and wood, exudes an inviting warmth, reminiscent of traditional British public houses. As the name suggests, the venue pays homage to the tannery trade that once thrived in this part of London, adding layers of narrative to its ambiance.

Interiors that Speak of Simplicity and Soul

Inside, Simon The Tanner resists the ostentation of modern-day establishments. Wooden floorboards, antique furnishings, and vintage decor elements come together to create an atmosphere that's both nostalgic and comfortable. Low-hanging lights cast a gentle glow over the room, making it a perfect setting for quiet conversations and hearty laughter.

A Celebratory Symphony of Flavours

While its ambiance is undeniably captivating, the true star of Simon The Tanner is its extensive selection of craft beers. With a keen focus on local breweries, the venue offers a rotating menu of ales, lagers, and stouts, each with its unique taste profile. For those unfamiliar with the world of craft beers, the knowledgeable staff are always eager to provide recommendations, ensuring that every patron finds their perfect pint.

Comfort Food with a Twist

Complementing its drink offerings, Simon The Tanner boasts a menu that's both familiar and innovative. Classic British pub fare is given a contemporary twist, with ingredients sourced locally to ensure freshness and quality. Whether it's a traditional pie or a gourmet sandwich, every dish promises a culinary experience that's both comforting and memorable.

Events and Community Engagement

Beyond its regular offerings, Simon The Tanner often plays host to events that resonate with the community's spirit. From quiz nights and board game evenings to live music sessions, the venue ensures that there's always something to look forward to. Its community-centric approach has cultivated a loyal clientele, making it a hub for locals and a must-visit for tourists.

London's Quaint Corner of Conversations and Craft Beers

In a sprawling city like London, where every corner offers a new experience, Simon The Tanner stands out with its authenticity and charm. It's not just a pub; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of community, camaraderie, and the simple joys of life. Whether you're seeking a quiet evening with a book, a lively night with friends, or simply a taste of genuine British hospitality, Simon The Tanner welcomes you into its warm embrace. So, the next time you find yourself wandering through Bermondsey Street, let the inviting glow of Simon The Tanner guide you to an evening you won't soon forget.

The Spark House Logo

The Spark House

Casual, Rooftop +1

London, with its ever-pulsating energy, has been home to countless nightclubs, each with its distinct flavor and flair. But amidst this vast ocean of nightlife experiences, The Spark House emerges as a unique lighthouse, guiding the way to unparalleled evenings of fun, frolic, and fervor. Let's take an illuminating journey into the world of The Spark House.

Elegance Meets Edginess

From the outside, The Spark House presents itself as an architectural marvel – a blend of classic British aesthetics with a touch of modern opulence. Step through its large, ornate doors, and you're transported into an ambiance that is both chic and charged with energy. Crystal chandeliers juxtapose against neon lights, crafting an atmosphere that is as sophisticated as it is electrifying.

A Symphony of Sounds

While many clubs stick to a particular genre or style, The Spark House prides itself on its eclectic musical palette. From live jazz bands giving soulful performances to DJs spinning the latest electronic beats, the club ensures that every musical taste is catered to. The state-of-the-art sound system ensures that every beat, every note, is felt deep within.

Crafted Concoctions and Gastronomic Delights

The Spark House isn’t just about music. The bar, often referred to as "The Alchemist's Den", serves up some of London’s most innovative cocktails. Mixologists, with their flair and finesse, concoct drinks that are as visually stunning as they are palatable. Complementing these are gourmet dishes that blend British classics with international flavors.

An Artistic Haven

Beyond its music and gastronomy, The Spark House is a sanctuary for art lovers. The walls serve as canvases for contemporary artists, showcasing a rotating collection of art pieces. Regular art events, exhibitions, and interactive installations make the club a cultural hub, resonating with creativity.

VIP Experience Like No Other

For those seeking exclusivity, The Spark House offers a VIP experience that is nothing short of regal. Personalized services, exclusive seating areas overlooking the main floor, and a dedicated team ensure that every desire is met, making patrons feel like royalty.

Sustainability at its Core

In a world increasingly conscious of its ecological footprint, The Spark House takes strides in being sustainable. Eco-friendly materials, a commitment to zero waste, and partnerships with local suppliers demonstrate the club's dedication to making a positive impact.

