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Berghain | Panorama Bar


In the realm of electronic music, few names evoke as much reverence, curiosity, and, for some, trepidation as Berghain | Panorama Bar. Situated in a former power plant in Friedrichshain, Berlin, Berghain isn't just a club. For many, it's a rite of passage, an institution, and a symbol of Berlin's unwavering commitment to techno and the avant-garde.

Industrial Aesthetics and Sonic Intensity

The architecture of Berghain itself is a nod to Berlin's gritty past. The venue's colossal structure, with its imposing concrete walls and minimalist design, encapsulates the raw energy of Berlin post-reunification. Stepping inside is akin to entering an industrial cathedral, where the religion is techno, and the congregation is a mix of seasoned clubbers, artists, tourists, and curious first-timers.

Berghain's main floor is a sonic juggernaut. The perfectly engineered sound system delivers a relentless barrage of techno, with beats reverberating off the walls and through the souls of its attendees. This intense experience is amplified by the club's deliberate lack of mirrors and the famously restrictive photo policy, ensuring a fully immersive experience.

Panorama Bar: A Different Groove

While Berghain's ground floor might be the embodiment of hard techno, the upstairs Panorama Bar offers a different musical flavor. House music reigns supreme here, with a slightly lighter, albeit still intense, atmosphere. Large windows offer a stark contrast to the dark main floor, letting in the morning light and providing panoramic views of Berlin, reminding clubbers of the cityscape outside.

Curation and Inclusivity

Berghain's line-ups are meticulously curated, often showcasing the best talent from around the globe while staying true to its Berlin roots. DJs consider playing here a pinnacle in their careers, given the discerning audience and the freedom to explore longer, more experimental sets.

Equally famous (or infamous) is the club's door policy. Headed by the legendary doorman, Sven Marquardt, the selection process remains one of the city's biggest enigmas. While it's often labeled as strict, the policy intends to protect the unique atmosphere inside and ensure a safe, open-minded environment for all.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

Berghain isn't just about music; it's a cultural institution. The club has been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ rights, serving as a haven for Berlin's queer community and promoting values of freedom and self-expression. It's also played a significant role in Berlin's art scene, hosting exhibitions and performances that push boundaries.

In 2016, Berghain's cultural significance was further recognized when it was granted a tax status reserved for venues that host "high culture", cementing its position as an establishment of great cultural import.

Berlin's Cathedral of Techno

Berghain | Panorama Bar is more than a club. It's a testament to Berlin's transformative power, its resilience, and its undying love for electronic music. For those who've experienced its magic, it remains a symbol of liberation, unity, and the transcendent power of music. In a world of fleeting trends, Berghain stands tall, embodying the spirit of Berlin and the undying pulse of techno.

Tresor Logo


Underground, Alternative

In the electrifying world of Berlin's underground club scene, one name stands out as a cornerstone of techno music: Tresor. Born out of the post-reunification era, this iconic club has become synonymous with Berlin's rebellious spirit, offering a sanctuary for lovers of electronic music from all corners of the world.

Historical Roots and Legacy

Housed in a former heating plant, Tresor's grim industrial surroundings are a far cry from the polished veneer of modern clubs. Its raw, post-industrial setting is a reflection of the era in which it was born—post-Wall Berlin in the early 90s. It was a time of upheaval and discovery, where underground cultures merged and thrived, and Tresor was right at its epicenter.

Unapologetically Underground

The maze-like underground of Tresor is dark, intense, and pulsating. The stripped-back aesthetic, with its exposed pipes and concrete walls, adds to the allure. It is in this bare-bones setting that the pounding beats of techno find their true home. The sound system is perfectly designed for its unique acoustics, ensuring an immersive experience for clubgoers.

A Beacon for Global Techno Talent

From legendary techno pioneers to emerging DJs, Tresor has always been a mecca for electronic music talent. It has played host to artists from Detroit, the birthplace of techno, fostering a transatlantic partnership that has enriched both cities' music scenes. At Tresor, both seasoned DJs and newcomers share the same stage, contributing to its ever-evolving soundscape.

Tresor Records

Beyond its role as a club, Tresor has also made significant contributions to the techno scene through its record label, Tresor Records. The label has been instrumental in shaping the sound of techno since the early 90s, releasing tracks from artists who would go on to become legends in the genre.

A Community Beyond Music

Tresor is more than just a club; it's a community hub. Throughout its history, it has been a space where boundaries are pushed, and the status quo is constantly challenged. It's a place where the LGBTQ+ community, artists, thinkers, and rebels converge, fostering a unique environment of acceptance and creativity.

The Endurance of Tresor

Despite facing challenges—including threats of closure and the necessity to relocate—Tresor has remained undeterred. Its resilience is a testament to its significance in Berlin's cultural fabric. As the city has transformed, Tresor has retained its ethos, always staying true to its underground roots.

Visiting Tresor

Tresor is not just a club; it's an experience. Located in the heart of Berlin, it attracts a diverse crowd, from hardcore techno enthusiasts to curious tourists. However, like many Berlin clubs, the door policy can be strict. It's less about your outfit and more about your attitude and openness to the Tresor experience.

The Heartbeat of Berlin's Techno Culture

Tresor is not merely a venue; it's a living testament to Berlin's unyielding spirit and its love affair with techno music. It encapsulates the city's tumultuous history, its penchant for reinvention, and its unwavering commitment to pushing cultural boundaries. For anyone looking to truly experience Berlin, a night at Tresor is an absolute must.

Watergate Club Logo

Watergate Club

Casual, International

Berlin, with its audacious art scene, tumultuous history, and unparalleled nightlife, has cultivated some of the world's most iconic clubs. Amidst the maze of techno temples, Watergate stands out, not just for its impeccable music selection, but for its ethereal location right by the Spree River. This club has solidified its place in the hearts of Berliners and global club-goers alike, offering a unique blend of waterside vibes and groundbreaking electronic sounds.

Architectural Marvel on the Spree

Watergate's allure begins with its very setting. Nestled on the banks of the Spree in Kreuzberg, the club offers a dual experience - the raw energy of its interior dance floor and the serene views of the river outside. The venue's floor-to-ceiling glass facade on its main floor presents clubbers with a mesmerizing panorama of the Spree, and when the sun begins to rise, the sight is nothing short of magical.

A Sonic Journey: From Deep House to Techno

Musically, Watergate has always been ahead of the curve. The club has a penchant for hosting artists who straddle the line between deep house and techno, with a particular emphasis on melody-driven tracks. This distinct sound has even birthed the club's record label, Watergate Records, promoting artists and sounds that resonate with the club's ethos.

LED Light Ceiling: An Immersive Experience

While the river views are undeniably a draw, the club's interior is equally mesmerizing. One of Watergate's most talked-about features is its LED light ceiling. This matrix of lights covers the main dance floor, offering an immersive light show that pulsates in sync with the beats, elevating the clubbing experience to a multi-sensory immersion.

Not Just a Night, But an Experience

Beyond the music and lights, Watergate ensures that the clubbing experience is holistic. The upstairs area, often referred to as the 'Water Floor', not only gives a direct view of the river but also has an outdoor terrace, letting attendees take a breather and socialize, all while still being enveloped by the club's ambient beats.

A Legacy Beyond the Beats

Since its inception, Watergate has been more than just a place to dance the night away. It has been instrumental in shaping Berlin's electronic music scene, offering a platform for emerging artists and pioneering sounds. The club has also been conscious of its ecological footprint, implementing various sustainability measures, making clubbing here not just fun but responsible.

Floating Beats on the Spree

Watergate Club isn't just another notch in Berlin's extensive list of nightlife venues. It's an institution, a beacon of electronic music, and a testament to how the right ambiance, sound, and vision can come together to create something truly transcendent. Whether you're swaying to the beats on the dance floor, mesmerized by the LED light show, or simply watching the first light of dawn reflect off the Spree, a night at Watergate is an experience that lingers long after the music fades.

Matrix Club Berlin Logo

Matrix Club Berlin

VIP, International

In a city internationally recognized for its vibrant nightlife and club culture, Berlin's Matrix Club emerges as a distinguished spot, offering a unique blend of music and atmosphere that resonates with both Berliners and tourists alike. Located in the heart of the city, beneath the Warschauer Straße train station arches, Matrix Club has made a name for itself as a space that harmoniously fuses different musical styles and cultures.

A Historical Connection

Situated in Friedrichshain, a district renowned for its pulsating nightlife, Matrix Club is deeply rooted in Berlin's history. Its location under the railway arches is emblematic of the city's knack for repurposing industrial spaces into hubs of cultural and musical exploration.

Versatility in Music

Unlike many clubs in Berlin that dedicate themselves to a particular music genre, Matrix prides itself on its eclectic musical selection. On any given night, patrons can find themselves immersed in diverse beats ranging from hip-hop, R&B, and reggaeton to house, electro, and of course, techno. This kaleidoscope of sounds ensures that every visitor, regardless of their musical inclination, finds a rhythm that resonates.

A Club for All

One of the defining features of Matrix Club Berlin is its inclusivity. Catering to a varied crowd, the club has themed nights that appeal to different age groups and musical preferences. Its doors are open every night of the week, making it one of the few clubs in Berlin offering continuous nightly entertainment.

Seven Floors of Enchantment

Matrix isn't just diverse in its musical offerings; the club spans seven distinct areas, each with its ambiance. From intimate dancefloors that encourage close connections to expansive rooms with state-of-the-art light and sound systems, there's a space for everyone's party preference.

Events and Special Nights

Matrix Club is also recognized for hosting special events, from renowned DJ sets to themed parties. International students and travelers particularly appreciate the club's Erasmus parties and other events that celebrate the diversity of Berlin's ever-evolving populace.

Visiting Matrix Club

Given its location near many of Berlin's popular hostels and hotels, Matrix Club is easily accessible for tourists. However, like most clubs in the city, it's wise for newcomers to understand the general club etiquette of Berlin. Respectful behavior, an openness to diverse crowds, and an appreciation for the music are essential.

A Fusion of Beats and Cultures

Matrix Club Berlin stands as a testament to the city's rich tapestry of sounds and cultures. Its versatility, both in music and space, ensures a unique experience for everyone, making it a must-visit for those seeking to dive deep into Berlin's vibrant nightlife. Whether you're a techno aficionado, a hip-hop lover, or just a curious traveler, Matrix promises a night to remember in the heart of Europe's clubbing capital.

Birgit & Bier Logo

Birgit & Bier

Alternative, Casual

In a city known for its relentless energy and underground club culture, Birgit & Bier stands as a testament to Berlin's unique blend of hedonism and creativity. Located in the heart of the Kreuzberg district, this club is a carnival-themed wonderland, where the line between nightlife and fairytale becomes beautifully blurred.

Vintage Charm Meets Modern Beats

The first thing you'll notice upon entering Birgit & Bier is its quirky décor, reminiscent of a vintage carnival. Think old-school fairground rides, wooden carousels, and games like table football and ping-pong. These elements, combined with the club's expansive outdoor garden, offer a whimsical escape from the city's concrete sprawl.

However, don't let the carnival games fool you. When night falls, Birgit & Bier transforms into a pulsating dance haven. The music ranges from deep house to techno, with local and international DJs gracing its decks, ensuring the club remains at the forefront of Berlin's cutting-edge music scene.

Diverse Spaces for Varied Tastes

Birgit & Bier's layout is a delightful maze. Whether you're a die-hard raver looking to lose yourself on the dance floor or a social butterfly seeking a cozy nook for intimate conversations, there's a corner for you. The club boasts multiple dance areas, each with its own unique vibe. The outdoor garden, adorned with fairy lights, offers a serene retreat, while the indoor spaces pulsate with energy.

Feast for the Senses

In line with its carnival theme, Birgit & Bier offers an array of delicious treats. From traditional German sausages to vegetarian delights, the food stalls cater to diverse palates. The bar serves up a medley of drinks, with the club's namesake beer being a popular choice among patrons.

An Inclusive Community Spirit

One of Birgit & Bier's standout qualities is its inclusive atmosphere. The club welcomes a diverse crowd, from seasoned clubbers to curious tourists. The staff and regulars cultivate a friendly and open environment, reflecting Berlin's broader ethos of tolerance and unity.

Eco-Conscious Clubbing

In tune with Berlin's sustainable initiatives, Birgit & Bier has taken steps towards eco-friendly clubbing. The club emphasizes recycling, waste reduction, and energy conservation, ensuring that party-goers can have a good time while also being kind to the planet.

A Quirky Playland for Berlin's Night Owls

Birgit & Bier isn't your typical Berlin club. It's a magical realm where old-world charm meets modern beats, where you can dance under the stars, challenge a friend to a game of table football, or simply sip a beer and enjoy the eclectic ambiance. This club embodies the spirit of Berlin - unapologetically unique, fiercely independent, and always welcoming. Whether you're a first-timer in Berlin or a seasoned local, Birgit & Bier promises a night of unforgettable memories.

Ritter Butzke Logo

Ritter Butzke

Underground, Live music

Nestled in the heart of Berlin's creative Kreuzberg district, Ritter Butzke stands not merely as a nightclub but as an emblem of the city's transformation and vibrant underground club culture. With its roots tracing back to an illicit underground party spot, Ritter Butzke has metamorphosed into one of Berlin's most iconic venues for electronic music enthusiasts.

From a Squat to a Nightlife Institution

Ritter Butzke's journey is as remarkable as the beats that resonate within its walls. The venue started its life as a squat, occupied by artists and free spirits in the early 2000s. These unconventional beginnings have indelibly marked the club's ethos, ensuring it remains a space that celebrates creativity, freedom, and unbridled expression.

An Architectural Marvel

Housed in a former factory, Ritter Butzke's sprawling layout is a blend of the raw and the refined. The exposed brickwork, graffiti-laden walls, and industrial architecture are juxtaposed with plush interiors, creating a setting that's both gritty and inviting. The club boasts multiple dance floors, each offering a distinct audio-visual experience, ensuring patrons can drift between different musical landscapes throughout the night.

A Sonic Wonderland

While Ritter Butzke embraces a variety of electronic genres, it's particularly renowned for championing the sounds of house and techno. World-class resident DJs, as well as international talents, grace its decks, curating musical journeys that can be both introspective and exuberant. The club's impeccable sound system ensures every beat, from the deepest bass to the most ethereal high, is felt with clarity.

More than Just Music

What sets Ritter Butzke apart from many other Berlin clubs is its commitment to fostering a holistic sensory experience. Regular art installations adorn its spaces, and live performances often meld theater and dance, adding layers of narrative and interpretation to the music.

Sustainability at its Heart

In an age where sustainability has become paramount, Ritter Butzke showcases a conscious approach to clubbing. The club has initiated several green projects and emphasizes reducing its carbon footprint, ensuring that the revelry is responsible.

Visiting Ritter Butzke

Given its reputation, Ritter Butzke often sees long queues, especially on weekends. Potential visitors are advised to arrive early and be patient. As with many Berlin nightspots, the door policy can be selective, so it's essential to approach with a respectful and open demeanor.

A Dance in Berlin's Historical Alcove

Ritter Butzke is not just a club; it's a chronicle of Berlin's evolving tapestry, where history, art, and music intertwine. For those seeking a dance floor that pulsates with authenticity and creativity, Ritter Butzke is a pilgrimage worth making in the labyrinth of Berlin's nightlife.

Katerblau Logo


Casual, Alternative

As dawn breaks over the Spree, and the rhythmic bass continues to pulse, the dedicated dancers of Berlin's renowned club scene are often found still immersed in the world of Katerblau. Born from the ashes of the legendary Bar25 and KaterHolzig, Katerblau holds a hallowed place in the heart of Berlin's electronic music enthusiasts.

A Club Reborn Yet Rooted in Tradition

Katerblau, situated by the riverside in Berlin's Friedrichshain district, represents more than just a venue – it's the living embodiment of Berlin's gritty, passionate love affair with techno and house music. The venue carries the legacy of its predecessors, ensuring that the unique spirit of Bar25 and KaterHolzig, both of which redefined Berlin's nightlife, remains alive.

Eclectic Decor Meets Sonic Perfection

Stepping into Katerblau is like entering an alternate universe. The club is a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and art installations. The décor, whimsical and ever-changing, features salvaged pieces, graffiti, and even a ship's bow jutting out over the Spree, serving as a nod to the venue's riverside location.

But it's not just the visual aesthetics that captivate the senses. Katerblau's sound system is meticulously calibrated, offering a sonic experience that's hard to rival. Every beat, every drop, every echo is felt deeply, resonating with the very soul of the dancers.

A Journey Across Multiple Floors

Katerblau's layout is an adventure in itself. From the main floor, pulsating with techno beats, to the whimsical "Acid Bogen" room echoing with psychedelic sounds, there's a corner of Katerblau tailored to every musical inclination. When summer graces Berlin, the outdoor area opens up, allowing revelers to dance by the water, under the sky, feeling the city's heartbeat.

The Inimitable Kater Community

More than the music, art, or riverside location, it's the community that truly defines Katerblau. The club has cultivated an environment where freedom of expression, creativity, and mutual respect reign supreme. Attendees, often adorned in quirky outfits, come to Katerblau not just to dance, but to connect, celebrate, and be part of a larger family.

Sustainability in Clubbing

Echoing Berlin's push towards sustainability, Katerblau has taken commendable steps to reduce its environmental footprint. From eco-friendly drink tokens to initiatives aimed at waste reduction, the club is paving the way for green clubbing.

The Phoenix of Berlin's Club Scene

Katerblau is more than just a club; it's a testament to Berlin's resilience, its ever-evolving club culture, and its undying passion for electronic music. Whether you're a techno purist, an electro enthusiast, or someone seeking an authentic Berlin club experience, Katerblau offers a journey that transcends music, encapsulating the very essence of Berlin nightlife.

Maxxim Club Logo

Maxxim Club

Upscale, VIP

Located in the heart of Berlin, just a stone's throw away from the celebrated boulevard Kurfürstendamm, Maxxim Club stands as an epitome of luxurious nightlife and the vibrant energy the city is known for. Over the years, it has evolved into a haven for both the city's elite and international jet-setters, offering an experience that is both sophisticated and electrifying.

Historic Foundations with a Modern Twist

Maxxim Club finds its home in a historic building, its architecture a testimony to Berlin's rich past. However, the interiors tell a different story — one of modern opulence. Plush velvet couches, crystal chandeliers, and gold accents come together to create an atmosphere that is both intimate and grandiose.

A Sonic Journey Like No Other

Music lies at the heart of Maxxim Club. While the club is versatile, often adapting to the mood of the evening and the crowd, it predominantly oscillates between house, R&B, and chart-toppers. The sound system is state-of-the-art, ensuring that every note is crystal clear, making dancing an almost transcendental experience.

Cocktails, Champagne, and Culinary Delights

Maxxim is not just about dancing the night away. The club prides itself on its extensive drinks menu, which includes everything from classic cocktails to the finest champagne. Their bartenders, often considered mixologists, are known to whip up some of the most innovative and delectable drinks in the city. For those who crave a bite between their dance routines, Maxxim offers a selection of gourmet snacks that are as delightful to the palate as they are visually appealing.

Exclusive Events and Celebrations

Maxxim Club frequently hosts exclusive events, themed nights, and special guest DJ performances. It's not uncommon to spot celebrities enjoying themselves amidst the crowd or to find oneself immersed in a unique event like a masquerade ball or a vintage 1920s party.

A Door Policy that Maintains Exclusivity

Like many high-end clubs in Berlin, Maxxim Club has a selective door policy to ensure the ambiance remains top-notch. It's recommended to dress the part — think chic and elegant — and arrive with a positive attitude.

A Mélange of Luxury, Beats, and Berlin Nightlife

Maxxim Club Berlin offers a nightlife experience that seamlessly blends luxury with the city's signature vivacious energy. It's a place where Berlin's historical charm meets contemporary glamor, making every night a celebration to remember. Whether you're a Berliner looking for a sumptuous night out or a traveler seeking the city's upscale nightlife, Maxxim Club promises an evening of indulgence, rhythm, and allure.



Live music, Alternative +1

In the eclectic world of Berlin's nightlife, there's a place where art, music, culture, and community converge, creating an experience that transcends the usual club scene. Enter YAAM - short for "Young African Art Market." Nestled on the banks of the River Spree, YAAM is more than just a club; it's a cultural institution that has been enriching Berlin's urban landscape for decades.

The Backstory of YAAM

YAAM's origins are rooted in the 1990s, when it emerged as a hub for the Afro-Caribbean community in Berlin. Over the years, its role has evolved, and today, YAAM is a melting pot of cultures, welcoming people from all walks of life. It stands as a testament to the multicultural essence of Berlin, providing a platform for voices from various backgrounds.

