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Amidst the vibrant nightlife of Swindon stands Kioki, a club that represents a harmonious blend of contemporary zest and timeless sophistication. As one of the town's premier nightlife destinations, Kioki offers an experience that's both memorable and unique, setting it apart in Swindon's bustling entertainment scene.

Sophisticated Interiors: A Feast for the Eyes

Kioki greets its guests with an ambiance that whispers elegance. The decor is a seamless blend of classic charm and modern luxury. Velvet drapes, plush seating, and ornate chandeliers contrast beautifully with contemporary art installations and state-of-the-art lighting systems. The result is an atmosphere that feels opulent yet inviting, posh but approachable.

Soundscapes that Transcend Genres

At its core, Kioki is a celebration of music. The club's acoustics and sound system are top-notch, ensuring that every note hits perfectly. From soulful jazz nights to pulsating electronic dance events, Kioki offers a musical journey that caters to a myriad of tastes. Its roster of local and international DJs keeps the energy high and the dance floor alive.

Culinary and Mixology Magic

Beyond the music and ambiance, Kioki takes pride in its culinary offerings and its bar. The club offers a curated menu of gourmet bites that perfectly complement the beverages on offer. The bar, manned by expert mixologists, serves a range of classic cocktails and Kioki specials, each concoction crafted to perfection, tantalizing the palate and elevating the clubbing experience.

VIP Experience: Indulgence at its Best

For those seeking a more intimate and exclusive experience, Kioki offers VIP sections. These areas, subtly segregated from the main floor, offer enhanced privacy, personalized service, and a touch of added luxury—perfect for special occasions or a more refined night out.

Events and Theme Nights: A Calendar Bursting with Excitement

Kioki believes in keeping its patrons engaged and entertained. The club regularly hosts theme nights, special guest performances, and exclusive events, ensuring that there's always something fresh and exciting on offer.

Centrally Located: The Heartbeat of Swindon's Nightlife

Situated in a prime location in Swindon, Kioki is easily accessible and is often the chosen starting point or the grand finale for a night out in the town. Its position adds to its allure, making it a hotspot for both locals and visitors.

A Fusion of Modern Energy and Timeless Elegance

Kioki, with its blend of modern dynamism and timeless class, offers a nightlife experience that's hard to replicate. It's more than just a club; it's a destination where memories are made, where the night takes on a life of its own. For those looking to immerse themselves in Swindon's nightlife pulse, Kioki stands as an undeniable beacon.

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Woodys Bar


Tucked away in the lively streets of Swindon is a place that exudes warmth, comfort, and authenticity: Woody's Bar. A favourite among locals and visitors alike, this establishment has managed to carve a niche for itself by offering a blend of rustic charm and contemporary entertainment. Here's an intimate look at what makes Woody's Bar stand out in Swindon's bustling nightlife.

Homely Ambiance: A Nod to Traditional English Pubs

Stepping into Woody's Bar feels like entering a well-loved living room. With its wooden beams, exposed brickwork, and cozy fireplaces, the venue immediately evokes feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Vintage memorabilia and decor pepper the space, paying homage to traditional English pubs while adding a touch of personality and character.

A Culinary Journey: From Classic Bites to Modern Delights

At the heart of Woody's Bar is its commitment to serving delectable dishes that cater to diverse palates. Whether it's the classic fish and chips, a hearty steak pie, or a modern vegan salad, the menu promises quality and taste. Using locally-sourced ingredients, the culinary team at Woody's crafts dishes that are both comforting and contemporary.

Craft Beers and Creative Cocktails: Cheers to Variety!

No bar is complete without its drink offerings, and Woody's Bar doesn't disappoint. With a selection that ranges from classic ales and lagers to craft beers and ciders, there's something for every beer enthusiast. For those who prefer cocktails, the bartenders showcase their mixology skills, creating both classic concoctions and Woody's signature blends.

Live Entertainment: A Celebration of Talent

What sets Woody's Bar apart from many other establishments is its commitment to live entertainment. From acoustic sets and live bands to quiz nights and karaoke, the bar ensures that there's never a dull moment. Local artists often grace the stage, making it a platform for emerging talent and a hub for music lovers.

Outdoor Seating: Alfresco Delights

Adding to its allure, Woody's Bar boasts a lovely outdoor seating area. Whether it's to enjoy the summer sun or to cozy up with heaters in cooler months, this space offers a delightful alfresco experience. It's a popular spot for those looking to relax with a drink while watching the world go by.

A Community Spirit: The Heart of Woody's

More than its ambiance, food, or entertainment, it's the community spirit that defines Woody's Bar. It's a place where friendships are forged, stories are shared, and memories are created. The staff exudes warmth, ensuring that everyone—from regulars to first-time visitors—feels welcomed and cherished.

A Rustic Retreat Amidst Urban Bustle

Woody's Bar is more than just a venue in Swindon; it's a testament to the timeless appeal of traditional English pubs while embracing the needs of the modern patron. For those seeking a place that feels like home, offers delightful food and drinks, and promises lively entertainment, Woody's Bar is the destination to head to.

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