A Beacon of Nightlife Brilliance in London

The Spark House isn’t just another club in London's vast nightlife landscape; it's an institution. It embodies the spirit of the city - diverse, dynamic, and ever-evolving. For those looking to experience an evening that's a perfect blend of luxury and liveliness, of art and ambiance, The Spark House beckons. As its name suggests, it's where sparks fly, connections are made, and memories are forged. In the heart of London, The Spark House shines brilliantly, inviting all to bask in its radiant glow.

HWK Logo


Casual, Local

Amidst the neon lights and the towering landmarks of London's bustling nightlife stands HWK, a venue that has steadily become an emblem of the city's underground music culture. Unlike the ostentatious facades of many contemporaries, HWK thrives in its subtlety, luring patrons into its enigmatic embrace. This article delves deep into the mystique of HWK, revealing why it’s considered a must-visit for those seeking an authentic London clubbing experience.

Minimalist Majesty

Located in an industrial enclave, HWK's exterior is deceptively minimalist. However, this simplicity is intentional, serving as a canvas upon which the night paints its stories. As you step inside, the venue unfolds like a sonic cavern, with dim lights reflecting off raw brick walls and casting an intimate ambiance.

Sonic Excellence

At the heart of HWK is its music. The club showcases a spectrum of sounds, predominantly gravitating towards electronic, techno, and house. Its impeccable acoustics, combined with a top-tier sound system, ensures that every beat, every drop, resonates with soul-stirring clarity. It’s a venue where DJs are not just playing tracks; they're weaving auditory tales.

Diverse and Devoted

What sets HWK apart is its crowd – a diverse mix of music aficionados, nightlife nomads, and curious explorers. The vibe is welcoming, with patrons often describing their visits as a communal experience rather than a mere night out. The shared passion for music and the arts creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie.

Culinary Delights & Liquid Elixirs

HWK isn't just about music. The bar is renowned for its curated list of beverages, from classic cocktails to unique concoctions that titillate the taste buds. And for those with an appetite, the club's kitchen serves up an array of dishes that seamlessly blend local flavors with international inspirations.

Artistic Avenues

Beyond the music and the dance floor, HWK frequently collaborates with local artists, turning its space into a dynamic gallery. Whether it’s avant-garde installations, graffiti murals, or digital art projections, the club continually morphs, making each visit a unique visual experience.

Eco-conscious Ethos

In line with modern sensibilities, HWK is committed to sustainable practices. From eco-friendly materials in its decor to initiatives that reduce waste, the club actively strives to reduce its carbon footprint, making it a venue that's as responsible as it is radiant.

London's Underground Jewel

HWK is not just another club; it's an emotion, an experience, a journey. It's where London's underground pulse finds its rhythm, where strangers become friends, and where nights turn into stories. HWK is a testament to the fact that in simplicity lies profound beauty. So, for those yearning for an authentic, unadulterated slice of London's nightlife, HWK awaits, ready to ensnare your senses and capture your heart.

Servant Jazz Quarters Logo

Servant Jazz Quarters

Live music, Casual

Amidst the dynamic labyrinth of London's eclectic nightlife, Dalston holds a reputation for fostering some of the city's most authentic musical treasures. At the heart of this neighbourhood pulses Servant Jazz Quarters (SJQ) – a venue that is much more than a club; it's an emblem of cultural and musical authenticity in a city that never sleeps.

A Warm, Vintage Welcome

Nestled in the bustling streets of Dalston, the exterior of SJQ beckons with an inviting charm reminiscent of the classic jazz bars of yesteryears. But don't let the vintage façade fool you; step inside, and you're greeted with a contemporary, intimate setting perfect for engrossing musical experiences.

A Musical Melange

While the name might hint at a predominant jazz focus, SJQ is renowned for its diverse musical programming. Of course, jazz holds a prime spot, with sultry saxophones and deep double bass rhythms often filling the air. Still, on any given night, patrons might also be treated to experimental electronica, soulful singer-songwriters, or even international sounds from Afrobeat to Latin rhythms. The common thread? Quality and authenticity.

Intimate and Atmospheric

Spread across two floors, SJQ is designed for intimate gigs. The upstairs bar area is perfect for casual conversations, drink in hand, while the downstairs venue, with its dim lighting and closely arranged seating, ensures every performance feels personal. This closeness fosters a bond between the artist and the audience, making each gig a memorable experience.