Diverse Spaces for Diverse Experiences

YAAM's sprawling venue offers distinct areas catering to different tastes. From the reggae beach bar with its sandy shores and hammocks to the concert hall echoing with the beats of hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeat, every corner of YAAM promises a unique experience. The graffiti-laden walls, adorned with vibrant murals, narrate stories of cultural harmony and artistic freedom.

Promoting Social Projects and Initiatives

At its core, YAAM is deeply committed to societal change. The club regularly hosts workshops, discussions, and events focusing on youth empowerment, social integration, and cultural education. From skateboarding sessions to art workshops for children, YAAM actively engages the community in positive, constructive activities.

A Culinary Delight

True to its multicultural ethos, YAAM also offers an impressive array of Afro-Caribbean culinary delights. The food stalls scattered across the venue serve dishes that tantalize the taste buds, bringing the authentic flavors of Africa and the Caribbean to Berlin.

Events Beyond Clubbing

While music is a significant part of YAAM's DNA, the venue also hosts flea markets, film screenings, and sports events. The beach area often becomes a venue for beach volleyball tournaments, while indoor spaces transform into arenas for basketball games.

Preserving the Legacy, Facing Challenges

Over the years, YAAM has faced its share of challenges, including threats of closure due to real estate developments. However, the community's unwavering support and the club's significance in Berlin's cultural landscape have ensured its survival and growth.

A Cultural Oasis in the Heart of the City

YAAM isn't just about dancing the night away; it's about celebrating diversity, fostering community ties, and promoting art and culture. It stands as a beacon of inclusivity in Berlin, reminding visitors of the power of unity in diversity. Whether you're seeking soulful music, thought-provoking art, or simply a space to relax by the riverside, YAAM welcomes you with open arms.

Weekend Club Logo

Weekend Club

Rooftop, Upscale

Situated in the pulsating heart of Berlin, the Weekend Club is not just another nightclub; it's an institution. With its prime location near Alexanderplatz, it offers an unmatched panoramic view of the city skyline, providing clubbers with an immersive experience that merges auditory delights with visual spectacles.

Location and Ambiance

The Weekend Club finds its residence in a high-rise building, occupying its top floors. This not only ensures that attendees get to witness Berlin from an eagle's eye perspective but also places the club above the humdrum of city life, quite literally. The interiors are minimalist yet chic, a nod to Berlin's understated aesthetic, where the focus remains on the experience rather than ostentatious displays.

Musical Odyssey

Berlin is synonymous with techno, and the Weekend Club champions this genre. However, it's not just limited to techno; the club has seen sets that range from deep house to more experimental electronic tunes. Renowned DJs from around the globe have graced the decks of the Weekend Club, making sure that the music is always fresh, cutting-edge, and irresistibly danceable.

Sky Lounge and Terrace

One of the standout features of the Weekend Club is its terrace. This open space allows clubbers to take a breather from the intensity of the dance floor, offering a serene space to converse, sip on drinks, or just gaze at the city lights. On certain nights, especially in the warmer months, the terrace transforms into an open-air dance floor, under the canopy of stars.

Diverse Crowd

One of the hallmarks of Berlin's nightlife is its diversity, and the Weekend Club is a testament to this. On any given night, you'll find a mix of Berlin locals, expatriates, and tourists, all united by their love for music. This diversity not only ensures a rich tapestry of interactions but also means that the vibe is welcoming and inclusive.

Events and Special Nights

While the Weekend Club is open on weekends (as the name suggests), it frequently hosts special events and themed nights, ranging from label showcases to exclusive album launches. These nights often see the club transformed, be it in decor or music, providing regulars with something new and exciting.

Ascend to Berlin's Nightlife Pinnacle

Weekend Club Berlin encapsulates the spirit of the city's nightlife – it's dynamic, inclusive, and unabashedly passionate about music. Whether you're a techno aficionado or just someone looking to soak in Berlin's famed nightlife, the Weekend Club promises a night of rhythm, revelry, and unforgettable memories. So, the next time you find yourself in Berlin over a weekend, ascend to this nightlife pinnacle and dance the night away with the city sprawled beneath your feet.

Haubentaucher Berlin Logo

Haubentaucher Berlin

Live music, Pool

In the buzzing district of Friedrichshain, amid old railway arches and graffiti-rich walls, lies an unexpected oasis: Haubentaucher Berlin. Combining the luxury of a Mediterranean resort with Berlin's urban grunge, this venue has successfully carved out a niche for itself as one of the most sought-after spots in the city's nightlife.

Architecture and Atmosphere

Haubentaucher isn’t just a nightclub; it's an architectural masterpiece. Built on the premises of a renovated historic swimming pool, the space marries modern design with remnants of its historic past. The large pool serves as the club's centerpiece, surrounded by stylish wooden decks, cabanas, and loungers, making it perfect for summertime relaxation.

Above the pool, the elegant stone archways contrast beautifully with modern murals and art installations. By day, the venue beams with sunlight and chilled vibes, while at night, it transforms into a pulsating party spot with perfect acoustics, thanks to its unique structure.

A Multifaceted Venue

While Haubentaucher's pool draws a significant crowd, especially during Berlin's hotter months, the venue has much more to offer. There's a spacious clubbing area featuring top DJs and live music acts from around the globe. The vast outdoor space often hosts flea markets, art exhibitions, and even open-air cinema nights.

The Zen Garden and Yoga Sessions

Adding to its multifaceted charm, Haubentaucher boasts a Zen garden, a peaceful haven away from the bustling poolside. Here, amidst the bamboo and serene surroundings, one can attend regular yoga sessions and workshops, a perfect escape from the city's hectic pace.

Food and Drink

Haubentaucher doesn’t disappoint when it comes to culinary delights. The venue offers a range of snacks and dishes influenced by global flavors. As for drinks, the cocktail menu is extensive, with experienced bartenders crafting unique beverages that perfectly complement Berlin's vibrant summer nights.

Events and Collaborations

Being a hub of cultural activity, Haubentaucher often collaborates with various festivals, brands, and events. Whether hosting a poolside fashion show, an exclusive brand launch, or a music festival's after-party, the venue is always abuzz with something new and exciting.

A Unique Urban Oasis in Friedrichshain

Haubentaucher Berlin is more than just a club; it's a testament to the city's ability to reinvent and repurpose. The venue encapsulates Berlin's spirit – a blend of history, modernity, relaxation, and relentless energy. Whether you're diving into the refreshing pool, dancing under the arches, or simply lounging in the Zen garden, Haubentaucher promises an experience that's quintessentially Berlin.

The Pearl Logo

The Pearl

Upscale, Elegant +1

Nestled amidst the vibrant landscape of Berlin's nightlife, The Pearl stands out not just in name but in its opulent presence. Located in the charismatic district of Charlottenburg, this club offers an epitome of luxury clubbing, creating a haven where chic aesthetics and pulsating beats coalesce. Let's delve deeper into what makes The Pearl a shining star in Berlin's constellation of nightclubs.

Entrance to Elegance

As soon as you step into The Pearl, you're greeted by its signature lavish décor. Velvet ropes, polished floors, and crystal chandeliers exemplify the club's ethos—no compromise on luxury. Its interiors, a blend of contemporary design with a touch of vintage charm, immediately set the tone for a night of upscale revelry.

Musical Landscape

The Pearl is renowned for its eclectic musical offerings. While the underpinning genre remains electronic and house, the club often branches out to cater to a broader audience, with nights dedicated to R&B, hip-hop, and even pop classics. This versatility ensures that the club remains accessible to varied musical tastes while maintaining its pulsating energy.

VIP Experience

Where The Pearl truly outshines many of its counterparts is in its bespoke VIP experience. Reserved tables, dedicated servers, and an exclusive menu make sure that patrons seeking an extra layer of luxury get exactly what they desire. The club's premium spirits and champagne collection is particularly noteworthy, catering to the refined palates of its discerning clientele.

Lighting and Acoustics

In line with its commitment to offering an unparalleled clubbing experience, The Pearl boasts state-of-the-art sound systems and dynamic lighting. These elements, carefully orchestrated by professional technicians, augment the music and ambience, creating an immersive atmosphere where the beats resonate deeper, and the lights dance in tandem with the crowd.

Event Nights and Guest DJs

The Pearl frequently hosts themed nights and welcomes guest DJs from around the world. These events transform the club into a pulsating hub of unique musical experiences, drawing crowds eager to witness global talents and indulge in nights that deviate from the routine.

A Gem in the Heart of the City

The Pearl is not just another club in Berlin; it's an experience. It's where luxury meets the beat, where every night promises a touch of the extraordinary. For those looking to immerse themselves in Berlin's nightlife without compromising on class and elegance, The Pearl is the destination. As the name suggests, this club truly is a gem in the heart of Berlin, waiting to be discovered and cherished

Anomalie Art Club Logo

Anomalie Art Club

Alternative, Live music +1

Berlin's diverse nightlife has long been the subject of admiration, fascination, and study. Among the city's myriad venues, Anomalie Art Club has emerged as a unique blend of club culture and artistic exploration. Situated in the heart of the bustling metropolis, Anomalie Art Club offers an immersive experience that extends far beyond the realm of mere music.

An Industrial Oasis of Creativity

Upon entering Anomalie Art Club, the immediate sense is that of stepping into a universe that marries the industrial with the ethereal. Located in a refurbished industrial space, the venue’s brick walls, lofty ceilings, and raw aesthetic provide an organic backdrop to a tapestry of lights, installations, and cutting-edge sound systems.

More than Just Music

While the beats and rhythms pulsating through Anomalie are intoxicating, what sets the club apart is its commitment to art in all its forms. The space frequently showcases exhibitions, live art installations, and visual projections. This commitment to the visual arts transforms the clubbing experience into a sensory overload, where one doesn't just hear the music but sees and feels it in a tangible way.

Gardens of Serenity

Outside the confines of its walls, Anomalie boasts beautiful outdoor spaces. These gardens, adorned with sculptures and installations, provide the perfect retreat for those seeking a moment of calm amidst the frenetic energy of the dance floor. In the warmer months, these gardens become a hub of activity, with open-air stages and chill-out zones.

Eclectic Musical Landscape

Anomalie's musical palette is as diverse as its aesthetic one. While techno and house hold court on many nights, the club is also known to venture into jazz, experimental, and world music. This ensures that every visit to Anomalie offers a fresh auditory experience.

Events and Collaborations

Anomalie Art Club regularly collaborates with artists, musicians, and event organizers to host unique nights. From themed parties to avant-garde performances, the club has made a name for itself as a space where creativity knows no bounds.

A Responsible Space

In addition to its artistic endeavors, Anomalie places a strong emphasis on sustainability and community engagement. The club is involved in numerous eco-initiatives and promotes a respectful and inclusive clubbing environment.

A Synthesis of Sound, Sight, and Spirit

Anomalie Art Club is more than a venue; it's an experience, a movement, a space where the boundaries between clubbing and art blur. For those in search of an evening that challenges, engages, and enthralls, Anomalie is not just a destination; it's a journey. One where the rhythm of the music syncs with the heartbeat of artistic expression, and every night promises memories that linger long after the dawn.

Goldengate Logo


Underground, Casual +1

Berlin's reputation as the world's clubbing capital is unmatched. From the cavernous chambers of Berghain to the sophisticated elegance of Watergate, there's a club for every taste. Amid this soundscape, Goldengate stands as a testament to Berlin's underground spirit – an intimate venue that has resisted commercial pressures and remained faithful to its roots. Dive with us into the enigmatic world of Goldengate.

Location and History

Situated near Berlin's Jannowitzbrücke, Goldengate is an emblematic venue of Berlin's Friedrichshain district. It has remained consistent in the face of the city's evolving clubbing landscape, holding its ground since the early 2000s. Its exterior might deceive the passerby with its modest façade, but for those in the know, the unassuming entrance is a portal to a world of musical wonder.

The Vibe

Goldengate is not about opulence or grandeur. The interiors are raw and gritty, mirroring the true spirit of Berlin's underground scene. The club has two dancefloors with worn-out couches, graffiti-laden walls, and dim, moody lighting, creating an ambiance that's both intimate and electrifying.

The wooden floor, showing signs of countless dance-offs, gives the place a unique character. This isn't a venue for those seeking the glitz and glamour of commercial clubs; it's for the purists, the ones seeking authenticity.

Music: An Eclectic Mix

While techno and house are the predominant beats that pulse through Goldengate, the club is also known for its diverse music policy. Local DJs and occasional international names keep the audience engaged, delivering sets that range from deep, minimal techno to spirited house.

The Crowd

Goldengate has a dedicated following, comprising a mix of Berliners and a smattering of in-the-know tourists. The crowd, often a blend of seasoned club-goers and fresh faces, brings in an energy that's both wild and welcoming.

Unconventional Timings

In true Berlin fashion, the party at Goldengate often starts in the early hours of the morning, usually post 2 AM, and stretches well into the daylight hours. It's not uncommon to find clubbers dancing at 10 AM, as morning commuters pass by outside, oblivious to the magic unfolding within.

An Underground Gem in Berlin's Club Scene

Goldengate is an embodiment of Berlin's undying love for underground music and unpretentious clubbing. In a world where clubs often evolve to cater to mainstream tastes, Goldengate remains untamed and true to its essence. It's a space where music, dance, and community come together, offering a haven for those who seek genuine experiences over curated perfection. For any true fan of Berlin's nightlife, Goldengate is a must-visit.

SchwuZ Logo


Live music

Berlin, a city with a rich tapestry of history and culture, is also globally renowned for its avant-garde nightlife. Amid its vast sea of nightclubs, SchwuZ stands out, not just as a symbol of the city’s vibrant LGBTQ+ scene but also as a testament to its ever-evolving spirit of inclusivity.

Historical Beginnings

SchwuZ, which abbreviates “Schwules Zentrum” or "Gay Centre" in German, began its journey in 1977. Born out of the city's radical gay rights movement, SchwuZ was more than a club—it was a statement. Over the decades, while it changed its location multiple times, it has steadfastly held onto its ethos of being a safe and celebratory space for the LGBTQ+ community.

A Venue that Celebrates Diversity

Walking into SchwuZ is akin to embracing the entire spectrum of queer culture. The venue proudly wears its diversity, welcoming everyone irrespective of gender, sexuality, or background. This commitment is mirrored in its music and events. On any given night, you might encounter indie rock, pop, RnB, techno, or throwback 80s hits. The club ensures that there's something for every facet of the queer community.

Themed Nights and Events

SchwuZ is particularly known for its themed nights. From the legendary “Madonnamania” nights celebrating the Queen of Pop to evenings dedicated to particular decades or genres, these events often become talking points of the city. Furthermore, the club plays host to various LGBTQ+ events, discussions, and gatherings, emphasizing its role as a community space.

Art and Performance

Beyond the beats, SchwuZ is a platform for various art forms. Drag shows, burlesque performances, live music gigs, and even art installations find a home here. It's a celebration of queer culture in all its rich, multifaceted glory.

A Safe Space

At its core, SchwuZ champions the idea of a safe space. It is a sanctuary where one can be themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination. The club has strict policies to ensure the safety and comfort of its patrons, and any form of harassment is dealt with swiftly.

Evolving Yet Rooted

While SchwuZ has evolved with the times, it remains rooted in its history. Walls adorned with photographs, posters, and memorabilia offer glimpses into its storied past, reminding visitors of its pivotal role in Berlin's LGBTQ+ movement.

A Pioneering Pulse of Queer Nightlife

SchwuZ is more than just a nightclub in Berlin; it's an institution. It is a beacon of hope, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the city's unwavering spirit of acceptance. Whether one is looking for a night of dancing, a dose of queer culture, or simply a space to be themselves, SchwuZ extends a warm, glittering embrace.

Gretchen Club Logo

Gretchen Club

Live music, Alternative

When one thinks of Berlin's nightlife, images of underground techno dungeons or vast industrial spaces often come to mind. Yet, in the heart of Kreuzberg, there lies a venue that takes a refreshing departure from this norm while encapsulating the city’s relentless drive for musical innovation: Gretchen Club. Let’s delve into this mesmerizing world of rhythm and resonance.

Historical Echoes: Setting the Scene

Gretchen Club is housed in a 19th-century former stables and boasts a rich history that blends seamlessly with its modern persona. Its neo-Renaissance architecture, with high vaulted ceilings and arched doorways, offers a stark contrast to the cutting-edge sound systems and lighting rigs installed within. This juxtaposition of the historic and the contemporary sets the perfect stage for the eclectic music that fills its halls.

Musical Spectrum: Beyond Techno

While Berlin is globally renowned for its techno scene, Gretchen chooses to tread a broader path. The club has become a beacon for diverse sounds, ranging from drum and bass, dubstep, and breakbeat to hip-hop, funk, and even world music. It's a celebration of sound in all its forms, ensuring that every night offers a fresh auditory experience.

Acoustics First

The club's founders had a clear vision: prioritize acoustics. Collaborating with top-tier sound engineers, they ensured that the space, despite its challenging historic architecture, would deliver impeccable sound. The result? A sound experience that’s both intimate and engulfing, allowing attendees to lose themselves in every beat and bass drop.

The Crowd: A Melting Pot

Gretchen's varied musical offerings attract an equally varied crowd. It's a melting pot of Berliners, expats, and tourists. With its inclusive vibe, it’s not unusual to see seasoned clubbers dancing next to curious newcomers, all united by the rhythm.

Oval Space: The Club's Jewel

Arguably the heart of Gretchen Club is its Oval Space - a circular dance floor surrounded by two levels of galleries. This design ensures that whether you're on the dance floor or watching from above, you're always at the center of the action, making every night at Gretchen a uniquely immersive experience.

Events and Collaborations

Gretchen is more than just a weekend clubbing destination. The club frequently collaborates with international festivals and artists to host special nights and events. From album launches to showcase events, it has become a hub for musical creativity in the city.

Berlin’s Contemporary Temple of Sound

In a city saturated with iconic clubs and music venues, Gretchen Club stands out with its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what clubbing in Berlin can be. It's a testament to Berlin's ever-evolving musical spirit, proving that even in the heart of Europe's techno capital, there's room for all kinds of sounds and scenes. For those looking to experience a different shade of Berlin's nightlife, a night at Gretchen is a must.

AVA Club Logo

AVA Club

Underground, Casual +1

Berlin’s rich tapestry of nightclubs, each with its distinct personality, has always been a lure for avid clubbers and music enthusiasts worldwide. While some venues are expansive, labyrinthine domains, others thrive on being more intimate, cultivating a potent atmosphere in a relatively compact space. AVA Club in Berlin's trendy district of Kreuzberg is one such establishment, effortlessly blending raw, industrial aesthetics with the refined energy of underground electronic music.

The Industrial Ambiance: Less is More

Situated in the heart of Kreuzberg, the first thing one notices about AVA Club is its unassuming entrance—a testament to Berlin's preference for the understated. Once inside, the raw, stripped-back interior speaks volumes. Exposed brickwork, minimalistic decor, and dim, moody lighting evoke an almost warehouse-like atmosphere, reminiscent of the city's early techno scene.

Sound: The Heartbeat of AVA

At the heart of AVA Club is its impeccable sound system, which is expertly calibrated to the acoustics of the space. The audio experience here is nothing short of phenomenal. Bass notes resonate with tangible physicality, while trebles cut through with crystalline clarity. For those who revel in the details of sound, AVA is a delightful playground.

Diverse Musical Line-up

While the club is rooted in the techno traditions of Berlin, AVA's musical offerings encompass a broad spectrum of electronic sub-genres. From minimal techno and deep house nights to more experimental electronic sessions, the club is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging talents and seasoned DJs alike. This commitment ensures a fresh and diverse rotation of music that caters to a broad audience.

The Crowd: An Authentic Mélange

What truly elevates AVA Club is its crowd. The venue attracts a mix of dedicated locals, discerning tourists, and electronic music aficionados. Unlike some of the larger Berlin clubs, AVA's more intimate setting fosters closer interactions, often leading to shared moments of dance floor euphoria and spontaneous conversations at the bar.

Events and Special Nights

Beyond its regular club nights, AVA Club also hosts a variety of special events and collaborations. From label showcases to DJ battles, these events underline the club’s active role in Berlin’s vibrant music community.

A Synthesis of Raw Vibes and Refined Tunes

In a city that prides itself on its diverse clubbing culture, AVA Club manages to carve out a unique niche. It's not just another techno club in Berlin; it's a testament to the magic that can happen when space, sound, and crowd come together in perfect harmony. Whether you're a Berlin local or a visitor to the city, a night at AVA Club promises an immersive experience into the authentic pulse of Berlin's underground scene.