Sips and Bites

No evening at SJQ is complete without indulging in their curated drink selection. The bar boasts a variety of cocktails, wines, and craft beers, ensuring there's a drink for every palate. And for those looking to accompany their drink with a bite, the venue offers a concise menu with dishes that resonate with the multicultural vibe of London.

A Hub for Artists and Creatives

More than just a music venue, SJQ has become a haven for artists and creatives in London. Its walls often showcase local art, and its stage has seen a myriad of emerging artists, many of whom have gone on to make significant marks in the music industry. The venue's commitment to fostering talent ensures that every night is filled with potential and inspiration.

The Soul of Dalston's Music Scene

In a city teeming with music venues and nightspots, Servant Jazz Quarters stands out for its unwavering dedication to authentic music and its warm, welcoming vibe. Whether you're a jazz aficionado, an experimental music enthusiast, or simply someone seeking a genuine night out in London, SJQ promises an evening filled with soulful sounds, memorable moments, and a touch of old-world charm in the heart of Dalston.

Zoku Soho Logo

Zoku Soho

Casual, Local

London's Soho has long been the beating heart of the city's nightlife, a vibrant mix of history, culture, and relentless energy. Nestled within its winding streets and historic facades, Zoku Soho emerges as a beacon of modernity and innovation, offering a fresh perspective on the Soho experience.

Conceptual Brilliance in Design

At first glance, Zoku Soho strikes you with its architectural prowess. The club plays with a juxtaposition of contemporary aesthetics and classic Soho charm, creating an atmosphere that feels both familiar and refreshingly new. The club's layout is designed to engage and surprise, with interconnected rooms, intimate nooks, and expansive dance floors.

A Sonic Journey

Music is at the heart of Zoku Soho's identity. The club prides itself on its eclectic line-ups, ensuring that every night offers a unique auditory experience. From the sultry beats of deep house to the energetic rhythms of Afrobeat, and even live performances from emerging artists, Zoku Soho ensures that your ears are always treated to a rich tapestry of sounds.

Innovation in Refreshments

Zoku Soho isn't just about dancing and music; it's also a haven for connoisseurs of fine drinks. The club boasts an impressive bar, staffed by mixologists who continually push the boundaries of cocktail creation. Traditional drinks are given innovative twists, while entirely new concoctions seem to challenge the very essence of mixology.

Artistic Haven

The club isn't just a space for music and revelry; it's also a platform for artistic expression. The walls of Zoku Soho often feature rotating exhibits from local and international artists. This commitment to art gives the venue a unique edge, transforming an ordinary night out into an immersive cultural experience.

A Global Community

Zoku, a Japanese word meaning 'clan' or 'family', encapsulates the club's ethos of community and connectivity. Zoku Soho isn't just for Londoners; its doors are open to a global audience. Regular themed nights celebrate the diverse tapestry of London's multicultural landscape, making everyone, irrespective of their origin, feel right at home.

A Fresh Pulse in London's Iconic Soho District

Zoku Soho isn't just another addition to London's bustling nightlife; it's a statement of intent, a commitment to innovation, and a celebration of community. It encapsulates the spirit of Soho while pushing the boundaries of what a club can be. Whether you're there for the music, the art, the drinks, or simply the joy of connection, Zoku Soho promises a night that's both memorable and transformative.

Battersea Barge Logo

Battersea Barge

Casual, Live music

Tucked away on the serene waters of the River Thames, Battersea Barge stands as a testament to London's diverse and ever-evolving nightlife scene. This unique floating venue, moored just moments from the iconic Battersea Power Station, offers visitors a distinctive blend of entertainment, history, and scenic views. It's not just a club; it's an experience unlike any other in the city.

Historical Allure with a Modern Twist

Originally a 1930s Dutch grain barge, Battersea Barge has been carefully restored and converted into one of London's most sought-after event spaces. With its riveted steel structure and vintage appeal, the barge effortlessly blends the charm of yesteryears with contemporary amenities, ensuring every visitor feels both nostalgic and comfortably catered to.

A Symphony of Sounds

Battersea Barge is renowned for its eclectic mix of live performances. From jazz nights and cabaret shows to live theatre and open mic sessions, there's always something happening on board. The acoustics, enhanced by the barge's unique structure, ensures an intimate and immersive sonic experience, allowing patrons to feel deeply connected to the performances.