Frannz Club Logo

Frannz Club

Live music, Local

In a city as culturally vibrant and historically charged as Berlin, there's no shortage of venues that intertwine the old with the new. Yet, even in such a rich tapestry, Frannz Club stands out, bridging the gap between Berlin's poignant past and its pulsating present. Located in the Prenzlauer Berg district, the Frannz Club has seen many incarnations and today stands as a beacon of Berlin's dynamic music scene.

A Glimpse into the Past

The story of Frannz Club is intrinsically linked to the history of Berlin. Originally established in the 1950s, the club was known as the "Kulturbund der DDR" and served as an important cultural center during East Germany's socialist era. Over the decades, it bore witness to the tumultuous shifts in Berlin's socio-political landscape.

Architectural Charm

Retaining the charm of its historic architecture, the Frannz Club emanates an old-world allure that's hard to miss. The red-brick façade exudes an aura of resilience and continuity, making it a visually distinct entity amidst Berlin's eclectic urban panorama.

Musical Diversity

While deeply rooted in history, the Frannz Club is very much attuned to the contemporary beats of today. The club is renowned for hosting a diverse range of music genres, from indie rock and pop to electronic and jazz. On any given night, one might stumble upon an emerging local band or a well-known international artist, making the club a melting pot of musical experiences.

A Hub for Cultural Events

Beyond music, the Frannz Club is a nexus for various cultural events. Its spacious interiors are often transformed into settings for poetry readings, theater performances, and art exhibitions. Such versatility has cemented its reputation as a pivotal cultural hub in Berlin.

Food and Beverage

Complementing its music and events is the club's in-house restaurant, which offers a medley of German and international dishes. The adjacent bar serves as the perfect spot to grab a drink, be it a locally brewed beer or a signature cocktail, setting the tone for the night ahead.

Inclusivity and Openness

In true Berlin spirit, Frannz Club is an inclusive space. The club is committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination, welcoming patrons from all walks of life. This ethos, combined with its rich heritage, makes it a favorite among both locals and tourists.

Where History Meets Modern Beats

Frannz Club, with its harmonious blend of history and contemporary culture, encapsulates the spirit of Berlin. It's more than just a club; it's a living testament to Berlin's resilience, its capacity to evolve, and its undying love for arts and music. Whether you're a history buff, a music enthusiast, or someone looking to immerse in Berlin's nightlife, Frannz Club promises an experience that resonates with the soul of this iconic city.

VOID Club Logo


Underground, Alternative +1

In the sprawling sonic landscape of Berlin's vibrant nightlife, VOID Club emerges as an electrifying oasis for techno enthusiasts and electronic music aficionados. Nestled in the heart of the city, this club encapsulates the essence of Berlin's underground music culture while offering an immersive experience that is both auditory and visual.

Ambiance and Architecture

Stepping into VOID Club feels like entering another realm. Its interior, characterized by industrial aesthetics, is punctuated with steel, concrete, and neon, creating a raw yet atmospheric setting. The club has mastered the art of using minimalistic design elements to maximum effect. Stark contrasts, interplay of shadows, and sporadic bursts of color set the stage for an otherworldly experience.

Sound System: The Heartbeat of VOID

At the very core of VOID Club is its impeccable sound system. The club prides itself on delivering crystal-clear sound that envelopes its patrons, allowing for a deep sonic immersion. Every beat, every drop, every nuance of the music is amplified in its purest form, making the auditory experience at VOID second to none.

Diverse Musical Offerings

While VOID Club is often associated with techno, its musical palette is diverse. From house to drum and bass, from trance to breaks, the club ensures that it caters to a wide spectrum of electronic music lovers. The lineup often features a mix of established names and rising talents, offering patrons a chance to discover new sounds.

Innovative Visuals

Complementing the auditory experience is the club's commitment to visual innovation. VOID frequently collaborates with visual artists and VJs to create mesmerizing light shows and projections. These visuals, synchronized with the music, elevate the clubbing experience, making each night unique.

Community and Culture

VOID Club is more than just a music venue; it's a community. The club has cultivated a following of loyal patrons who share a common love for electronic music. This sense of belonging and camaraderie is palpable, making every night at VOID not just a party but a gathering of like-minded souls.

Safety and Respect

In keeping with the progressive ethos of Berlin's nightlife, VOID Club places a strong emphasis on creating a safe and respectful environment. The club's staff are trained to ensure the well-being of its patrons, and any form of harassment or discrimination is dealt with swiftly.

A Sonic Exploration in the Heart of the Capital

VOID Club is a testament to Berlin's ever-evolving music scene. It stands as a beacon for those who seek a genuine, unadulterated electronic music experience. With its impeccable sound, captivating visuals, and an unwavering commitment to its community, VOID Club truly embodies the spirit of Berlin's underground. For those on a sonic exploration in the German capital, a night at VOID is an absolute must.

M-bia Logo



Berlin, a city synonymous with its vibrant nightlife and underground techno scene, houses some of the world's most iconic clubs. Among these renowned establishments, M-bia stands out as a hidden gem, embodying the raw spirit and authenticity of Berlin's club culture.

Unassuming Exteriors, Electrifying Interiors

Situated in the heart of the city's Dircksenstrasse area, M-bia's entrance might easily be overlooked by the uninitiated. However, its nondescript facade belies the electric atmosphere that lies within. It's this very contrast between its unassuming exteriors and electrifying interiors that adds to M-bia's charm.

An Ode to Berlin's Underground

M-bia is not for the faint-hearted. The club is a homage to Berlin's underground techno and trance scene. Dark, moody, and intense, the atmosphere inside is a far cry from the more commercial and upscale venues. The dimly lit spaces, minimalist decor, and laser lights create a hypnotic environment, where the music truly takes center stage.

Sound Systems that Resonate

The heart of any club is its sound system, and M-bia boasts one of the best in Berlin. Crystal clear acoustics ensure that every beat, every drop, and every transition is felt deep within, creating an immersive experience for club-goers. The DJs, many of whom are stalwarts in the underground scene, play sets that resonate with the soul, making M-bia a favorite among techno and trance aficionados.

Two Rooms, Two Vibes

The club features two main rooms, each offering a distinct vibe. While one room is dedicated to hard-hitting techno, the other often plays host to psytrance beats. This dual environment ensures that patrons have the choice to switch between genres, depending on their mood.

A Loyal Community

What sets M-bia apart from many other clubs in Berlin is its loyal community. The crowd here is not just looking for a night out; they are passionate about the music and the culture. This shared passion creates a sense of camaraderie and belonging, making every night at M-bia feel like a gathering of like-minded souls.

Berlin's Underground Gem

In a city that never sleeps, where every corner holds the promise of an unforgettable night, M-bia has carved a niche for itself. It's not just a club; it's an experience, a journey into the very heart of Berlin's underground music culture. Whether you're a techno purist, a trance lover, or someone seeking an authentic Berlin clubbing experience, M-bia promises a night of unadulterated music, energy, and connection.

Der Weiße Hase Logo

Der Weiße Hase

Local, Alternative

Berlin, globally recognized as the heart of electronic music and clubbing, is no stranger to clubs that pulsate with energy, passion, and an undying love for music. Among its many iconic venues, Der Weiße Hase stands out not just for its intriguing name - which translates to "The White Rabbit" - but for its authentic dedication to the essence of Berlin's underground culture.

A Gateway to Another World

Much like the white rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland" beckons one towards an otherworldly experience, Der Weiße Hase invites club-goers to step into a realm where music, atmosphere, and camaraderie combine to create magic. Located in the pulsating heart of Friedrichshain, the club's exterior, marked by graffiti and street art, is a testament to Berlin's rebellious spirit.

The Beat of Berlin's Heart

Upon entering, visitors are immediately engulfed by the throbbing beats of techno, the genre that Berlin has become synonymous with. The club’s sound system, perfectly tuned, makes the music not just something you hear but something you feel, resonating in your very bones.

Raw and Unfiltered Ambiance

True to Berlin's underground ethos, the interiors of Der Weiße Hase are stripped back, raw, and industrial. Dimly lit with an occasional flash from strobe lights and a smoky atmosphere, the club offers an environment where the aesthetics are minimalistic, ensuring the focus remains solely on the music. It's a setting where the present moment reigns supreme, and everything else fades into oblivion.

Passionate Crowds and Stellar Line-ups

One of the standout features of Der Weiße Hase is its dedicated community of regulars, who come in search of good music and genuine connections. The club frequently hosts both established and emerging DJs, ensuring a fresh rotation of sounds and styles. The passionate crowd and the impeccable line-ups make for an electrifying combination, creating nights that are memorable and intense.

An Intimate Experience

Unlike some of the massive superclubs, Der Weiße Hase offers a more intimate clubbing experience. While the dance floor can get packed, there's always a sense of closeness and unity, a collective surrender to the beats and rhythms.

A Dive into Berlin's Deep Underground

In a city brimming with nightlife options, Der Weiße Hase has managed to etch its unique identity, drawing both locals and international visitors into its depths. For those seeking an authentic, unpretentious, and deeply immersive clubbing experience in Berlin, following the "White Rabbit" is a journey worth taking. This venue is a testament to the spirit of Berlin - unabashed, unfiltered, and undeniably magnetic.

Loophole Berlin Logo

Loophole Berlin

Casual, Underground +1

In the heart of Berlin, a city renowned for its relentless innovation in the world of music and nightlife, Loophole Berlin stands as an emblem of the underground scene's raw spirit. Located in Neukölln, one of the city's most dynamic districts, Loophole isn't just a club; it's a statement, a lifestyle, and an immersive experience.

From Movie Theatre to Musical Epicentre

The narrative of Loophole starts with its intriguing history. Previously an old movie theatre, the space transformed over time, keeping traces of its cinematic past while morphing into a hub for experimental music and art. The venue's history is tangible, with a touch of aged glamour interwoven with gritty authenticity, giving it an edge that is both captivating and slightly enigmatic.

Eclectic and Experimental

Unlike mainstream clubs, Loophole champions the experimental. It's a sanctuary for avant-garde music genres, from noise and ambient to experimental electronica and live improvisations. The club wears its underground badge with pride, providing a platform for emerging artists and musicians to showcase their talent. It's not just about dance music here; it's about pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

Intimate and Unpretentious

While Berlin boasts mega-clubs with vast dance floors and intricate light shows, Loophole offers an intimate experience. Its smaller size creates a cozy, communal feel, where one can genuinely connect with the music and the people. This lack of pretense is refreshing, allowing for genuine interactions and the freedom to express oneself without judgment.

A Canvas for Artists

Beyond music, Loophole serves as a canvas for various art forms. It frequently hosts alternative film screenings, poetry readings, and avant-garde art exhibitions. This multi-disciplinary approach makes each night at Loophole a unique experience, offering patrons a cornucopia of cultural engagements.

Affordable and Inclusive

In a city where clubbing can become an expensive affair, Loophole remains affordable, ensuring it's accessible to everyone, from students to seasoned clubbers. The club exudes an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming all, irrespective of background or identity.

An Unconventional Dive into the Underground Scene

Loophole Berlin is not for the faint-hearted or those seeking a typical clubbing experience. It's for those who crave something different, who are eager to explore the fringes of music and art, and who appreciate authenticity over polish. In a city that never sleeps, Loophole is the dreamy realm where boundaries are blurred, and creativity knows no bounds.

SAGE Club Logo


Local, Pool +1

In a city where the night pulses with energy and the dancefloors echo with the history of decades, SAGE Club in Berlin has carved out its niche as one of the most eclectic and engaging venues. Nestled in Berlin's vibrant Kreuzberg district, SAGE Club is an emblem of the city's rich tapestry of nightlife, offering a mix of music, atmosphere, and culture that's distinctly Berliner.

History and Heritage

Established in the 1990s, SAGE Club has seen Berlin transform and evolve, bearing witness to the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the techno revolution, and the city's resurgence as a global cultural hub. Its longevity speaks to its ability to adapt, innovate, and remain relevant in a city that's constantly in flux.

A Venue of Many Faces

SAGE Club isn't just a club; it's an experience. Spread over several floors and rooms, each space offers a unique vibe and ambiance. From rock and indie in one room to house and techno in another, the club embraces a wide range of musical genres. The diversity of its spaces means that every visit can offer a new adventure.

Beach Parties in the Heart of the City

One of SAGE Club's standout features is its sandy beach along the Spree river. During the summer months, this becomes the focal point of the club's activities, with beach parties, live music, and even barbecues. Sunbathers by day become dancers by night, with the waterside setting offering a unique clubbing experience that's hard to find anywhere else in Berlin.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

Reflecting Berlin's cosmopolitan nature, SAGE Club draws in a diverse crowd. Locals mix with tourists, and seasoned clubbers dance alongside first-timers. This melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences adds a unique flavor to the club, making it a microcosm of Berlin's inclusive spirit.

Themed Nights and Events

SAGE Club is renowned for its themed nights and special events. From rock and roll evenings to techno marathons, the club's calendar is packed with events that cater to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences. These events often feature both local and international DJs and artists, further enhancing the club's reputation as a hotspot for quality music.

Berlin's Eclectic Nightlife Gem

SAGE Club is more than just a venue; it's a testament to Berlin's enduring love affair with music and nightlife. Its rich history, diverse spaces, and commitment to quality have made it a beloved institution in Berlin's clubbing landscape. For those seeking an authentic Berlin nightlife experience that transcends the ordinary, SAGE Club awaits with its doors wide open, beckoning all to dive into its depths and embrace the rhythm of the night.

Humboldthain Club Logo

Humboldthain Club

Live music, Local +1

Berlin, with its unyielding spirit of rebellion and reinvention, is globally renowned for its eclectic club scene. From colossal venues to underground lairs, the city pulsates with techno rhythms day and night. Amidst this high-octane environment, Humboldthain Club emerges as a delightful surprise, offering a blend of raw clubbing energy with the tranquility of a green haven.

Historical Roots in a Modern Setting

Named after the adjacent Humboldthain Park, which is a testament to Berlin’s rich history and penchant for preserving green spaces, Humboldthain Club is more than just another techno club. Its location near the park, complete with its bunkers and a picturesque view of the city, makes it an appealing destination for those looking to mix nature with nightlife.

Diverse Musical Landscape

While techno remains Berlin's heartbeat, Humboldthain Club does not limit itself to just one genre. On any given night, one might stumble upon a set of soulful house, disco, or even live performances that deviate from electronic music. The club's roster often includes both local and international DJs, providing a sonic journey that spans across continents.

Intimate Ambience

Humboldthain Club's interior, with its raw, stripped-down aesthetic, offers an atmosphere of intimacy. The modestly-sized dance floor, surrounded by dim lighting and minimalist decor, ensures an experience where music remains the focal point. Here, it’s about losing oneself in the beats rather than the grandeur of the surroundings.

Rooftop Revelations

One of the distinguishing features of Humboldthain Club is its rooftop, especially popular during summer months. Clubbers can ascend to catch a breath of fresh air, engage in deeper conversations, or simply soak in the panoramic views of Berlin. It’s a literal and metaphorical high that adds to the club's unique charm.

Community-driven Ethos

Beyond the beats and the views, Humboldthain Club stands out for its commitment to the community. The venue often collaborates with local artists, hosts workshops, and is involved in various community-centric initiatives. This sense of togetherness reinforces its image as a space that goes beyond mere clubbing.

A Green Oasis in Berlin’s Techno Landscape

Humboldthain Club is a reflection of Berlin’s duality - the city's unwavering love for techno, coupled with its appreciation for history, nature, and community. In a metropolis teeming with clubs, Humboldthain stands out, not just for its music but for its soul. It’s a reminder that even in the frenetic world of Berlin’s nightlife, there’s room for reflection, connection, and a touch of green.

ASeven Club Logo

ASeven Club


In the maze of Berlin's legendary nightlife, each club has its distinctive vibe, atmosphere, and allure. Among these coveted venues stands ASeven Club, a hidden gem that resonates with the beats of modern house and the spirit of authentic club culture. Situated in the heart of Berlin's bustling city center, ASeven Club is the embodiment of the metropolis's evolving dance scene.

A Dive into History

Though not as old as some of Berlin's most iconic clubs, ASeven Club has managed to etch its presence in the city's party map in a relatively short period. What the venue may lack in historical tenure, it more than makes up for with its modern appeal and fresh approach to clubbing.

Cutting-Edge Design Meets Comfort

ASeven Club stands apart with its sleek and minimalist interior design. The venue is adorned with state-of-the-art lighting that complements its futuristic ambiance. Contrasting the often gritty and underground feel of many Berlin clubs, ASeven provides a polished space where elegance meets exhilaration.

Soundtrack of the Future

While techno is the reigning monarch of Berlin's club scene, ASeven Club broadens the musical horizon with a keen emphasis on modern house, EDM, and other electronic sub-genres. The club frequently hosts renowned local and international DJs, ensuring a quality musical experience for its patrons.

An Inclusive Party Atmosphere

Berlin is celebrated for its inclusive club culture, and ASeven Club is no exception. The club is a melting pot of cultures, attracting both Berliners and global tourists. The atmosphere inside is electric, with club-goers united by their shared love for dance and music.

VIP Experience

For those looking for a more exclusive experience, ASeven Club offers premium VIP services. With dedicated tables, bottle service, and a more intimate setting, guests can enjoy the club's atmosphere with an added touch of luxury.

Strategic Location

Its central location makes ASeven Club easily accessible. Nestled amidst popular bars, eateries, and cultural hotspots, the club often becomes the chosen endpoint for many night owls, making it a popular choice, especially during weekends.

Berlin's Hidden Dance Haven

ASeven Club, with its futuristic design, diverse musical offerings, and central location, is a beacon of contemporary club culture in Berlin. While the city has no shortage of legendary clubs, ASeven Club offers a refreshing alternative for those looking for a more refined and modern clubbing experience. For those eager to dance the night away in style, ASeven Club is the place to be.

Beate Uwe Logo

Beate Uwe

Underground, Local

Berlin, renowned for its colossal techno temples and insatiable appetite for electronic music, is also home to hidden gems that offer a more intimate clubbing experience. Tucked away from the glitzy spotlights and long queues is Beate Uwe, a name that has become synonymous with authenticity in Berlin's underground club scene.

Location & Setting

Nestled in the heart of the city, near Alexanderplatz, Beate Uwe doesn't boast the foreboding facade of some of its peers. Instead, visitors are greeted by an unassuming entrance that gives little hint to the sonic journey within.

Intimacy at its Finest

If techno cathedrals like Berghain represent one end of Berlin’s clubbing spectrum, Beate Uwe sits comfortably at the other. The venue is intimate, with a limited capacity that ensures a cozy, home-like feel. This intimacy is reinforced by its decor, which includes comfortable couches and warm lighting, making it feel more like someone's living room than a traditional club.

Music Above All

While it might be small in size, Beate Uwe packs a punch in its musical offerings. Prioritizing quality over grandeur, the club features an eclectic mix of local and international DJs. Though the sound leans towards techno and house, the club's line-ups often showcase a diverse array of electronic sub-genres, from deep house to minimal.

Community and Inclusion

One of Beate Uwe's standout qualities is its emphasis on creating a safe and inclusive space. The club’s regulars often describe it as a family, where everyone, regardless of their background or identity, is welcomed with open arms. This spirit of inclusivity extends to the club’s events, which often focus on promoting female and LGBTQ+ artists.

Bridging the Gap

While Berlin's club scene can sometimes feel polarized between the underground and the commercial, Beate Uwe beautifully bridges the gap. It offers the authenticity and musical depth of an underground venue while maintaining an approachability that appeals to both seasoned club-goers and newcomers.

Berlin's Cozy Corner of Underground Beats

In a city bursting with musical venues and an ever-evolving club culture, Beate Uwe stands as a testament to the idea that bigger isn't always better. It represents the heart and soul of Berlin's electronic scene, offering an intimate space where music, community, and inclusivity converge. For those seeking a genuine Berlin club experience without the intimidation of colossal venues, Beate Uwe is a must-visit.

BUSCHE Club Logo



Berlin is a city known for its vibrant nightlife, rich history, and commitment to inclusion and diversity. Among the clubs that have stood out in the LGBTQ+ scene is BUSCHE Club, a nightlife institution that's become synonymous with acceptance, unity, and unbridled fun.

Historical Beginnings

Founded decades ago, BUSCHE Club is one of Berlin's longest-standing LGBTQ+ venues. From its inception, it served as a haven for the queer community, providing a space where individuals could express themselves freely, without judgment or prejudice.

An Atmosphere Like No Other

The decor of BUSCHE Club is a beautiful blend of retro and modern. Neon lights mix with rustic finishes, giving the club a distinct, eclectic ambiance. Everywhere you look, there are subtle nods to Berlin's rich queer history, from vintage posters to contemporary art installations celebrating LGBTQ+ icons.