Panoramic Views of the Thames

One of the undeniable draws of the Battersea Barge is its location. Moored on the River Thames, it offers visitors panoramic views of London's iconic skyline. Whether it's the gentle glow of the sunset or the city lights reflecting off the water's surface, the barge offers a visual treat that complements its auditory delights.

Gourmet Delights on Water

While the barge is celebrated for its entertainment offerings, it's also a haven for foodies. The venue boasts a well-curated menu, featuring a blend of British classics and modern culinary delights. With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, every dish promises a burst of flavour. To complement the meals, there's a well-stocked bar offering everything from classic cocktails to craft beers.

An Intimate Setting for Special Occasions

Beyond its regular entertainment lineup, Battersea Barge is also a popular choice for private events. From weddings and corporate gatherings to birthday celebrations, the barge's intimate setting and unique ambiance make it a preferred destination for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

London's Floating Gem of Entertainment

In a city bursting with entertainment options, Battersea Barge stands out, not just for its unique location but also for its commitment to offering a holistic experience. It's a place where history, entertainment, gastronomy, and scenic beauty converge, ensuring every visitor leaves with memories to cherish. Whether you're a Londoner or a tourist, a night on the Battersea Barge promises a journey through the heart of what makes London truly special.

The Cannick Tapps Logo

The Cannick Tapps

Underground, Live music

In the bustling heart of London, where history and contemporary life intertwine, The Cannick Tapps emerges as a delightful amalgamation of the traditional British pub ethos with a touch of urban panache. Located just a stone's throw from the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral and the serene River Thames, this venue offers both the quintessential London experience and an intimate escape from the city's rapid pace.

A Nod to the Past

The exterior of The Cannick Tapps is unmistakably London – a graceful façade that harkens back to the city's storied architectural heritage. The name itself is a nod to the area's historical significance, evoking images of bygone eras when the streets echoed with tales of traders, artisans, and the daily hum of life.

Inside The Tapps

Stepping inside, guests are greeted by a warm, wood-panelled interior, replete with vintage memorabilia, polished brass fittings, and cosy nooks perfect for whispered conversations. The atmosphere resonates with the comforting hum of conversations, punctuated by the clinking of glasses.

An Ode to British Brews

True to its pub roots, The Cannick Tapps is a haven for beer enthusiasts. The venue takes pride in its meticulously curated selection of ales, lagers, and ciders, many of which are sourced from local breweries. Traditional cask ales hold a place of honour, offering patrons a taste of authentic British brews.

More Than Just Beers

While beers might be a highlight, The Cannick Tapps is no slouch when it comes to spirits and cocktails. The bar boasts an impressive array of gins, whiskeys, and other spirits, each accompanied by a tale of its origin. The cocktail menu is a delightful mix of classics and inventive concoctions crafted by skilled mixologists.

Gastronomic Delights

No British pub experience is complete without indulging in hearty fare, and The Cannick Tapps delivers splendidly. From the classic fish and chips to innovative dishes with a modern twist, the food here promises to satiate both the palate and the soul.

A Venue for All Occasions

Beyond its daily patrons, The Cannick Tapps has also established itself as a favoured venue for events, be it birthdays, corporate gatherings, or casual meet-ups. The dedicated event space combines the charm of old-world London with modern amenities, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

A Blend of Heritage and Modern Revelry in London

In a city as dynamic and multifaceted as London, The Cannick Tapps stands as a testament to the timeless allure of the British pub. It’s a place where history, gastronomy, and camaraderie converge, offering patrons a slice of London that's both authentic and refreshing. For those seeking a venue that encapsulates the spirit of the city while providing a cosy retreat, The Cannick Tapps beckons with open arms and a pint at the ready.

The Joiner on Worship Logo

The Joiner on Worship

LGBT+, Live music

Amid the bustling lanes and iconic landmarks of London, there's a place that stands as a testament to the city's contemporary vibe while paying homage to its rich cultural tapestry. The Joiner on Worship is not just another club; it's an experience that melds music, design, and London's indomitable spirit into one cohesive, unforgettable package.

Strategic Location

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Joiner on Worship is strategically located in close proximity to the capital's major hubs. Its location adds to its allure, making it a favoured destination for both locals and tourists eager to discover London's modern nightlife scene.