Musical Diversity

Music at BUSCHE Club traverses multiple eras and genres. From classic 80s and 90s hits to the latest chart-toppers, the playlists here are crafted to appeal to a diverse audience. Over the years, the club has hosted a plethora of DJs, each bringing their unique flair to the dance floor.

Regular Theme Nights

One of the standout features of BUSCHE Club is its themed nights. These range from Drag Showdowns to Retro Nights, each event drawing a crowd eager to partake in the revelry. These themes not only add a touch of novelty to each visit but also offer attendees a chance to dress up, participate, and immerse themselves in a unique nightlife experience.

An Inclusive Community

Though primarily an LGBTQ+ club, BUSCHE Club opens its doors to everyone. Its spirit of inclusivity ensures that anyone, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity, feels welcomed. This sense of unity has led to the club being frequented by both locals and international tourists.

Location and Accessibility

Situated in the heart of Berlin, BUSCHE Club's central location makes it easily accessible. Whether you're hopping from one club to another or making it your sole destination for the night, its prime location ensures that it's always in the mix of Berlin's buzzing nightlife.

Berlin's Legendary LGBTQ+ Haven

BUSCHE Club is more than just a nightlife venue; it's a symbol of Berlin's rich LGBTQ+ history and its commitment to inclusion. Its longevity speaks volumes about its importance in the community and its ability to adapt and stay relevant through changing times. For those in search of a venue that's alive with history, pulsating with energy, and drenched in inclusivity, BUSCHE Club is a must-visit in Berlin.

KitKat Logo


Pool, Alternative +1

When one mentions Berlin's nightlife, it's impossible not to talk about KitKat. A venue that has become emblematic of the city's liberal spirit and unrestrained ethos, KitKat is not just a club but a cultural institution.

History and Evolution

Founded in the early '90s by Austrian pornographic filmmaker Simon Thaur and his partner Kirsten Kruger, KitKat was initially launched as a haven for sexual freedom and expression. Named after the 1930s Babelsberg Studio film, "Kitty and her Beloved," the club has always retained a touch of cinema, with an aura of hedonistic drama.

Venue and Aesthetics

Located near Heinrich-Heine-Straße, KitKat boasts an architectural alchemy of old and new. Part of the space is built amidst the ruins of an old theatre, adding to its unique ambience. Dim lights, cavernous halls, an indoor pool, and an outdoor garden create an environment that feels both ancient and futuristic.

A Feast for the Senses

But it's not just the physical aesthetics that make KitKat unique; it's the people and their attire, or often the lack thereof. The club is famously known for its dress code: anything goes, but the more avant-garde and revealing, the better. Leather, latex, and other fetish-wear are regular sights.

Musical Diversity

While many associate KitKat with techno, given Berlin's status as the techno capital, the club offers a broad musical spectrum. From trance to tech-house, gothic to electro, the sounds cater to a wide audience. Yet, it's the monthly "Gegen" party that draws the most diverse crowd, merging techno with queer culture in a vivid celebration.

Tolerance and Open-mindedness

The essence of KitKat lies not in its music or dress code but in its principles of tolerance and open-mindedness. It stands as a monument to Berlin's ethos of "live and let live." Despite its reputation as a libertine playground, consent and respect remain paramount. Everyone is welcome, as long as they come with an open mind.

Berlin's Den of Decadence and Dance

KitKat is more than just a night out; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of Berlin's spirit. It's a space that defies convention, challenges societal norms, and offers a sanctuary for those looking to explore the boundaries of their desires and identities. For those brave enough to step into its realm, KitKat promises a night like no other.

Sisyphos Logo


Local, Alternative +1

Stepping into Sisyphos is like entering another dimension—a whimsical, pulsating universe where time seems to stretch indefinitely. Nestled in the heart of Berlin, a city renowned for its electrifying nightlife, Sisyphos stands out as a temple of hedonism, a bohemian rhapsody that encapsulates the city's raw, unadulterated love for music, dance, and boundless expression.

The Myth Behind the Name

Drawing its name from the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to push a boulder up a hill for all eternity, the club might seem to offer a paradox. But the symbolism is clear: the perpetual loop of music, energy, and spirit, echoing the ceaseless endeavor of Sisyphus himself. It’s a never-ending party, an eternal dance.

From Biscuit Factory to Dance Mecca

What was once a biscuit factory has now been transformed into a sprawling multi-room club. The industrial framework lends Sisyphos a unique character—rustic, raw, yet vibrantly alive. The outdoor area, peppered with old vehicles, sand, hammocks, and a pond, is an oasis for those seeking a breath of fresh air amid the intensity of the beats inside.

A Musical Odyssey

The club’s sound system is a beast, and it bellows out everything from deep techno to house, ambient, and beyond. While the 'Hammahalle'—with its high ceilings and industrial aura—is often the epicenter of pounding techno, other rooms and areas offer varied musical landscapes, ensuring there's something for every audiophile.

A Rotation of World-class DJs

Sisyphos doesn't just play music; it celebrates it. The club often features an eclectic mix of both renowned and up-and-coming DJs, allowing for a wide spectrum of musical experiences. It’s not rare to stumble upon an impromptu set by a world-class artist, further amplifying the club's unpredictable charm.

A Festival Feel

Unlike many of Berlin's clubbing institutions, Sisyphos has a distinct festival vibe. Its expansive outdoor area becomes especially vibrant during the summer months, with revelers dancing under the sun, lounging by the pond, or simply absorbing the carnival-esque atmosphere.

Long, Mesmerizing Weekends

One of the unique features of Sisyphos is the duration of its parties. Opening its doors on Friday, the club often keeps the party alive well into Monday, making it a weekend-long retreat for those seeking an extended escape.

Berlin's Enigmatic Nightlife Wonderland

Sisyphos is not just a club; it's an experience—a microcosm of Berlin's spirit. It's a place where freedom reigns supreme, where the beats dictate the rhythm of your heart, and where every individual, no matter their background, can lose themselves in the sheer joy of existence. If Berlin is the world's clubbing capital, then Sisyphos is undoubtedly one of its shining jewels.

Club OST Logo

Club OST

Alternative, Underground

Berlin, known for its electrifying nightlife and status as the techno capital of the world, houses a myriad of clubs that each encapsulate a unique vibe and culture. Amongst its famed techno temples, Club OST emerges as a sanctuary for purists and aficionados alike, reverberating with beats that echo the city's raw, unapologetic spirit.

Industrial Charm with a Modern Beat

Located in the Friedrichshain district, Club OST is housed in a renovated factory, bearing witness to Berlin's industrial past. Its architecture, characterized by high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and cavernous spaces, serves as a stark backdrop, setting the mood for the untamed nights that unfold within.

Sonic Depth and Diversity

While techno remains the heart and soul of Club OST, the club isn't bound by genre limitations. From heart-thumping techno to groovy house, and from experimental electronic to breaks, the music policy is diverse, aiming to cater to a broad spectrum of electronic music enthusiasts. The sound system is state-of-the-art, ensuring that every beat, every drop, and every loop is felt viscerally.

A Dance Floor That Tells Stories

The dance floor at Club OST is more than just a space; it's an entity. Bathed in dim lights and occasionally punctuated by laser shows, it's where connections are made, where freedom is expressed, and where the morning light often finds dancers in a state of trance-like euphoria.

A Respite Upstairs

For those looking for a breather from the intense dance floor, Club OST offers an upstairs area, more relaxed but equally atmospheric. With comfortable seating, softer lighting, and a bar that serves an array of drinks, it's the perfect spot to regroup, converse, and dive into deeper, more intimate interactions.

Inclusion and Respect: The Club OST Ethos

True to Berlin's clubbing ethos, Club OST places a significant emphasis on respect, safety, and inclusivity. The club's door policy, while selective, is rooted in ensuring that the space remains a haven for those who genuinely love and respect the music and the community. Inside, mutual respect is paramount, and the freedom to be oneself, both in expression and identity, is celebrated.

Berlin's Underground Pulse

In a city that never truly sleeps, where the rhythm of techno beats is the heartbeat of its night-dwelling inhabitants, Club OST stands as a testament to Berlin's undying love for music, dance, and community. It's not just a club; it's an experience, a journey into the very soul of Berlin's electronic music scene. For those seeking authenticity, intensity, and a dance floor that promises unforgettable nights, Club OST beckons.

æden Logo


Open air
Live music

In the heart of Berlin, a city synonymous with groundbreaking music and vibrant nightlife, æden Club emerges as a beacon of modern clubbing experience. Standing tall amidst Berlin's historic landscapes and cutting-edge structures, this club encapsulates the very essence of Berlin's pulsating energy.

A Sonic Sanctuary in Berlin's Bustling Heart

æden Club isn’t merely a venue; it’s an experience. Nestled in a location where past meets present, the club resonates with beats that echo Berlin’s rich musical history while embracing contemporary sounds. Here, techno merges with trance, house dances with hip-hop, and every evening is a new musical journey.

Architectural Allure

The design of æden draws inspiration from both Berlin's industrial past and its modern architectural triumphs. Raw concrete walls, reminiscent of underground bunkers, seamlessly integrate with avant-garde light installations. The result is a visual spectacle, an ambience that is both raw and refined.

The Panoramic Dance Floor

One of the club's defining features is its panoramic dance floor, offering clubbers a 360-degree sensory experience. State-of-the-art sound systems ensure crystal clear acoustics from every corner, while the synchronized light show transforms the space into an ever-evolving tapestry of colors and patterns.

Inclusive and Diverse

True to Berlin’s spirit, æden Club is a welcoming space for all. It proudly champions diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that every guest feels at home. Throughout the year, special events celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and the club is a fervent supporter of gender equality and representation in the music industry.

Culinary Comforts

While the music is the soul of æden, the club hasn’t forgotten the comforts of the body. A curated menu of gourmet snacks and a bar stocked with local and international beverages ensure that clubbers can refuel and refresh as they dance the night away.

Eco-Conscious Clubbing

In an era of environmental consciousness, æden sets the standard for sustainable clubbing. From eco-friendly lighting solutions to a strict policy on waste reduction, the club is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint. Even the merchandise, with its biodegradable materials and sustainable sourcing, reflects this ethos.

A Fusion of Sound and Sensation

æden Club isn’t just a testament to Berlin’s rich clubbing legacy; it’s a vision of its future. It exemplifies the city's unparalleled ability to honor its past while constantly reinventing itself. For those seeking an authentic Berlin clubbing experience that's contemporary yet rooted in history, æden is the ultimate destination.z

M01 Logo


Local, Casual

Berlin, renowned for its iconic nightlife and avant-garde spirit, has always been a haven for lovers of the electronic music scene. Among the many clubs that dot this vibrant city, M01 stands out as a testament to Berlin's enduring commitment to underground culture, offering patrons an experience that's as raw as it is revolutionary.

A Discreet Dive into the Subterranean

Hidden away in a nondescript building, M01's entrance gives little away. Its facade, understated and shrouded in a hint of mystery, is a nod to Berlin's underground culture. As you descend into the club, it feels as if you're entering the very heart of the city's subcultural pulse.

Sonic Immersion: Beyond the Mainstream

The strength of M01 lies in its undiluted dedication to music. Straying away from commercial beats, the club is a sanctuary for techno, experimental, and minimal house. With both local and international DJs at the helm, M01 guarantees a musical journey that pushes boundaries and challenges norms. The acoustics, finely tuned to perfection, ensure that each beat, drop, and loop is felt viscerally.

Industrial Aesthetics Meet Dark Intimacy

Reflecting Berlin's gritty charm, M01's interiors are a deliberate blend of raw industrial design and moody lighting. Exposed brick walls, metal frameworks, and sparse furnishings create an environment where the music and the crowd remain the focal points. Minimalistic lighting, primarily reds and blues, casts shadows that further accentuate the club's intimate feel.

The Unconventional Bar Experience

In sync with its unique ambiance, M01's bar offers a range of drinks that go beyond the conventional. While classics are available, it's the array of local brews and experimental concoctions that steal the show, each crafted to elevate the clubbing experience.

The Crowd: Authentic and Unfiltered

M01 attracts a diverse clientele, from dedicated techno enthusiasts to curious travelers. It's this mix of patrons, bound by a shared love for music and the underground scene, that gives the club its dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. Judgement is left at the door; inside, it's all about genuine connections and shared rhythmic journeys.

A Calendar of Evolving Nights

M01 is never stagnant. Its event lineup constantly evolves, featuring niche label nights, emerging DJ showcases, and experimental music sessions. This dynamism ensures that the club remains at the forefront of Berlin's electronic scene, always fresh and always avant-garde.

The Underground Pulse of Germany's Capital

M01 isn't just another club in Berlin; it's an emblem of the city's undying love for underground culture. Raw, authentic, and unapologetically Berliner, the club offers a nightlife experience that's both transformative and immersive. For those looking to delve deep into the heart of Berlin's electronic scene, M01 beckons with the promise of a night unlike any other.

Marie Antoinette Logo

Marie Antoinette

Casual, Local +1

In a city renowned for its avant-garde clubs, subversive parties, and a nightlife that never truly sleeps, Marie Antoinette stands out as a bastion of eclectic underground culture. Situated beneath the arches of the Jannowitzbrücke train station, this club offers an experience that pays homage to Berlin's unrivaled party heritage.

Historical Allure Meets Grungy Vibe

Marie Antoinette isn't just another venue in Berlin—it's an ode to a time of decadence, rebellion, and artistic freedom. The club, with its name evoking the imagery of the French Revolution, sets a tone of elegance juxtaposed with rawness. The gritty interiors, vaulted ceilings, and dim, atmospheric lighting make it feel like an old-world ballroom that's seen its fair share of raucous parties.

A Sonic Journey

What truly sets Marie Antoinette apart is its music. The club is known for hosting a medley of musical acts that span across genres. From punk and rock bands to techno DJs and even experimental sound artists, there's always something intriguing gracing its stage. This diverse lineup ensures that every night is distinct, and you're bound to find an event that resonates with your musical soul.

A Haven for Alternative Culture

While many clubs in Berlin cater to the techno crowd, Marie Antoinette is a celebration of alternative subcultures. It's not just a club but a hub for various events, be it indie film screenings, poetry slams, or avant-garde art exhibitions. It's this multi-faceted approach that draws in a diverse crowd, from punk rockers and goths to bohemians and artists.

Drinks & Revelry

True to its eclectic nature, the drink menu at Marie Antoinette is as diverse as its events. While you can easily find classic German beers and well-known cocktails, the club also offers a range of unique concoctions inspired by its namesake and the era she lived in.

Intimate Yet Expansive

Despite its underground location and intimate ambiance, Marie Antoinette boasts of a spacious dance floor and multiple areas to lounge and socialize. The venue's layout ensures that whether you're there to dance the night away or engage in deep conversations with fellow patrons, there's a perfect spot for you.

An Underground Jewel in Berlin's Nightlife

Berlin is a city where history intertwines with modernity, and Marie Antoinette captures this essence flawlessly. It's not just a place to party—it's a venue that tells a story, celebrates alternative cultures, and ensures that every visitor leaves with memories of a night that's quintessentially Berlin. If you're in the German capital and seeking an experience that's both historical and hip, Marie Antoinette awaits.

Süss War Gestern Logo

Süss War Gestern

Casual, Local +2

In the heart of Berlin's vibrant Friedrichshain district, Süss War Gestern stands as a testament to Berlin's rich tapestry of nightlife, where the past and present coalesce in an eclectic mix of beats, art, and soulful connections. This club is more than just a nightspot; it is an emblematic space that captures the zeitgeist of Berlin's ever-evolving subcultures. Here's a closer look at this iconic venue and its contribution to Berlin's famed nightlife.

A Venue That Breathes History

The name Süss War Gestern, which roughly translates to "sweet was yesterday," perfectly encapsulates the club's ethos. While embracing contemporary trends, it pays respect to the legacies of the past. The venue's interiors, replete with retro furnishings and avant-garde art, feel like a curated time capsule that transports visitors through different eras of Berlin's storied history.

Musical Diversity at its Best

One of the standout features of Süss War Gestern is its commitment to musical eclecticism. The club is a haven for both local and international DJs who spin an array of genres, from techno and house to hip-hop and funk. This diversity ensures that the venue attracts a broad spectrum of patrons, each bringing their unique energy to the dance floor.

An Artistic Sanctuary

Beyond its musical offerings, Süss War Gestern is renowned for its engagement with the arts. The club often transforms into an art gallery, showcasing works from emerging local artists. These exhibitions provide a platform for artists to interact with an engaged audience, making art an integral part of the club's experience.

A Community Hub

Süss War Gestern isn't just about dancing the night away. It's a space where individuals come together, forging connections and sharing experiences. The club's relaxed atmosphere, coupled with its spacious lounge areas, encourages conversations and interactions, making it a preferred spot for Berliners seeking meaningful engagements.

Sustainability in Focus

In line with Berlin's progressive ethos, Süss War Gestern is committed to sustainability. The club undertakes several green initiatives, from waste reduction to energy conservation, ensuring that revelers can enjoy their night out without compromising on environmental values.

A Timeless Ode to Berlin’s Nightlife

In a city that never sleeps, where underground clubs and upscale lounges dot every corner, Süss War Gestern manages to carve a unique niche for itself. It embodies the spirit of Berlin - a city that reveres its past, celebrates its present, and looks forward to the future with unbridled enthusiasm. Whether you're a seasoned clubber or a curious traveler, a night at Süss War Gestern promises an authentic Berlin experience - one filled with rhythm, art, and memories that linger on.

Minimal Bar Logo

Minimal Bar

Casual, Local

In Berlin, a city that is a perpetual canvas of history, art, and counterculture, it’s no surprise that the nightlife is among the most dynamic in the world. Nestled in the eclectic neighborhood of Friedrichshain, Minimal Bar embodies the spirit of Berlin's underground scene. From its understated facade to its pulsating dance floor, this club serves as a pilgrimage site for those seeking an authentic Berliner experience.

Location: A Nerve Center of Subculture

Situated in the heart of Friedrichshain, Minimal Bar benefits from a location deeply rooted in Berlin’s alternative culture. Within walking distance of indie boutiques, vintage stores, and subversive art galleries, this venue perfectly complements its countercultural surroundings.

Industrial Aesthetics Meets Berliner Cool

As you step into Minimal Bar, you're immediately struck by its atmosphere of industrial simplicity. Raw concrete walls, exposed ductwork, and sparse lighting serve as a visual backdrop to a space that prides itself on being a haven for the alternative and the avant-garde. Unpretentious and uncompromising, the design of the club is a nod to Berlin’s rich history and resilient spirit.

Electro, House, and So Much More

Minimal Bar wouldn't be true to its name without a soundtrack dominated by minimal electro and house beats. Yet, the musical offerings here are as diverse as Berlin itself. On any given night, you may encounter DJs spinning genres ranging from techno to experimental, and perhaps even a live performance of Berlin’s iconic electronic music. The club's stellar sound system ensures that each beat reverberates through your very core, inviting you to lose yourself in the rhythm.

Drinks That Defy Convention

The drink menu at Minimal Bar is a curated collection of cocktails that veer away from the ordinary. With an emphasis on local ingredients and spirits, each drink serves as a gateway to Berlin's culinary landscape. Unusual herbal liqueurs and locally sourced organic juices are mixed masterfully by bartenders who are as passionate about their craft as the DJs are about their playlists.

A Melting Pot of Minds

Minimal Bar attracts a unique mix of patrons, from local artists and students to seasoned travelers and creative minds of all sorts. Conversations here can range from the state of modern art to the impact of techno culture on Berlin's identity. It's a place that encourages free thought and open dialogue, qualities that are quintessentially Berliner.

Innovative Events and Pop-Up Nights

In line with its ethos of diversity and experimentation, Minimal Bar often hosts a range of special events, from themed party nights to guest DJ sets and even art installations. These events provide an added layer of depth to an already rich tapestry of experiences, guaranteeing that no two visits to the venue are ever the same.

A Journey into Subculture and Electro Beats

Minimal Bar is more than just a venue; it's a conceptual space that encapsulates the zeitgeist of Berlin. With its unapologetically raw aesthetics, eclectic musical range, inventive drinks, and diverse clientele, it offers a multi-dimensional experience that lingers long after the night is over. For anyone keen on understanding the essence of Berlin’s subculture, a night at Minimal Bar is both an adventure and an education.

Club der Visionaere Logo

Club der Visionaere

Casual, Local +1

In Berlin—a city that's practically synonymous with cutting-edge culture and boundary-pushing art—Club der Visionaere stands out as a sublime and unique sanctuary for electronic music enthusiasts. Nestled on the banks of the Spree River in Kreuzberg, this waterfront club is more than just a nightlife venue; it's a multi-faceted space that embodies the creative spirit of Berlin.

A Scenic Spot in the Heart of Berlin

Club der Visionaere is situated along the Spree River, offering a scenic respite from the city's bustling streets. Encircled by willow trees and quaint pathways, its location makes it an ideal spot for both daytime leisure and nocturnal revelry. The proximity to the river not only provides fantastic views but also infuses the venue with a sense of tranquility, quite distinct from the typical clubbing experience.

Architectural Elegance Meets Organic Beauty

One of the most striking aspects of Club der Visionaere is its architecture. Using repurposed shipping containers, the club combines industrial elements with a layout designed to maximize its connection to nature. Wooden decks extend over the water, and large, open windows ensure that the elements are as much a part of the interior as they are of the outdoor terraces.

A Sonic Journey into Electronic Music

Music is, of course, the heart and soul of Club der Visionaere. Known for its unyielding commitment to quality electronic music, particularly minimal techno and house, the club has garnered a reputation as a haven for audiophiles. With a sound system calibrated to perfection, it hosts an impressive roster of internationally renowned DJs as well as emerging local talents, offering a musical experience that's both sophisticated and avant-garde.

Cocktails with a Twist

What better way to enjoy a Berlin sunset than with a cocktail in hand? Club der Visionaere offers a curated selection of drinks, ranging from classic cocktails to unique concoctions created by expert mixologists. Whether you're sipping an Aperol Spritz while watching boats glide by or enjoying a Berliner Weisse beer, the club ensures that your drink complements the overall experience.

A Community of Like-minded Souls

One of the most compelling aspects of Club der Visionaere is its diverse and intellectual clientele. From artists and musicians to tech entrepreneurs and travelers, the club attracts people who are united by a shared love for electronic music and avant-garde culture. This creates a stimulating social atmosphere, full of interesting conversations and potential collaborations.

Year-round Appeal with Seasonal Events

While summer is undeniably the peak season for Club der Visionaere, given its outdoor setting, the venue adapts to Berlin's seasons with a range of specialized events. During winter months, indoor spaces become cozy retreats with candlelight and intimate DJ sets. Throughout the year, the club also hosts special events, ranging from album launches to avant-garde art installations, making each visit a unique experience.

Berlin's Waterfront Sanctuary for Techno Aficionados

Club der Visionaere is not just a club; it's an institution that encapsulates Berlin's progressive spirit and artistic flair. With its scenic location, innovative architecture, high-caliber music lineup, and diverse audience, it offers an experience that transcends conventional clubbing. For those who seek to dive deep into Berlin's electronic music culture while enjoying a serene setting, Club der Visionaere is an essential pilgrimage.

Klunkerkranich Logo


Casual, Local +3

In a city saturated with underground clubs and grunge bars, Klunkerkranich emerges as a veritable breath of fresh air—quite literally. Situated atop a parking garage in the bustling Neukölln district, this rooftop club offers an unparalleled blend of music, culture, and panoramic views, making it one of Berlin’s most distinctive venues.

An Oasis Above the Cityscape

Finding Klunkerkranich is like uncovering a hidden treasure. It resides atop a nondescript shopping center and the ascent through the parking levels adds a layer of anticipation. As you emerge onto the roof, the skyline of Berlin sprawls out before you, complete with iconic landmarks like the Fernsehturm (TV Tower). The space itself feels like an urban garden, teeming with potted plants, wooden structures, and art installations.

Rustic Charm Meets Urban Cool

The design ethos at Klunkerkranich is an eclectic fusion of rustic aesthetics and bohemian creativity. Wooden pallets serve as makeshift benches, and repurposed materials lend a sustainable vibe. String lights illuminate the venue, casting a warm glow that invites intimate conversations and social mingling. It's an ambiance that encourages both relaxation and exploration.

Eclectic Sounds for Diverse Tastes

While many Berlin clubs focus on specific genres like techno or house, Klunkerkranich offers a musical smorgasbord. From live jazz performances to indie DJ sets and Sunday afternoon acoustic sessions, the club caters to a varied audience and musical taste. The open-air setting further amplifies the experience, as the melodies intertwine with the sounds of the city below.

Culinary Delights and Inventive Libations

Klunkerkranich is not just a feast for the eyes and ears; it’s also a treat for the palate. The venue features a modest but delectable food menu, specializing in locally sourced and organic options. The bar, meanwhile, is a cornucopia of inventive cocktails, craft beers, and a thoughtful selection of wines. As you sip on a hand-crafted mojito, the sun setting over Berlin feels like the city's toast to you.

A Melting Pot of Minds and Cultures

One of Klunkerkranich’s defining attributes is its audience—a microcosm of Berlin’s multicultural landscape. Here you'll find local artists sketching the cityscape, tourists snapping sunset selfies, and intellectuals engaged in deep discussion. The venue transcends age and background, creating a truly inclusive social experience.

A Platform for Artistic Expression

Apart from regular musical events, Klunkerkranich frequently serves as a platform for various cultural activities. Whether it's an open-air film screening, a poetry slam, or an art exhibition, the space morphs to accommodate a multitude of creative endeavors. It's a testament to Berlin’s ever-evolving art scene, and Klunkerkranich is proud to be a part of that narrative.

Berlin's Sky-High Haven for Music and Culture

Klunkerkranich is more than a rooftop bar or a music venue; it's an experience that captures the essence of Berlin. It takes the city’s pulsating culture, adds a dash of rustic charm, and lifts it high above the urban hustle. Whether you're there for the music, the views, or the serendipitous encounters, Klunkerkranich offers a slice of Berlin that you won’t find anywhere else—a sky-high haven that feels both down-to-earth and elevated, much like the city it calls home.

Prachtwerk Berlin Logo

Prachtwerk Berlin

Casual, Local +2

In the ever-evolving cultural landscape of Berlin, Prachtwerk stands out as a distinctive locale that masterfully blends daytime café vibes with a captivating nightlife experience. Located in the heart of Neukölln, a district renowned for its alternative scene, Prachtwerk is not just a club, but a space that captures the multifaceted essence of Berlin's social life.

An Unconventional Gem in Neukölln

Situated among graffiti-splashed facades and indie boutiques, Prachtwerk is both a reflection of its edgy neighborhood and a polished jewel in its crown. The venue itself is housed in a spacious, loft-like setting that marries industrial elements with modern aesthetics—a nod to Berlin’s historical roots and contemporary vibrancy.

Hybrid Design for Multi-Functional Living

As you step into Prachtwerk, the venue's unique layout immediately captures your attention. By day, it serves as a cozy café with a curated selection of coffees, teas, and pastries. As the sun sets, it transitions seamlessly into an intimate bar and club, the large wooden tables giving way to a dance floor and a well-stocked bar.

Music and Live Performances: The Heartbeat of Prachtwerk

Prachtwerk's charm lies in its commitment to providing a rich musical experience. With a fully equipped stage that hosts live performances ranging from acoustic sets to electronic acts, the venue offers something for everyone. Whether it's an intimate jazz gig or an underground techno DJ stirring up the dance floor, Prachtwerk keeps the cultural pulse of Berlin beating within its walls.

A Café-Bar Hybrid

One of the venue’s standout features is its café-bar duality. In the daytime, the café entices remote workers, casual readers, and coffee enthusiasts with its specialty brews and ambient atmosphere. When the lights dim, the café area transitions into a bustling bar, offering an impressive array of cocktails, beers, and wines that cater to Berlin's cosmopolitan palate.

Artistic Explorations and Creative Communion

Beyond its musical endeavors, Prachtwerk also plays host to a variety of cultural events. From art exhibitions to poetry readings, and from film screenings to comedy nights, the venue serves as a hub for Berlin's artistic community. This makes it not just a place for entertainment but also a platform for creative expression and intellectual discourse.

A Culturally Diverse Clientele

What makes Prachtwerk particularly engaging is the diversity of its patrons. Here, Berlin's eclectic populace comes to life in a vibrant tapestry of cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Students mingle with seasoned artists, tourists converse with locals, and lifelong Berliners discover something new in their hometown.

Sustainability and Conscious Living

In line with Berlin's increasing focus on sustainability, Prachtwerk makes a conscious effort to incorporate eco-friendly practices. From its ethically sourced coffee beans to its use of recycled materials in the décor, the venue is committed to creating an experience that is as responsible as it is enjoyable.

Where Coffee Culture Meets Nightlife Sophistication

Prachtwerk Berlin is more than a club; it's a living, breathing entity that encapsulates the diversity, creativity, and sophistication of modern Berlin. From its innovative design and multifunctional usage to its exceptional music and cultural events, Prachtwerk offers a holistic experience that resonates deeply with both Berliners and visitors alike. If you're in Berlin and looking for a place that epitomizes the city's evolving spirit, Prachtwerk is an essential stop on your cultural journey.

OHM Logo


Casual, Local +2

Tucked away within the historic shell of a former power plant, OHM Berlin is a potent symbol of the city’s ability to repurpose, rejuvenate, and redefine. Situated near the colossal techno temple Tresor, this more intimate venue has carved out its own distinctive identity in Berlin’s pulsating nightlife scene.

The Transformation of Space

OHM Berlin's location inside a decommissioned power plant immediately sets it apart. The club has brilliantly turned the industrial austerity of its surroundings into an asset. Exposed piping, stark concrete walls, and relics of heavy machinery blend seamlessly with neon accents and modern art installations, creating an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and futuristic.

Minimalism Meets Industrial Chic

Walking into OHM Berlin is like entering an underground art gallery where minimalism reigns supreme. Sparse lighting casts dramatic shadows across industrial features, while carefully curated decorations add touches of elegance. The result is a hypnotic aesthetic that aligns perfectly with the club's sonic leanings.

Soundscapes for the Auditory Adventurer

What OHM Berlin lacks in size, it more than compensates for in musical scope and sound quality. From techno and experimental electronic to industrial and ambient, the club’s programming is a nod to Berlin’s vast musical subcultures. The venue attracts a mix of established artists and up-and-coming talents, ensuring a unique audio-visual experience that caters to both the discerning ear and the curious soul.

An Immersive Dance Floor Experience

The dance floor at OHM Berlin is an entity of its own. Surrounded by a cutting-edge sound system, attendees are engulfed in an auditory experience that resonates deep within. The layout encourages a communal revelry, providing enough room to dance freely yet maintaining a level of intimacy often lost in larger venues.

Cocktails for the Connoisseur

The bar at OHM Berlin is no less inventive than its music and decor. While the menu may not be extensive, what's on offer is a well-curated selection of spirits and imaginative cocktails, each mixed to perfection. It's an inviting spot to take a breather, socialize, and appreciate the diverse crowd that OHM attracts.

A Crossroads of Culture

OHM Berlin's patrons represent a cross-section of Berlin's cultural and artistic scenes. On any given night, you might encounter avant-garde artists, tech innovators, passionate activists, and seasoned clubbers all converging under the same roof. This diverse clientele adds an extra layer of vibrancy to the already effervescent atmosphere.

Community and Conscious Clubbing

Beyond the beats and libations, OHM Berlin has cultivated a sense of community often reserved for larger, more established venues. Its calendar includes not just DJ nights but also multimedia art presentations, community forums, and other social events. The club is committed to creating a space that is inclusive and respectful, aligning with the broader values of conscious clubbing that Berlin is famous for.

An Electrifying Niche in Berlin's Nightlife Circuit

OHM Berlin is not just a nightclub; it's an experience that transcends the conventional norms of clubbing. Whether it's the striking industrial backdrop, the avant-garde music lineup, or the eclectic mix of attendees, OHM Berlin encapsulates what makes the city's nightlife so iconic—endless reinvention, unabashed creativity, and a relentless pursuit of the cutting edge. It's a place that celebrates the now while constantly beckoning to the future—a true gem in Berlin's ever-changing nightlife landscape.

Crack Bellmer Logo

Crack Bellmer

Live music, LGBT+

Amidst Berlin's array of techno cathedrals and alternative spaces, Crack Bellmer serves as a whimsical contrast, offering a charmingly intimate setting that resonates with the city's quirky and diverse character. Situated in the bustling district of Friedrichshain, not far from the iconic East Side Gallery, this club is a pulsating gem where diversity and dance coalesce.

An Unassuming Exterior with Hidden Treasures

Crack Bellmer doesn’t flaunt its presence with flashy signs or extravagant façades. Its modest exterior, punctuated by graffiti art and an unpretentious door, invites you into a world where the heart of Berlin's eclectic nightlife beats with a distinctly bohemian rhythm.

Ambiance: Vintage Meets Kitsch

Step inside, and you're transported into an intimate playground that seems to fuse several decades of music culture and interior design. Vintage decor, red velvet curtains, and disco balls meld seamlessly with modern art pieces and neon lights, creating a vibrant, multi-layered atmosphere. The space embodies a certain raw sophistication, very much akin to Berlin itself.

Eclectic Musical Offerings

At Crack Bellmer, musical diversity is the norm. The club embraces a wide array of genres—from funk, soul, and disco to house, techno, and everything in between. Resident DJs and guest artists take attendees on a musical odyssey that defies the boundaries of conventional clubbing. Whether you're a die-hard electronic fan or a devotee of retro beats, Crack Bellmer has something for you.

A Dance Floor that Beckons

In contrast to Berlin’s colossal clubbing spaces, Crack Bellmer’s dance floor offers a more intimate experience without compromising on energy. Enhanced by exceptional acoustics and a state-of-the-art sound system, every beat feels like a personalized invitation to dance. The crowd, though diverse, shares an uninhibited enthusiasm for music and movement, making each night a unique dance spectacle.

Cocktails with Character

The bar at Crack Bellmer is as eclectic as the club itself, offering a varied menu of drinks to satiate any palate. From classic cocktails and German beers to an array of exotic concoctions, each beverage is crafted to perfection. It’s a place where the bartenders are as invested in your experience as the DJs, adding an extra layer of warmth to the venue.

Inclusivity and Openness

One of Crack Bellmer’s defining features is its commitment to inclusivity. Here, you’ll find a crowd as diverse as the city it inhabits—a blend of locals, expats, and visitors, each contributing to the club’s rich tapestry of cultural influences. The club goes to great lengths to ensure a safe and respectful environment, creating a space where everyone can freely express themselves.

Frequent Events and Theme Nights

To keep things engaging, Crack Bellmer frequently hosts special events, theme nights, and collaborative parties with other venues. These events range from vinyl-only nights and live performances to holiday celebrations, each adding a distinct hue to the club’s vibrant spectrum.

Berlin's Quirky Haven of Dance and Diversity

Crack Bellmer is a microcosm of what makes Berlin such an irresistible hotspot for nightlife aficionados. It’s not just a club, but a kaleidoscopic experience that fuses different musical genres, design aesthetics, and cultural influences into a harmonious whole. It's a place where people come to celebrate diversity, where the soundtrack is as varied as the faces in the crowd, and where the night always promises a new adventure. Crack Bellmer is not just another club in Berlin; it's a unique narrative in the city's ever-expanding story of nightlife and culture.

Renate Logo


Casual, Local +1

In Berlin, a city globally revered for its vibrant nightlife and alternative culture, Club Renate stands as a bewitching labyrinth of electronic beats, eclectic decor, and creative self-expression. Located in an unassuming, repurposed apartment building in the Friedrichshain district, Renate doesn’t just push the boundaries of what a club can be; it defiantly redraws them.

The Intrigue of the Unassuming

Unlike Berlin's sprawling techno palaces, Renate welcomes its visitors with an entrance that could easily be mistaken for just another apartment building. However, step inside, and the facade's ordinariness peels away to reveal a wonderland of artistic and auditory pleasures, encapsulating the city's ethos of veiled grandeur and underground charm.

An Imaginative Landscape Inside

Club Renate is a multi-room experience that effortlessly blends diverse styles of interior design. Antique furniture, mismatched curtains, and wallpaper that could be straight out of a retro living room, create a residential aura. However, neon accents, fantastical art installations, and myriad hidden corners infuse the space with a surreal dream-like quality, making you feel as though you’ve slipped down Berlin's very own rabbit hole.

The Pulsing Heart of Music

Music is the lifeblood of Renate, with each room offering its own unique sonic experience. From techno and house to disco and ambient beats, the club's range of musical offerings is as diverse as its patronage. And it's not just the variety but also the quality of music that makes Renate a Berlin nightlife staple; the club’s line-up frequently features both local underground talents and internationally acclaimed DJs.

Nooks, Crannies, and Dance Floors

Renate’s layout is both its most distinctive feature and its most mysterious. With multiple dance floors, hidden rooms, and even the odd bed for weary dancers, the club encourages exploration. No two nights at Renate are the same, not only because of its rotating roster of DJs but also due to the infinite ways you can experience the space itself.

Concoctions for the Adventurous

The club’s bars serve up more than just your typical club drinks. Here, the cocktail menus are as imaginative as the surrounding decor, featuring a mix of classic concoctions and house specialties, each crafted with meticulous care. From high-quality spirits to inventive mixers, your taste buds are in for as much of a treat as your ears.

An Inclusive World of Its Own

Renate is more than just a venue; it’s a community. The club prides itself on being an inclusive space, where people from all walks of life can come together to celebrate music, art, and the joy of living. Its ‘come as you are’ philosophy resonates with a broad spectrum of people, adding layers of rich, cultural texture to an already fascinating tapestry.

Ever-Changing, Ever-Evolving

Like the city it calls home, Renate never stands still. The club frequently hosts themed nights, art exhibitions, and even daytime events like flea markets. It's a space that continually evolves, always promising something new and unexpected, even for regulars.

A Whimsical Journey Through Berlin’s Underground Nightlife

Club Renate is not just an entertainment venue but a bewitching realm where reality bends and imagination flourishes. It embodies Berlin's complex interplay of history, culture, and underground spirit in a kaleidoscopic mix of music, art, and human connection. For those who seek an authentic experience of the city’s nightlife, a trip to Renate is a journey into the heart of what makes Berlin truly magical.

Insomnia Logo


Local, LGBT+

In a city teeming with cutting-edge clubs and boundary-pushing nightlife, Insomnia in Berlin manages to stand out as a unique sanctuary of sensuality, exploration, and freedom. Nestled in the Alt-Tempelhof district, this provocative club beckons to both the curious and the seasoned, promising an experience steeped in hedonism, inclusivity, and artistic expression.

The Facade of Intrigue

From the outside, Insomnia’s appearance is unassuming and deceivingly conventional. But beyond its façade lies an alternative universe of desire and liberation. Entering the club is like stepping into a realm detached from societal norms, where Berlin’s infamous motto "poor but sexy" finds its boldest expression.

An Interior That Ignites the Senses

The club's interior, reminiscent of a gothic castle, effortlessly combines vintage aesthetics with erotic undertones. From the lush red velvet drapes to the elaborate iron chandeliers and antique furniture, Insomnia embodies an atmosphere of decadent luxury. Dark corners, candle-lit alcoves, and themed rooms provide a palette of settings for exploration, ensuring that the space tantalizes not just the ear but also the eye.

A Soundscape of Euphoria

At Insomnia, the music is an integral part of the sensual escapade. With an eclectic range of DJs spinning tracks from electronic to techno, trance, and retro, the dance floor is a pulsing heart of rhythmic beats and sweeping melodies. The sound system and acoustics are top-notch, ensuring that the music serves as an entrancing backdrop for the evening's activities.

A Diverse Menu for Diverse Tastes

The bar at Insomnia is equipped to cater to a variety of libation preferences. From finely crafted cocktails and premium spirits to a range of non-alcoholic choices, the offerings are as diverse as the clientele. The bartenders are not just mixologists but also skilled conversationalists, ready to help newcomers settle in or engage regulars with a smile and a well-timed quip.

The Ethos of Inclusivity

One of Insomnia’s defining features is its commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive space. The club attracts a diverse crowd that spans across ages, genders, orientations, and fetishes. Here, the emphasis is on consent, respect, and the freedom to explore one's desires without judgment or stigma. With a strict policy against harassment and a staff trained to maintain a respectful environment, Insomnia manages to create a unique sphere of uninhibited pleasure.

A Rotating Calendar of Events

From traditional swinger parties and fetish nights to burlesque shows and live performances, the events at Insomnia are as varied as they are titillating. Each evening has its own theme and atmosphere, making the club a multi-faceted jewel that reveals a different facet with each visit.

A Holistic Experience

In addition to its nightclub setting, Insomnia also features a spa area complete with a Jacuzzi, showers, and relaxation rooms. It's a space that recognizes the physical and emotional aspects of an intense night out, offering patrons a place to unwind and rejuvenate before venturing back into the real world.