Architectural Brilliance

The exterior of The Joiner boasts a fusion of classic British architecture with modern designs. Once inside, patrons are immediately struck by the spacious, multi-level layout interspersed with chic decor and avant-garde art installations. The design, both audacious and elegant, offers an atmospheric backdrop for the revelries within.

Sonic Adventures

At its core, The Joiner on Worship is a sanctuary for music aficionados. With a state-of-the-art sound system and acoustics, it promises an auditory experience like no other. From chart-topping hits and international DJs to underground genres and live performances, the club showcases a diverse array of musical talents that cater to a broad audience.

Culinary Delights and Crafted Concoctions

While music might be its soul, the culinary offerings and beverages are the heart of The Joiner. Their in-house chefs curate a menu that reflects London's multicultural spirit, combining traditional favourites with global flavours. The bar, illuminated by soft, ambient lighting, serves an array of cocktails, each a unique blend of ingredients that tantalise the senses.

Exclusive Events and Parties

The Joiner on Worship is also renowned for hosting some of London's most exclusive events and themed nights. From fashion soirees and art exhibitions to private parties and corporate events, the venue's versatile spaces can be tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring a bespoke experience for all attendees.

An Engaging Community

One of the defining attributes of The Joiner is its commitment to fostering a sense of community. Regular patrons often speak of the inclusive atmosphere, where conversations flow easily, and connections are forged amidst the pulsating beats.

A Modern Ode to London's Nightlife and Culture

The Joiner on Worship is more than just a club; it's a narrative of London's evolving cultural landscape. By seamlessly blending music, design, food, and community, it offers a modern interpretation of what a night out in the capital can be. For those keen to immerse themselves in a venue that encapsulates the energy and ethos of contemporary London, The Joiner on Worship is the destination to be.

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Kiss The Sky

Live music, VIP

London, a city renowned for its rich tapestry of nightlife offerings, is brimming with venues that cater to varied tastes and moods. Yet, amidst this vast galaxy of clubs and bars, there exists a star that shines particularly bright: Kiss The Sky. Located in the heart of the city, this venue promises a night that’s both ethereal and electric.

Setting The Scene

From the moment you approach its entrance, Kiss The Sky captivates with its alluring facade, hinting at the celestial experience within. Once inside, the interiors continue this narrative: think cosmic-inspired decor, soft blue and purple lighting, and walls adorned with murals of the cosmos.

A Sonic Odyssey

At its very core, Kiss The Sky is a haven for music lovers. Whether you're into soulful live jazz, pulsating electronic beats, or classic rock anthems, this club offers a soundscape that's as diverse as it is dynamic. The state-of-the-art sound system ensures that every note, beat, and rhythm envelops the audience, creating a truly immersive auditory experience.

Stellar Libations and Bites

No night out is complete without tantalizing refreshments, and Kiss The Sky delivers on this front with aplomb. The bar, illuminated by delicate pendant lights that resemble floating stars, boasts an extensive menu of craft cocktails, each inspired by different celestial bodies. From the fiery "Mars Mule" to the refreshing "Neptune's Nectar", there's a drink for every palate. Complementing the drinks is a curated selection of gourmet bites that promise a gastronomic journey through the galaxies.

An Array of Events

Beyond its regular offerings, Kiss The Sky is known for its themed nights and special events. From "Astral Acoustics" evenings, where emerging artists serenade patrons with unplugged sessions, to "Galactic Groove" nights that promise non-stop dance music, there's always something unique happening at this venue.

A Community of Stargazers

What truly sets Kiss The Sky apart from its peers is the sense of community it fosters. Here, patrons aren't just guests; they're part of a tribe of like-minded individuals who come together to celebrate life, music, and the mysteries of the universe. The staff, warm and knowledgeable, further add to this sense of camaraderie, ensuring that every guest feels at home amongst the stars.

A Celestial Experience in London's Vibrant Nightlife

Kiss The Sky is not just a venue; it's a philosophy. It encourages its patrons to aim for the stars, to lose themselves in the music, and to find connections that go beyond the mundane. In a city that's always awake, this club offers a space to dream, dance, and discover. Whether you're a London local or a traveler passing through, a night at Kiss The Sky is bound to be an experience that lingers long after the dawn.

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