Berlin’s Sensual Oasis of Nightlife and Liberation

Insomnia is not just a club; it's a state of mind, an oasis of hedonistic enjoyment where Berlin's subversive energies find their most vivid expression. With its blend of opulent aesthetics, high-quality music, and open-minded ethos, Insomnia embodies the essence of Berlin's nightlife: daring, diverse, and utterly unforgettable. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado of alternative lifestyles or a curious explorer, a night at Insomnia promises to be a transformative experience.

arkaoda Logo


Live music, Local

Tucked away in the culturally rich district of Neukölln, arkaoda is more than just another Berlin club; it's an alternative arts space, a community hub, and an oasis of intellectual and musical freedom. With roots in Istanbul, arkaoda brings a unique blend of multiculturalism and avant-garde aesthetics to Berlin's already diverse nightlife.

A Cultural Crossover

Arkaoda's lineage can be traced back to its sister club in Istanbul, and it retains an essence of that Turkish influence in Berlin. The club's name itself is a palindrome, mirroring its dual cultural identity and showcasing its commitment to creating an environment that transcends borders.

Architectural Harmony

From the outside, arkaoda appears as a subdued, almost minimalist space. However, once inside, you are greeted by a thoughtfully designed interior that blends the rustic with the modern. The wood-panelled walls and floors echo the natural world, while the sleek, contemporary furnishings reflect the club’s avant-garde ethos.

The Zen of Sound

While many Berlin clubs place an exclusive focus on electronic and techno genres, arkaoda embraces a more eclectic musical palate. Jazz, experimental, indie, and electronic music coexist in harmonious disarray, appealing to a broad spectrum of auditory tastes. It's not just the styles but the depth and quality of music that make this venue a refuge for true audiophiles.

Intimate Yet Expansive

The club is intimate but thoughtfully compartmentalized. Each section, whether it's the main dance floor, the bar area, or the quieter lounge spaces, has its own unique vibe and function. This allows for multiple experiences under a single roof—from energetic dancing to relaxed conversations.

A Confluence of Arts

Beyond music, arkaoda serves as a versatile arts space, hosting a range of events that include art exhibitions, film screenings, and literary readings. These events usually attract a different crowd from the dance nights, but the diversity only adds to the club's rich cultural fabric.

Epicurean Delights

Arkaoda takes its culinary offerings seriously. Beyond the usual club drinks, the bar boasts a carefully curated selection of spirits, craft beers, and cocktails. The club often hosts food pop-ups and has a patio that turns into a cozy beer garden in the summer, offering a range of local and international cuisines.

Community and Belonging

What truly sets arkaoda apart is its focus on community. The club is not just a place to listen to music and dance; it’s a gathering space for like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. Its commitment to inclusivity and social engagement often extends to community discussions, lectures, and workshops.

An Ethical Experience

Mindful of its environmental impact, arkaoda emphasizes sustainability in its operations. From eco-friendly drinkware to energy-saving technologies, the club integrates green practices wherever possible, aligning with Berlin’s general ethos of responsible living.

A Transcendent Space in Berlin's Kaleidoscopic Nightlife Scene

In a city known for its alternative culture and groundbreaking music scenes, arkaoda manages to carve out a unique identity that's rooted in diversity, inclusion, and artistic freedom. It's a place that refuses to be pigeonholed, transcending the traditional club experience to offer a richer, more layered form of social and sensory engagement. Whether you're looking to expand your musical horizons, engage in intellectual discourse, or simply enjoy a good dance, arkaoda offers a welcoming haven where all of these experiences intersect.

Solar Logo


International, Elegant +1

In a city where the underground often takes center stage, Solar offers a refreshing twist, inviting patrons to ascend above the bustling streets of Berlin for an elevated nightlife experience. Nestled near Anhalter Bahnhof in the heart of the city, Solar is a rooftop lounge and club that combines cosmopolitan allure with panoramic views, creating an atmosphere that’s as breathtaking as it is exclusive.

An Invitation to Ascend

Solar makes an impression long before you step inside. The entrance, though understated, leads you to a glass elevator. As you ascend, the Berlin cityscape unfolds below, offering a tantalizing preview of the views that await you 17 floors above ground.

An Aesthetic Triumph

Upon arrival, you're greeted by an interior that screams contemporary chic. The club's sleek design, featuring glass walls and elegant modern furniture, effortlessly complements the stunning city vistas beyond. By night, strategic lighting accentuates the architecture while outside, Berlin’s landmarks twinkle like distant stars.

The Symphony of Sound

True to Berlin’s reputation as a musical mecca, Solar offers a diverse lineup of musical experiences. From smooth jazz and downtempo grooves during the early evening to high-energy electronic beats as the night advances, the soundscape is as dynamic as the city it overlooks. A mix of resident DJs and guest artists ensures that the musical offerings are always top-notch.

Culinary Cocktails and Beyond

Solar isn’t just celebrated for its views and music; the bar is a destination in its own right. The cocktail menu is a carefully curated assortment of classic concoctions and inventive mixtures, featuring exotic ingredients and artistic presentations. An impressive wine and spirit selection cater to the most discerning of palates.

Intimacy and Grandeur

Solar manages to offer intimate corners and open spaces within the same venue. Want to have a private conversation? The lounge area offers cozy seating where you can chat without raising your voice. Prefer to mix and mingle? The bar and dance floor areas provide ample opportunity to socialize while enjoying the electrifying music.

An Evolving Canvas

While Solar has its constants—the mesmerizing views, the chic ambiance, the quality music—it’s also a space that celebrates change and novelty. Themed nights, special events, and visiting DJs mean that no two visits to Solar are exactly alike.

The Universal Appeal

One of the hallmarks of Solar is its cosmopolitan crowd. On any given night, you’re likely to encounter an international mix of Berliners and tourists, young professionals and seasoned club-goers, all drawn by the venue’s unique blend of style and substance.

Responsible Revelry

In keeping with Berlin's conscientious spirit, Solar pays attention to sustainability. The use of eco-friendly materials and responsible sourcing practices are subtle yet meaningful ways the club contributes to a better future.

Berlin's Sky-High Sanctuary of Sophistication and Style

Solar stands as a lustrous gem in Berlin's vibrant nightlife mosaic, offering a unique blend of visual, auditory, and sensory pleasures. It's a venue that skillfully merges the sophistication of a cocktail lounge with the dynamic energy of a dance club, all while presenting a bird's-eye view of Germany's iconic capital. Whether you're an out-of-town visitor looking for an unforgettable Berlin experience or a local seeking a stylish night out, Solar serves as a celestial retreat that's well worth the ascent.

://about blank Logo

://about blank

Alternative, Local

Tucked away in the trendy Friedrichshain district of Berlin, ://about blank offers a nocturnal experience that is as elusive as its name suggests. Defying conventional labels, this club-cum-cultural space is a manifestation of Berlin’s avant-garde ethos, a playground for alternative lifestyles, and a sanctuary for the musically eclectic.

An Enigma Wrapped in Graffiti

The exterior of ://about blank is unassumingly stark, adorned with graffiti and murals that lend an air of urban grit. But, this modest facade is a mere smokescreen for the complex labyrinth that unfolds within, keeping in tune with Berlin's love for the understated yet profoundly impactful.

Eclectic Spaces Within

Once inside, you are welcomed into a multi-room universe, each space with its own unique personality. From the minimalist aesthetics of the main dance floors to the intimate vibe of smaller lounges, and even a charming garden that provides a green oasis in the summer, ://about blank is designed to be a venue for all seasons and moods.

The Revolution of Sound

Music is the lifeline of ://about blank, pumping through its veins in diverse and unexpected forms. The club is a haven for genres that are often underrepresented in mainstream club culture—think techno, house, but also experimental, ambient, and breakbeat. It’s a club where the DJs are artists, the playlists are sonic narratives, and every night is an aural expedition.

The Power of Inclusivity

://about blank sets itself apart with its steadfast commitment to inclusivity and progressive social values. With a strong LGBTQ+ presence and a crowd that is a tapestry of various cultural, racial, and age groups, the club is more than just a dance venue—it’s a microcosm of Berlin's diverse population. Their strict door policy is not about exclusivity but rather to ensure a safe space for all inside.

Cocktails and Conscience

The bar at ://about blank offers more than just a range of spirits and mixers; it serves conscience in a glass. Organic ingredients and local brews dominate the menu, highlighting the club’s commitment to sustainability and community support.

A Platform for Discourse

What distinguishes ://about blank from other Berlin clubs is its willingness to function as a space for intellectual and cultural dialogue. The venue often hosts a variety of non-musical events, including political discussions, film screenings, and art installations, making it a hub for progressive thought and creative expression.

Frequent Collaborations and Theme Nights

The ever-evolving nature of ://about blank is evident in its dynamic event calendar. From collaborating with underground music labels to hosting themed parties and special events, the club maintains a vibrant and varied schedule that keeps even the most regular attendees guessing.

Safety and Well-being

Despite its avant-garde and hedonistic streaks, ://about blank places a high value on the safety and well-being of its patrons. A team of attentive staff and clear guidelines on conduct ensure that the freedom the club offers is not misused.

The Pinnacle of Alternative Berlin Nightlife

://about blank is a paradoxical entity that thrives on its ambiguities—minimalist yet intricate, exclusive yet inclusive, hedonistic yet responsible. In doing so, it encapsulates the spirit of Berlin: a city of contrasts and convergences, constantly in flux but deeply rooted in its unique identity. For those looking to experience Berlin’s underground culture in its purest form, a night at ://about blank is an indispensable rite of passage.

Kantine am Berghain Logo

Kantine am Berghain

Live music

In the shadow of its world-renowned sibling Berghain, Kantine am Berghain often goes unnoticed. Yet, for those who venture beyond the intimidating fame of the larger establishment, Kantine offers an intriguing, if not spellbinding, alternative. Located in the same industrial complex in Friedrichshain, this multi-functional space serves as both an independent club and a cultural venue, offering a diverse and often edgier lineup that mirrors Berlin's spirit of inclusivity and avant-garde entertainment.

Subtle Arrival, Intense Experience

Unlike the grandeur of Berghain, Kantine am Berghain greets you with an unassuming entrance. This modesty, however, should not be mistaken for a lack of character. The understated exterior is a humble invitation to the riot of creativity that unfolds inside.

The Aesthetics of Minimalism

Within its walls, Kantine am Berghain champions a minimalist approach. The club features raw concrete walls, stripped-back lighting, and industrial accents that pay homage to its warehouse origins. This sparse design allows the space itself to become a blank canvas for the club's dynamic events, lending itself to various forms of decoration and lighting as needed.

Soundscapes Beyond Genres

While Berghain is famous for its hard-hitting techno, Kantine offers a more diversified musical experience. Here, you might find indie rock concerts, experimental electronic acts, hip-hop evenings, and even avant-garde performance art. The music programming is as unpredictable as it is exciting, often presenting emerging artists who later go on to bigger stages.

Fluid Spaces

The venue is flexible by design, capable of hosting live bands, DJ sets, and even theatrical performances. It’s not uncommon to see the space transform from a chill lounge to a bustling dance floor within the span of an evening. Additionally, the outdoor area becomes a social hub during the warmer months, allowing for a pleasant contrast between the indoor intensity and outdoor tranquility.

Sip with Substance

Kantine’s bar maintains the high standards set by its more famous sibling. The selection is well-curated, featuring an array of locally sourced craft beers, quality spirits, and unique cocktails. Each drink serves as a testament to Berlin's rich and diverse beverage culture.

Community and Culture

One of the most striking features of Kantine am Berghain is its commitment to fostering a sense of community. The venue often collaborates with local artists, musicians, and cultural initiatives, thereby serving as a launching pad for emerging talent and innovative ideas.

A Safe Space

Kantine am Berghain doesn’t compromise on safety and inclusivity. The staff are well-trained and vigilant, ensuring that the ethos of respect and openness is maintained. The venue actively seeks to create an environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves, a philosophy that is deeply ingrained in Berlin's club culture.

The Lesser-Known Gem of Berlin's Nightlife Universe

Kantine am Berghain might not have the global recognition of its older sibling, but it is in no way inferior. It serves as a platform for the cutting-edge, the experimental, and the communal, all while capturing the ineffable spirit that makes Berlin the nightlife capital of the world. For those who wish to delve deeper into the city's rich cultural tapestry, spending a night at Kantine is not just an option—it’s a must.

Zur Klappe Logo

Zur Klappe

Alternative, Local

In the ever-changing kaleidoscope that is Berlin's nightlife, Zur Klappe holds a special place as one of the city’s oldest and most cherished queer venues. Nestled away in Kreuzberg, this underground club serves as a sanctuary for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, presenting a raw, unfiltered experience that mirrors the uninhibited essence of Berlin itself.

A Portal to Another Era

Zur Klappe's historical significance is palpable the moment you approach its nondescript entrance. Initially a public toilet facility built in the 1900s, the venue was transformed into a club in the late 1970s, and it has maintained much of its original structure. The cobblestone paths and wrought iron gates serve as a time capsule, transporting patrons back to a Berlin of yesteryears.

Subterranean Splendor

Descending into Zur Klappe is akin to entering a hidden lair. The subterranean architecture, with its low ceilings and narrow corridors, creates an atmosphere of cozy intimacy. The exposed brick walls and minimalistic decor allow visitors to focus on the real attraction: the inclusive and diverse crowd that Zur Klappe has welcomed for decades.

An Elixir of Sound

Musically, Zur Klappe is delightfully eclectic. The DJs spin everything from disco and funk to techno and house, encapsulating the multilayered musical tastes of Berlin's queer community. Live performances and themed nights add an extra layer of allure, making each visit a unique auditory journey.

Drink, Dance, Be Yourself

The bar at Zur Klappe is as unpretentious as the venue itself. Expect classic cocktails, quality beers, and a straightforward yet varied selection of spirits. The bartenders are welcoming figures, equally skilled at crafting a drink and striking up a conversation, echoing the inclusive ambiance of the club.

A Kaleidoscope of Events

Zur Klappe's event calendar is as colorful and varied as the flags that represent the queer community. From drag nights and leather parties to poetry readings and activism events, the club is a pulsating hub of culture and conversation.

Inclusivity Above All

Perhaps what truly sets Zur Klappe apart is its steadfast dedication to inclusivity. It’s not just a gay club, but a queer space that invites people of all orientations and gender identities to celebrate their true selves. A strict door policy ensures a safe and respectful environment within, making it a haven for those seeking to escape societal norms and judgments.

Sustainable Nightlife

Aligned with Berlin's environmentally-conscious ethos, Zur Klappe integrates sustainable practices where possible. Whether it's using energy-efficient lighting or promoting a plastic-free bar, the venue recognizes its role in contributing to a greener future.

Berlin's Inclusive Bastion of Queer Culture and Nightlife

Zur Klappe is more than just a club; it's a historical institution that represents the unfettered spirit and resilience of Berlin’s queer community. In a city teeming with nightspots, Zur Klappe's age-old charm and authentic dedication to inclusivity make it a standout gem that has not only weathered but thrived through the tests of time. Whether you're a lifelong Berliner or a curious traveler, a night at Zur Klappe offers a slice of Berlin's authentic queer culture that is not to be missed.

Bulbul Berlin Logo

Bulbul Berlin


Nestled in the vibrant district of Kreuzberg, Bulbul Berlin is a cozy refuge that offers a unique mix of cutting-edge music, cultural eclecticism, and neighborhood charm. It diverges from the typical Berlin club aesthetic; instead of massive dance floors and thundering bass, Bulbul serves up a more intimate, laid-back atmosphere that still captures the city’s alternative spirit.

Unassuming Charm

The first thing you notice about Bulbul is its modest, almost unnoticeable facade. It could easily be mistaken for another local haunt in a neighborhood dotted with bars and boutiques. This understated exterior, however, is a nod to the club's ethos: a commitment to authenticity and subtlety over grandiosity.

Bohemian Interior

Once inside, Bulbul's bohemian sensibilities come alive. The dim lighting, eclectic art, and mix-and-match furniture create an inviting environment that blurs the line between a lounge and an underground music club. The space feels both familiar and intriguing, like an old record store where each vinyl holds a secret story.

Genre-Defying Soundtracks

One of Bulbul's defining characteristics is its open-minded approach to music. The venue is a magnet for DJs and musicians who don’t adhere to a specific genre, offering a mix of electronic, indie, jazz, and world music. On any given night, you could be swaying to ambient tunes or bobbing your head to groovy house beats—each experience at Bulbul is musically distinct.

Crafted Libations

The bar at Bulbul doesn’t shy away from creativity. Beyond the standard cocktails and beers, you'll find a range of innovative concoctions made with locally sourced ingredients. It's the kind of place where bartenders take their time to craft each drink, ensuring not just quality but also a personalized touch.

A Tight-Knit Community

What truly elevates Bulbul is its community-focused approach. Unlike the larger, more commercial clubs in Berlin, Bulbul retains the essence of a neighborhood gathering spot. Regulars and newcomers mingle effortlessly, creating an inclusive atmosphere that's as welcoming as it is exhilarating.

Events and More

Though primarily known as a music venue, Bulbul often diversifies its offerings with art exhibitions, poetry slams, and cultural discussions. These events transform the space into a cultural hub, further enriching the already vibrant Kreuzberg scene.

Sustainability and Ethics

In line with Berlin's focus on sustainability, Bulbul makes conscious efforts to minimize its environmental footprint. Whether it’s the use of energy-efficient lighting or eco-friendly barware, the club is attuned to the ethical considerations that modern club-goers appreciate.

A Musical Oasis Amidst the Urban Jungle

Bulbul Berlin is not just another club; it's an intimate sanctuary where music, culture, and community converge. Its relaxed atmosphere and eclectic programming make it a beloved spot for those looking to escape Berlin's more overwhelming clubbing experiences. Whether you're a music enthusiast eager to discover something new or a local looking for a familiar corner to unwind, Bulbul Berlin offers a heartfelt and genuine night out in one of the world’s clubbing capitals.

Sameheads Logo


Local, Alternative

In the heart of Neukölln, one of Berlin’s most vibrant districts, stands Sameheads—a club as unique as its name suggests. Far removed from the city's more well-known techno temples, Sameheads delivers a nightlife experience that embodies Berlin's subversive, alternative ethos. It's not just a club; it's a concept store, a theater, an art gallery, and above all, a community space where creativity knows no bounds.

A Whimsical Facade

The exterior of Sameheads is an intriguing blend of the old and the new—funky signage and a motley of colors beckon patrons into a space that seems to exist in its own time dimension. It offers a visual treat that prepares you for the sensory feast that awaits inside.

An Eccentric Wonderland

Upon entry, you're thrust into an interior that might best be described as organized chaos. Vintage furniture, mismatched decor, and bizarre art installations coalesce into a setting that resembles a surrealist dreamscape. The atmosphere is purposefully kitsch, pushing the boundaries of what a club can look like.

Jukebox of the Avant-Garde

Sameheads thrives on its eclectic musical programming. The sounds you'll encounter here range from experimental and left-field electronic music to new wave and post-punk. The club is also renowned for giving a platform to underground artists and DJs who are pushing the boundaries of music. In essence, Sameheads offers a jukebox of the avant-garde, where each track is a portal into a different subculture.

Multi-Dimensional Entertainment

Beyond the dance floor, Sameheads has more compartments than a Swiss Army knife. From an intimate theater showcasing independent films and performance art to a concept store offering curated apparel and quirky merchandise, the space morphs into various forms depending on the night—or the hour.

Concoctions and Conversations

The bar at Sameheads is an extension of its overall eclectic vibe. While you can grab a cold German beer or a straightforward cocktail, the bartenders often get inventive, mixing up concoctions that are as surprising as the club itself. It’s a place where each drink starts a conversation, not just quenches a thirst.

A Sense of Community

Above all, what makes Sameheads a unique destination in Berlin’s sprawling nightlife landscape is its sense of community. The venue functions as a gathering spot for artists, musicians, and creatives who defy categorization. The people you meet at Sameheads aren’t just fellow club-goers; they’re co-conspirators in an ongoing celebration of counterculture.

Sustainable Revelry

Like many of its Berlin counterparts, Sameheads is committed to sustainability. Whether it's through using biodegradable materials or promoting ethical sourcing, the club makes an effort to reconcile the hedonistic nature of nightlife with the demands of social responsibility.

Where Berlin's Countercultural Spirit Comes to Life

Sameheads is not for the faint-hearted or the conventional. It’s a space for those who seek to explore the fringes, both musically and experientially. If Berlin’s nightlife is a smorgasbord of alternative experiences, Sameheads is the dish that you didn’t know existed but find yourself coming back for more. It’s a place where the weird is celebrated, the unconventional is the norm, and every night is an expedition into Berlin's vibrant countercultural spirit.

OXI Logo



In a city synonymous with groundbreaking electronic music and alternative subcultures, OXI in Berlin stands as a testament to continued innovation and the evolution of clubbing itself. Located in the dynamic district of Prenzlauer Berg, OXI goes beyond the conventional club experience, offering an avant-garde haven for electronic music enthusiasts.

A Statement from the Outset

Even before you enter the club, OXI sets itself apart with a distinct architectural style that blends industrial chic with modern minimalism. The façade promises an experience that diverges from the norm, inviting you into an odyssey of sound and sensory exploration.

A Journey into the Abstract

The interior of OXI feels like a deliberate intersection between an art installation and a dance floor. LED displays, modular stages, and projection-mapped walls complement the cutting-edge audio system, turning each room into an immersive arena. The spatial design encourages movement and interaction, rejecting static club layouts in favor of dynamic, ever-changing environments.

Curators of Sound

OXI is lauded for its dedication to showcasing emerging genres within the electronic music spectrum. Whether it's minimal techno, ambient dubstep, or experimental IDM, the club serves as a platform for sonic explorations that challenge and expand our musical boundaries. Residents and guest DJs are often chosen for their artistic integrity and willingness to break conventional formats.

Interactive Nightlife

One of the unique aspects of OXI is its focus on interactive experiences. Apart from the immersive visuals and soundscapes, the club features various installations that respond to movement and touch, adding a tactile dimension to the clubbing experience. It blurs the line between performer and audience, making each individual a part of the collective art form.

Alchemy at the Bar

The drinks menu at OXI mirrors the club’s innovative ethos. While classics are available, the spotlight is on an array of experimental cocktails that feature local spirits, house-made infusions, and even molecular gastronomy techniques. Each drink is a conversation starter, an experience that pairs well with the club's overall vibe.

A Space for Dialogues

OXI extends its experiential offerings through a calendar filled with educational workshops, panel discussions, and artist meet-and-greets. These events are designed to engage the community in a dialogue about the future of electronic music, technology, and club culture, making OXI not just a space for entertainment but also for intellectual engagement.

Sustainability and Responsibility

In alignment with Berlin’s progressive ideals, OXI takes sustainability seriously. From eco-friendly lighting solutions to a zero-waste approach at the bar, the club aims to minimize its ecological footprint. Even the merchandise is ethically sourced, solidifying OXI’s commitment to responsible clubbing.

Berlin’s Pioneering Incubator for Electronic Exploration

OXI is not just another club in Berlin’s expansive nightlife ecosystem; it’s an experience that pushes the envelope, both conceptually and technologically. It serves as a vanguard in the city's clubbing landscape, setting new benchmarks for what a modern electronic music venue can and should be. For those who are both aficionados and futurists in the realm of electronic music, OXI is more than a destination—it's a pilgrimage.

Trauma Bar und Kino Logo

Trauma Bar und Kino

Live music, LGBT+

Situated in a discreet corner of Berlin's burgeoning Kunstquartier Bethanien complex, Trauma Bar und Kino defies easy classification. More than a mere club or bar, it is a pulsating heart of interdisciplinary creativity, where cinema, visual art, and clubbing coalesce into an experience that is as intellectually stimulating as it is viscerally electrifying.

An Overture to the Extraordinary

As you approach Trauma Bar und Kino, the building's industrial façade may seem deceptively simple, but it's a blank canvas that hides the colorful tapestry of artistic expression within. The moment you cross its threshold, you are ushered into a world that challenges traditional boundaries between various forms of art and entertainment.

Sensory Stimulation

The interiors of Trauma are an avant-garde marvel, filled with modular spaces that change their form and function to accommodate the venue's diverse programming. Dim lighting, a palette of dark hues, and an assortment of eclectic furnishings create a moody yet welcoming atmosphere. Geometric designs and projection mapping serve as dynamic backdrops to the performances, continually redefining the space and how we interact with it.

The Magic of Cinema

What sets Trauma apart from other Berlin clubs is its fully equipped cinema room. The venue curates an exciting blend of indie films, art-house classics, and experimental shorts, sometimes even sprinkling in thought-provoking documentaries for good measure. This marriage of club culture with the world of cinema offers a refreshing alternative to Berlin's otherwise techno-centric nightlife.

Eclectic Sonic Landscapes

Musically, Trauma Bar und Kino is as diverse as its multi-purpose architecture. While the core identity revolves around electronic and experimental music, you’ll often hear ripples of ambient, dub, and even live acoustic sets. The curated music line-up ensures that the sonic experience is always complementary to the visual and thematic elements in play.

The Alchemist’s Lair

The bar at Trauma is another highlight of the venue, where mixology is taken as seriously as any other art form. Expect unconventional cocktails crafted with homemade syrups, exotic herbs, and boutique spirits. Each concoction is a sensory journey designed to harmonize with the venue's eclectic aesthetic.

Interdisciplinary Dialogues

In keeping with its mission to serve as a platform for varied artistic expressions, Trauma regularly hosts panel discussions, art exhibitions, and live performances. These events contribute to the club's unique ecosystem, inviting guests to engage with art and ideas in a setting that is both casual and cerebral.

Sustainable Clubbing

True to Berlin's green ethos, Trauma Bar und Kino incorporates sustainable practices wherever possible. From recycled décor elements to eco-friendly lighting, the venue remains attuned to the necessity of minimizing its environmental impact.

Berlin's Nexus of Cinema, Art, and Club Culture

Trauma Bar und Kino is not just another addition to Berlin's sprawling nightlife landscape; it is a visionary enterprise that reimagines what a club can be. By integrating cinema, visual arts, and a spectrum of musical genres, Trauma offers an evolved form of nightlife that speaks to Berlin's endlessly innovative spirit. It is, without a doubt, a must-visit locale for anyone keen to explore the cutting edge of Berlin's artistic and social scenes.

Paloma Logo


Casual, Local

Located atop a nondescript building on the bustling Skalitzer Straße, Paloma exudes an aura of unassuming allure that belies its status as one of Berlin's cult favorite nightlife spots. It's not the biggest or the glitziest, but for those who find their way to this aerie overlooking the Kottbusser Tor, Paloma offers a unique blend of musical authenticity and underground culture.

The Ascend to Paloma

Paloma's somewhat obscure entrance is an initiation rite of sorts—a concrete passage that leads you up the stairs to this sanctuary of sound. The transition from the busy streets to the intimate space of Paloma feels akin to entering a secret society, where the codes of true music appreciation reign supreme.

Intimate Vibes and Vintage Aesthetics

The first thing you'll notice upon entering Paloma is its intimate scale. The club exudes a cozy, vintage aura, reminiscent of a '60s rock den. With plush seating, dim lighting, and a decor that mixes retro and modern design elements, Paloma's atmosphere invites patrons to let their guard down and truly immerse themselves in the music.

A Sonic Tapestry

If Paloma has one defining characteristic, it's the club's undying commitment to music in its purest form. Genres blur as DJs seamlessly transition from techno to house, from soul to disco, and everything in between. There's no pandering to commercial tastes here; Paloma is a sanctuary for music aficionados who appreciate an eclectic, well-curated mix.

The Heartbeat: The DJ Booth

In line with its devotion to music, Paloma places the DJ booth right in the heart of the space. There are no elaborate stages or flashing LED screens; instead, DJs are organically integrated into the crowd. This layout fosters an atmosphere of unity, ensuring the focus remains squarely on the music.

Cocktails with Character

While music is the undisputed star at Paloma, the bar holds its own with a well-curated selection of spirits and cocktails. Whether you opt for a classic Berliner Weisse or venture out with one of their signature cocktails, each drink is crafted to enhance the overall sensory experience.

A Community of Loyalists

One of Paloma's strongest suits is its fiercely loyal following. The venue doesn't just attract transient club-goers; it's a meeting place for a community that shares a deep-rooted love for authentic music and a disdain for mainstream club culture. First-timers will quickly sense the familial vibe—an inclusive spirit that turns newcomers into regulars.

Eco-Conscious Clubbing

In alignment with Berlin's ethos of sustainability, Paloma makes a conscious effort to minimize its environmental impact. From waste reduction measures to sourcing locally produced beverages, the club integrates sustainable practices as part of its operations.

Berlin's High-Flying Sanctuary for Unadulterated Music and Nightlife

Paloma is not just another club in Berlin's sprawling nightlife scene; it's a refuge for those who seek to experience music in its truest form, without the distractions of lavish productions or mainstream appeasement. With its intimate setting, musical diversity, and devoted community, Paloma has successfully carved out a unique identity in a city known for its relentless pursuit of the avant-garde. For those weary of Berlin's larger-than-life club venues, Paloma offers a refreshingly authentic alternative that truly celebrates the essence of what makes Berlin's nightlife legendary.

Promenaden Eck Logo

Promenaden Eck


Situated in the lesser-trodden corners of Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood, Promenaden Eck is a testament to the city's resilient and diverse club culture. Far removed from the mega-clubs and techno temples, this quaint establishment radiates a warm, nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era, while still being fiercely contemporary in its ethos.

An Unassuming Facade

The exterior of Promenaden Eck doesn't scream 'club'; in fact, you might easily pass by it without noticing. Yet, this unpretentious frontage is part of its charm. It feels like a well-kept secret, drawing in a specific kind of reveler—those who prioritize substance over style, community over hype.

A Step Back in Time

As you enter Promenaden Eck, it's like stepping into a different era. The club is adorned with vintage furniture, retro neon signs, and an array of classic posters. The wooden bar, polished through years of use, beckons with the promise of robust flavors and simple joys.

The Soundscape

Musically, Promenaden Eck opts for a more laid-back, eclectic approach compared to Berlin's usual hard-pounding techno offerings. From rock and roll and funk to R&B and indie tunes, the music here spans decades and defies genres. The DJs, often locals with a deep affinity for the community, spin tracks that make you feel at home.

The Heart and Soul: The Bar

The bar at Promenaden Eck is where much of the magic happens. You won't find complicated mixology or a vast array of exotic spirits. What you will find are time-honored classics, served with love and a dash of Berliner Schnauze (Berlin sass). Whether you opt for a local brew, a straight-up whiskey, or a homemade cocktail, you'll find the experience refreshingly straightforward.

Tales from the Regulars

One of the defining characteristics of Promenaden Eck is its community of regulars. From old-timers reminiscing about Berlin's past to young locals and expats exploring the city's diverse culture, the club has an inclusive, communal atmosphere. Each visit feels like a reunion of sorts, where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and the spirit of Old Berlin lives on.

Unfussy and Unpretentious

Promenaden Eck doesn't try to be something it's not. There are no bouncers with rigorous door policies, no velvet ropes, and no ostentatious VIP areas. It's a club for the people, with an approachability that's increasingly rare in the modern clubbing landscape.

Sustainability, Naturally

True to Berlin's progressive spirit, Promenaden Eck incorporates sustainable practices as a matter of course rather than as a marketing strategy. From locally sourced beverages to the use of reusable materials, the club subtly integrates eco-consciousness into its daily operations.

Berlin's Timeless Nook of Nocturnal Nostalgia

In a city where clubbing can sometimes feel like an extravagant spectacle, Promenaden Eck stands as a reminder of simpler, more authentic times. It's a place where the music, the drinks, and the people matter more than the buzz that surrounds them. For those looking to escape the high-octane intensity of Berlin's more famous clubs, Promenaden Eck offers a genuine, heartfelt alternative—full of history, character, and local charm.

Repeat Logo


Underground, Local

Tucked away in an unassuming building in Berlin's Friedrichshain district, Repeat may not grab headlines like some of the city's more infamous clubbing venues, but for those in the know, it's a sanctuary for musical innovation and intimate connection. Eschewing the trappings of mainstream nightlife, Repeat offers a unique experience built around experimental soundscapes, intellectual curiosity, and a close-knit community.

Unveiling the Enigma

There's a kind of mystique about Repeat; no flashy signs or grand entrances here. Yet this obscurity is by design, ensuring that those who make it inside are genuinely interested in pushing the boundaries of conventional club culture.

A Cocoon of Creativity

Step into Repeat and you're instantly engulfed in a dark, minimalist setting that speaks to the club's devotion to music and art. Stylized lighting and occasional bursts of video art complement the setting without overpowering it. The space itself is compact, providing a sense of closeness that larger venues can't replicate.

A Symphony of Unconventional Sound

Repeat revels in musical exploration. The club is a haven for sound artists, DJs, and producers who tread the fine line between electronic, ambient, and experimental genres. Don't come expecting a typical techno beat; the music here is crafted to provoke thought and evoke emotion. Repeat dares you to open your mind and ears to an alternative auditory reality.

A Bar That Listens

The bar at Repeat is as thoughtful as its musical offerings. Local brews stand alongside a carefully curated selection of spirits and non-alcoholic options. The cocktails, often with quirky names that spark conversation, are designed to be more than just liquid refreshments—they're sensory experiences that contribute to the evening's thematic vibe.

Intellectual Interludes

One of the standout features of Repeat is its penchant for hosting underground art exhibitions, experimental film screenings, and even philosophical debates. These events add layers of intellectual engagement to the club experience, marrying body and mind in a dance of sensory and cognitive stimulation.

A Crowd Apart

Repeat attracts a discerning crowd that values quality over quantity. The venue has become a gathering place for artists, musicians, and intellectuals—those who seek more from their night out than just loud music and flashing lights.

Subtle Sustainability

In keeping with the progressive values that Berlin is celebrated for, Repeat adopts a number of sustainable practices. From energy-efficient lighting to locally-sourced, organic products at the bar, the club makes a low-key but firm commitment to environmental responsibility.

Berlin's Under-the-Radar Haven for Experimental Sound and Subculture

In a city where 'more is more' often defines the clubbing experience, Repeat offers a resounding counterpoint. It's a club that dares to be different, placing emphasis on quality, community, and cerebral engagement. If you find yourself growing tired of Berlin's bigger, brasher venues, take a detour to Repeat—where the music is experimental, the atmosphere intimate, and every night offers a new avenue for exploration.



Open air
Casual, Local

When Berliners think of summertime revelry blended with avant-garde electronic music, ELSE often comes to mind. Situated by the River Spree and under the Elsenbrücke bridge, this seasonal open-air club is an annual hotspot for locals and tourists alike, promising not just an escape from the indoor clubbing monotony but also a transcendent celebration of sound and nature.

Crossing the Threshold

Entering ELSE feels like stepping into a different world altogether—a world where concrete structures are softened by fluttering banners, lush greenery, and the serenity of the adjacent river. The venue’s clever use of its urban environment to create a unique, semi-outdoor party space makes it one of Berlin's standout clubbing experiences.

The Grand Stage and Dancefloor

The main stage of ELSE is a spectacle unto itself. With a state-of-the-art sound system that rivals Berlin’s best indoor clubs, this outdoor arena becomes a sanctum of sonic purity. An array of colorful lights dance in harmony with the music, enhancing but never overshadowing the natural beauty of the surroundings. The dancefloor is spacious yet intimate, allowing you the freedom to lose yourself in the music while still feeling connected to the crowd.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

ELSE leverages its natural setting to offer a multi-sensory clubbing experience. Whether you’re dancing to a hypnotic techno beat or swaying to mellower, ambient tunes, the wind off the Spree cools you, the aroma of blooming flowers tingles your senses, and the colors of the sunset deepen your emotional journey. It's a feast for the senses, carefully orchestrated yet wonderfully organic.

Musical Odyssey

The music programming at ELSE is as varied as it is high-caliber. From big-name DJs to rising underground talents, the club's line-up is meticulously curated to offer a wide spectrum of electronic music. Whether you lean toward techno, house, or experimental genres, ELSE’s sonic journey is bound to surprise and delight.

Refreshment Reimagined

At ELSE, even the act of getting a drink becomes a part of the experience. The club offers a diverse selection of drinks, from craft beers and organic wines to innovative cocktails. As you wait for your drink, you're still in the midst of the action—thanks to the strategically placed bars that ensure you never miss a beat.

A Community Spirit

While ELSE draws a diverse crowd, the club manages to foster a sense of community and togetherness. Whether you’re a Berlin native or a traveler passing through, the atmosphere makes it easy to strike up a conversation, share a dance, or simply nod in mutual appreciation of a well-executed DJ set.

Sustainability in the Open Air

In line with Berlin’s eco-conscious ethos, ELSE integrates sustainability into its operations. Recycled materials for decor, biodegradable cups, and a strong emphasis on waste management are some of the steps the club has taken to reduce its environmental impact.

Berlin’s Open-Air Oasis for Seasonal Clubbing and Sonic Immersion

ELSE is more than just a seasonal club; it's a Berliner institution that redefines what outdoor clubbing can and should be. It challenges the norms of what a clubbing experience could offer, expanding the boundaries to include not just exceptional music, but also a deeper connection with the natural world and those who inhabit it. If you find yourself in Berlin during its operating months, ELSE is an unmissable experience—an ephemeral utopia that captures the spirit of Berlin’s ever-evolving club culture.

Suicide Club Logo

Suicide Club

Casual, Local

Located within a stone's throw from Berlin's Ostbahnhof railway station, Suicide Club invites its patrons into a maze of darkness, mystique, and industrial allure. A gem of Berlin's gritty techno scene, the club offers a stark contrast to the more mainstream, sanitized entertainment venues around. It's a hauntingly intimate space, where the line between anonymity and intimacy dissolves amid beats and shadows.

A Portal to Another Dimension

As you make your way through the dimly lit corridors leading into Suicide Club, you'll sense that you're entering a clandestine realm. The walls echo the sounds of techno beats, pulling you into an environment that's almost womb-like in its secluded intensity.

Gothic Ambiance Meets Futurism

The interior of Suicide Club is an intriguing mix of gothic darkness and futurist edge. Bathed in red and purple hues, the vaulted ceilings, and the exposed pipes add to the feeling that you're partying in some post-apocalyptic underworld. It's a setting that pulsates to the rhythm of Berlin’s darker, more rebellious soul.

The Sonic Landscape

If you're a connoisseur of techno and industrial electronic music, Suicide Club will feel like home. The sound quality is top-notch, providing a sonic immersion that is both deep and expansive. DJs, both local and international, find the venue to be a playground for their more experimental sets. The music curation veers away from predictability, encapsulating a spectrum of edgy, moody, and mind-bending tracks.

The Dance Floor: A Fluid Space

Suicide Club's dance floor offers a break from the standard, static club layout. It is a fluid space that seems to expand and contract with the crowd, allowing for moments of frenzied dance as well as pockets of quieter intimacy. Even at its most crowded, the dance floor at Suicide Club feels like a living organism, continuously morphing to accommodate its pulsing, energetic visitors.

The Drinks and More

In line with its alternative ethos, Suicide Club offers a range of beverages that suit all kinds of palates but keeps things fundamentally simple and unfussy. From Berlin's staple beers to more exotic cocktail concoctions, you can expect your drink to pack a punch, much like the music and atmosphere.

A Cult Following

Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of Suicide Club is its loyal audience. This isn't a venue frequented by occasional clubbers; it's a place where Berlin's night owls congregate week after week, forming a tight-knit community bound by shared tastes in music, fashion, and subculture.

Responsible Rebellion

While the club's aesthetics and music lean toward the extreme, Suicide Club is responsible where it counts. Soundproofing and acoustics are engineered for safety as well as quality, and security measures ensure that the club’s edgy atmosphere doesn't tip over into hazard.

A Daring Dance with Berlin's Edgier Nightlife Aesthetics

Suicide Club is a raw, unfettered embodiment of Berlin's underground clubbing scene, where techno finds its darker, more experimental expressions. The club's ambiance, crowd, and sonic adventures make it a must-visit for those who want to delve deep into the city's edgier nightlife. It’s not just another nightspot; it’s a venue with a distinct identity, one that captures the spirit of Berlin in all its complex, contradictory glory.



Casual, LGBT+ +1

Nestled in the vibrant district of Kreuzberg, RSO.BERLIN is not your conventional Berlin club. By transcending the boundaries of art, music, and social interaction, this unique space champions a cultural fusion that makes it a compelling focal point in the city's vast nightlife landscape. It's more than just a dance club; it's a pulsating, multi-layered experience that embodies Berlin's multicultural and progressive ethos.

The Multifaceted Entrance

Walking toward RSO.BERLIN, one is immediately struck by the facade—a kaleidoscope of colors and lights, adorned with contemporary artworks. The building's exterior gives an intriguing hint of the multifaceted experience that awaits within. As you enter, it feels like walking into an urban labyrinth of art, sound, and human connection.

The Canvas of Sound and Vision

The interior of RSO.BERLIN has been crafted to serve as a canvas where DJs and artists can paint their visions. But it's not just about the art on the walls or the tracks being played—it's about how these elements coalesce into a singular, immersive experience. Visual projections interact with the music, creating an ever-changing environment that keeps visitors engaged and entranced.

Musical Kaleidoscope

Music at RSO.BERLIN is as diverse as the city itself. You're as likely to hear soulful house or funky grooves as you are to experience the relentless pulse of techno. The club even opens its decks to world music and live bands on occasion, making it a sonic melting pot that draws a multifaceted crowd.

The Lounge and The Dancefloor: Two Worlds in One

RSO.BERLIN offers distinct spaces that cater to different moods and preferences. The lounge area, adorned with comfortable seating and softer lighting, provides a haven for those looking for meaningful conversations or a moment's respite. In contrast, the main dance floor is where the action amplifies, bursting with energy that's infectious.

A Taste for Every Palate

The bar at RSO.BERLIN reflects the venue's inclusive philosophy. From international spirits to local brews and non-alcoholic options, there's something for everyone. Each drink is served with attention to detail, contributing to the overall sensory experience.

Community and Inclusivity

One of the most enchanting aspects of RSO.BERLIN is the sense of community it fosters. Unlike some clubs where the vibe can be exclusive, this venue is built on a foundation of inclusivity. Whether you're a Berliner or a traveler from across the globe, you'll feel welcomed here.

Sustainability with Style

RSO.BERLIN is keenly aware of its social and environmental responsibilities. From its commitment to using renewable energy to a waste management system designed to minimize impact, the club effortlessly weaves sustainability into its operational fabric without compromising on style or experience.

Berlin's Artistic Oasis of Cultural Fusion and Diverse Beats

RSO.BERLIN stands as a testament to Berlin's enduring capacity for reinvention and cultural diversity. It's a club that celebrates the city's cosmopolitan spirit, serving as a cultural hub where art, music, and community intersect in harmonious synergy. For those seeking a nightlife experience that's as enriching as it is entertaining, RSO.BERLIN is an essential destination.

Lido Berlin Logo

Lido Berlin

Casual, Alternative +2

Nestled in the heart of Kreuzberg, Lido Berlin transcends the stereotypical clubbing experience. Established in a 1950s-era cinema, this storied venue has transformed itself into an eclectic space that caters to a wide array of musical and cultural tastes. From pulsating electronic music nights to indie rock concerts, Lido offers a slice of Berlin's vibrant artistic spirit, served in an atmosphere that exudes history and character.

A Vintage Welcome

The façade of Lido Berlin carries a vintage charm, offering a gentle nod to its past life as a cinema. The old marquee, though retrofitted, still announces upcoming events, serving as both a welcome sign and a beacon of nostalgia. As you walk through its doors, you're instantly greeted by the spirit of decades gone by, yet a spirit that feels remarkably current.

The Essence of Versatility

The interior space of Lido reflects an irresistible blend of old-world charm and contemporary aesthetics. With its high ceilings and spacious floor, the club accommodates everything from intimate acoustic sets to expansive dance parties. Periodic refurbishments have imbued it with modern comforts and technology, but without erasing the patina of its historic roots.

Sonic Diversity

Lido Berlin prides itself on its diverse music programming. Whether it's an electronic music rave, a heavy metal gig, or a soulful jazz night, the club opens its stage to a multitude of genres. This kaleidoscopic sonic landscape attracts an equally diverse audience, making it a cross-cultural meeting point in a city known for its varied demographic.

The Cocktail Experience

Lido doesn’t settle for the ordinary even when it comes to its bar. Beyond the staple beers and spirits, the cocktail menu experiments with unique concoctions inspired by the club's bohemian vibe. Sipping a custom-made cocktail while immersed in the sonic richness of the venue is a true Lido experience.

Space for Art

In keeping with Berlin's artistic leanings, Lido dedicates space to rotating art installations and pop-up exhibitions. This feature turns the club into more than just a music venue; it becomes a small-scale art gallery where visual and auditory art forms mingle seamlessly.

An Inclusive Community

Lido's non-elitist, welcoming atmosphere contributes to its widespread appeal. From hardcore music aficionados to casual night-out seekers, the club draws people from all walks of life. The sense of community is palpable, creating an inclusive space where everyone can enjoy the culture and music on offer.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Matching Berlin's conscientious mindset, Lido has been taking steps toward becoming a more sustainable venue. From eco-friendly lighting to recyclable materials, the club incorporates sustainability without sacrificing its historic ambience or quality of experience.

The Melting Pot of Music, History, and Bohemian Culture

Lido Berlin is not just a club; it's an institution that reflects the multifaceted nature of Berlin itself. With its rich history, diverse musical offerings, and inclusive atmosphere, it stands as a monument to the city's enduring attraction for artists, music lovers, and night owls. As both a gateway to Berlin’s diverse music scene and a keeper of its history, Lido invites you to be part of a tradition that continues to evolve, surprise, and captivate.

Hoppetosse Logo


Casual, Live music

Situated along the banks of the River Spree, Hoppetosse isn't your typical Berlin club. This floating venue serves as a sister ship to the famed Club der Visionaere and offers a truly unique party experience that combines the best elements of Berlin's underground electronic music scene with a scenic riverside location. Anchored yet constantly alive, Hoppetosse invites you to dance, relax, and drift in an atmosphere unlike any other.

All Aboard the Hoppetosse

Upon approaching Hoppetosse, you immediately realize that you're in for an unusual clubbing journey. Moored to the Spree’s bank, the boat's understated exterior belies the sensory experience that awaits you. A simple plank serves as the gateway to this floating world, where Berlin's counter-cultural essence takes on a maritime twist.

A Nautical Wonderland

Stepping onto the Hoppetosse, you are greeted by a rustic yet cozy setting, with wooden floors and nautical adornments adding to the authenticity. As you descend into the lower deck or make your way to the open-air top floor, it becomes clear that the venue has been designed to capture both the intimacy of a confined space and the expansiveness of the river and sky.

Electrifying Soundscapes

The sonic palette at Hoppetosse leans heavily into minimal techno and microhouse, echoing the musical ethos of Club der Visionaere. The sound system, despite the venue's limited size, rivals that of Berlin’s major clubs, filling the air with crystal-clear audio that entices you to move.

Breathtaking Views, Beat-driven Vibes

One of the most extraordinary aspects of Hoppetosse is its open-air upper deck, where the pulsating beats of the DJ are complemented by stunning views of the Spree and the cityscape beyond. Here, the thrill of the music merges with the calm of the river, offering an unparalleled sense of escapism.

Artisanal Libations

At the bar, you can expect an assortment of drinks that suit the venue’s eclectic character. Whether it's a locally brewed beer, a classic cocktail, or a creative concoction designed by the onboard mixologists, Hoppetosse ensures that your glass is as satisfying as the music.

A Diverse Community

The club has a reputation for attracting an audience that's as diverse as its setting is unique. Locals mix freely with international visitors, and the vibe is casual, friendly, and remarkably inclusive. Everyone is there for the love of good music and the unique atmosphere, creating a harmonious communal experience.

Green Waves

Emphasizing sustainability, Hoppetosse operates with eco-conscious practices aimed at minimizing its environmental impact. Even in its unique setting, the venue prioritizes low-waste operations and energy efficiency, in alignment with Berlin's broader green initiatives.

Navigating Berlin's Clubbing Landscape Aboard a Floating Oasis

Hoppetosse serves as a testament to Berlin's endless capacity for innovation in nightlife. It's a place where the city's defining attributes—underground music, alternative culture, and a penchant for the unique—come together in a floating microcosm. Offering an experience that's as fluid as the waters it sits upon, Hoppetosse sets itself apart as a must-visit venue for anyone looking to dive deeper into Berlin’s rich and varied clubbing landscape.

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Casual, Local

Tucked away in the bustling neighborhood of Mitte, Fitzroy brings an air of refined decadence to Berlin's clubbing scene. With its sumptuous interiors, meticulously curated playlists, and an aura that evokes the spirit of a vintage cocktail lounge, Fitzroy stands out as a sophisticated alternative amid Berlin's kaleidoscopic nightlife. The club is more than just a venue—it's an experience that transcends time and genre.

Elegance Meets Edge

As you walk into Fitzroy, you're immediately struck by the tasteful blend of elegance and edge. Luxurious velvet couches juxtapose exposed brick walls, and ornate chandeliers illuminate both weathered wooden floors and modern art installations. It’s a setting where past and present coalesce, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and raw.

Musical Diversity

One of the club's defining attributes is its dedication to a wide range of musical styles. While Fitzroy pays homage to Berlin's techno roots, it also ventures into the realms of jazz, funk, and live acoustic sets. The music is always fine-tuned to match the ambiance, transforming the space into a dynamic sensorial escape.

The Dancefloor and the Lounge: Two Worlds, One Venue

Fitzroy offers two distinct settings within its intimate confines. The main dancefloor is where electronic beats dominate, while the adjoining lounge area provides a softer atmosphere, complete with plush seating and subdued lighting. Whether you're in the mood for frenetic dancing or a more laid-back evening, Fitzroy accommodates your whims.

Culinary Cocktails and Gourmet Bites

What truly sets Fitzroy apart is its commitment to gastronomic excellence. The club boasts a cocktail menu that would impress even the most discerning connoisseur, featuring timeless classics alongside innovative creations. For those who appreciate a culinary dimension to their clubbing experience, the venue also offers a selection of gourmet bites that complement its liquid offerings.

A Meeting Point for the Discerning

Fitzroy’s atmosphere naturally attracts a crowd that appreciates the finer things without being pretentious. It's a venue where artists, professionals, and trendsetters gather, adding a sense of intellectual vibrancy to the air. The crowd is as diverse as the music and art on display, contributing to an experience that is culturally rich and globally informed.

Sustainability with Flair

Even with its opulent décor and upscale offerings, Fitzroy doesn't ignore the importance of sustainability. The club operates with a focus on minimizing waste and sourcing locally, marrying ethical practices with its luxury experiences.

A Sophisticated Refuge in Berlin's Clubbing Universe

Fitzroy adds a layer of nuanced sophistication to Berlin's clubbing portfolio. It is a place that honors the city's vibrant music scene while pushing boundaries in terms of what a club can offer. With its elegant atmosphere, diverse entertainment, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Fitzroy is not merely a club—it's a sanctuary for those who seek a night out that offers both style and substance.

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Casual, Live music +1

Situated in the eclectic Friedrichshain district, Untertage offers a surreal descent into Berlin's underground clubbing world. True to its name—Untertage translates to "underground" in German—this cavernous venue provides a haven for techno purists and night owls in search of an authentic Berlin experience. Its subterranean layout, minimalistic design, and laser-focused music curation make it a must-visit spot on Berlin's nocturnal landscape.

Into the Abyss

As you make your way down the dimly lit staircase leading to Untertage, you're gradually enveloped by a palpable sense of anticipation and mystery. The faint reverberations of bass grow louder with each step, pulling you further into the club's enigmatic realm.

Industrial Chic Meets Underground Cool

Untertage’s interior is a visual testament to industrial minimalism. With exposed concrete walls, low-hanging light fixtures, and a deliberately muted color palette, the club exudes an aesthetic that's raw yet meticulously thought out. The space itself is maze-like, featuring a series of rooms and corridors that allow for a journey that's as introspective as it is communal.

The Pinnacle of Sound Engineering

The heart of Untertage is undoubtedly its state-of-the-art sound system. Engineered for acoustic perfection, the speakers deliver an immersive sonic experience that allows every nuance of the techno tracks to shine through. It’s not just loud; it’s crystal clear, transforming the dance floor into a pulsating cocoon of sound.

The Dancefloor: An Altar of Movement

Untertage's main dance floor serves as an almost spiritual focal point, where club-goers lose themselves in rhythmic trance. Enhanced by minimal yet impactful lighting, the dance floor space feels both expansive and intimate, offering a communal experience that remains intensely personal.

Libations for the Journey

While Untertage is predominantly about the music, it doesn't neglect the essentials of a good night out. The bar is surprisingly well-stocked for such a focused venue, offering everything from quality local brews to potent cocktails, all designed to sustain you through a long night—or morning—of dancing.

A Crowd in the Know

Untertage attracts a discerning crowd that knows its techno. However, the atmosphere is devoid of snobbery. Whether you're a Berlin native or a traveler in search of the city’s underground culture, you'll find yourself welcomed into a community bound together by a deep-rooted love for the music.

Sustainable Beats

Matching the city's progressive ethos, Untertage incorporates sustainable practices wherever possible. From energy-efficient lighting to a strong emphasis on waste reduction, the club aligns its operations with values that resonate with its conscientious clientele.

Berlin's Subterranean Temple of Techno

Untertage is more than just a club; it's a sanctuary for Berlin's underground techno culture. With its impeccable sound, mesmerizing space, and unpretentious yet knowledgeable crowd, Untertage captures the essence of what makes Berlin's nightlife both iconic and continually compelling. It's a venue that doesn't just play techno—it lives and breathes it, offering a subterranean escape for those in search of Berlin's undiluted musical soul.

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Mensch Meier

Casual, Live music +1

Located on the fringes of the Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg neighborhoods, Mensch Meier is more than just a nightclub—it's a cultural institution where art, activism, and eclectic beats intersect. With its socially conscious ethos, diverse musical offerings, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, Mensch Meier has cultivated a unique space within Berlin's already vibrant clubbing scene.

An Unassuming Exterior, A Vibrant Interior

Mensch Meier's exterior could easily be overlooked—there's no grand marquee or ostentatious signage. However, this lack of outward flamboyance is deceiving, as it belies the vivacity and community spirit that lie within. Upon entering, you are greeted by a riot of colors, art installations, and the palpable energy of like-minded individuals.

A Multi-Dimensional Experience

What sets Mensch Meier apart is its sprawling layout featuring multiple rooms, each with its own ambiance and style. From the pulsating main room, known for its immersive techno and house sets, to the more relaxed lounge areas with softer musical stylings, the venue caters to a myriad of moods and tastes. The space even includes a theater and art gallery, transforming the club into a dynamic cultural hub.

Harmonious Musical Diversity

Mensch Meier is lauded for its eclectic musical programming, showcasing genres from techno and house to funk, jazz, and live performances. The club is a platform for both emerging talent and established artists, and it's not uncommon for the night to evolve through multiple musical phases, offering patrons a journey through different sonic landscapes.

Inclusive and Conscious Clubbing

One of the core principles that Mensch Meier espouses is inclusivity. The club has a strict door policy aimed at creating a safe and welcoming environment for all, irrespective of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Moreover, it regularly hosts activist events and discussions, positioning itself as a space where social change is as integral to its identity as the music it plays.

Organic Offerings at the Bar

Mensch Meier's commitment to sustainability is evident in its bar menu, which offers a range of organic drinks and locally-sourced refreshments. In line with its community-oriented ethos, prices are kept reasonable to ensure the space remains accessible.

Vivid Visuals and Artistic Endeavors

Art at Mensch Meier is as crucial as its beats. The walls are adorned with ever-changing installations and murals, often contributed by local artists. These pieces are more than mere decoration; they're expressions of the club's ethos and the broader social issues it seeks to address.

A Utopian Reality

Perhaps what truly sets Mensch Meier apart is its aspiration to be a utopian microcosm within the larger social framework. Its focus on communal well-being, cultural enrichment, and political engagement makes it an extraordinary venue that challenges the norms of what a nightclub can be.

Berlin's Clubbing Utopia Where Art, Activism, and Music Converge

Mensch Meier is a living testament to Berlin's enduring role as a crucible for cultural, social, and musical experimentation. It serves as an oasis for those seeking a space that combines pulsating rhythms with intellectual stimulation and social activism. In a city globally renowned for its clubbing culture, Mensch Meier stands as a beacon of what Berlin's nightlife is truly capable of: not just a party, but a movement.

Zukunft am Ostkreuz Logo

Zukunft am Ostkreuz

Casual, Live music

Tucked in the vivid neighborhood of Friedrichshain, Zukunft am Ostkreuz has emerged as one of Berlin's most intriguing clubbing destinations. Named "Zukunft," which translates to "Future," the club is a harmonious marriage of Berlin's storied past and its ever-evolving future. It's an epicenter of underground music, independent cinema, and bohemian art, all coming together in a setting that feels like a portal to another world.

An Unpolished Gem

Zukunft am Ostkreuz doesn't greet you with neon lights or flashy exteriors. Instead, its somewhat nondescript façade exudes a kind of raw authenticity that Berlin is known for. As you walk in, the vintage signage and distressed walls whisper tales of a city that has seen it all, but is still hungry for more.

Eclectic Spaces for Eclectic Tastes

The interior is a labyrinth of diverse spaces, each with its own flavor and function. From the main room pulsating with techno and electronic beats to more intimate chambers hosting indie bands, Zukunft caters to an astonishingly wide range of musical preferences. There’s even an on-site cinema that screens independent films and hosts panel discussions, marking the venue as a multi-dimensional cultural hub.

Reimagining the Dance Floor

Zukunft's main room is where the past meets the future—quite literally. Vintage analog speakers line up next to state-of-the-art digital systems, creating a sonic blend that is uniquely captivating. The dance floor, bathed in the hypnotic glow of minimalist lighting, serves as a sanctuary for Berlin’s diverse community of night owls and music aficionados.

Artistic Freedom

Zukunft is not just about music and dance; it's also a canvas for artists. Its walls serve as rotating galleries, showcasing everything from abstract paintings to provocative political art. This infusion of visual elements into the clubbing experience makes each visit to Zukunft feel like stepping into a living, breathing art installation.

Culinary Fusion and Libations

When it comes to refreshments, Zukunft doesn't settle for the standard club fare. The bar offers an array of cocktails that range from the classic to the avant-garde, and there’s a strong emphasis on local brews and organic spirits. For those who find themselves hungry, the venue occasionally hosts pop-up kitchens serving gourmet street food.

Inclusive Yet Selective

The crowd at Zukunft is as varied as the club's offerings. However, there is a kind of unspoken understanding among its patrons—an implicit commitment to respectful co-existence and open-minded exploration. The door policy is strict but fair, aimed at ensuring that those who enter are aligned with the club’s diverse yet harmonious ethos.

Sustainability Meets Nightlife

In a nod to its name and a gesture toward the future, Zukunft has initiated several sustainability measures, from eco-friendly lighting to waste management programs. These efforts reflect the club’s commitment to providing not just a great night out, but a responsible one.

Where Berlin's Future and Past Dance Together

Zukunft am Ostkreuz is more than a nightclub; it's a cultural crossroads where Berlin's multifaceted identity comes to life. With its eclectic programming, artistic soul, and community-driven spirit, it captures the essence of a city that is rooted in history but perpetually marching toward the future. For those seeking a nightlife experience that is as enriching as it is exhilarating, Zukunft is a destination that promises—and delivers—something extraordinary.

SEZ Klub Logo

SEZ Klub

Casual, Local

Nestled in the heart of the lively Prenzlauer Berg district, SEZ Klub isn't your ordinary nightlife spot. As the revamped iteration of the iconic Sport- und Erholungszentrum (SEZ), a massive sporting and leisure complex from East Berlin days, the club retains an aura of historic grandeur while infusing fresh vitality to fit into the city's bustling contemporary scene. With its enormous footprint that includes a swimming pool, various sport courts, and, of course, a state-of-the-art clubbing area, SEZ Klub serves as a testament to Berlin's knack for repurposing the old into something irresistibly new.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future

The exterior of SEZ Klub stands as a relic of Berlin's architectural past, a reminder of an era that witnessed the city divided yet resilient. However, step inside, and you're catapulted into a modern oasis that defies expectations. The intricate blend of vintage and contemporary design elements captures the city's unique tension between history and innovation.

A Multi-Faceted Experience

SEZ Klub is no one-trick pony. Its vast layout accommodates a myriad of experiences—from the kinetic energy of its central dance floor to the more relaxed, lounge-like areas that invite intimate conversations. But what really sets it apart is its sport-themed sections, an homage to the venue's origins. Want to take a break from dancing to play a quick game of ping-pong? At SEZ Klub, you can.

Sonic Excellence Meets Visual Artistry

When it comes to music, SEZ Klub offers a curated selection that covers a broad spectrum of genres. Whether you're into pulsating techno, groovy house, or live indie bands, there's a room for you. This musical diversity is complemented by an array of visual stimulations—think captivating light installations, interactive art pieces, and retro murals that evoke the nostalgia of Berlin’s bygone eras.

Bar None: A Culinary Adventure

SEZ Klub's bar doesn't simply serve drinks; it crafts experiences. With a menu featuring a selection of handpicked local brews, artisanal spirits, and imaginative cocktails, the club offers refreshments that are both delicious and deeply rooted in Berlin's eclectic culture.

An Inclusive Ethos

The crowd at SEZ Klub mirrors Berlin's diverse populace. Artists, techies, students, and international visitors mix effortlessly, united by a common desire for high-quality music and a genuine, prejudice-free environment. SEZ Klub prides itself on its non-discriminatory door policy, making sure the space remains inclusive yet respectful.

Sustainability: The Next Chapter

SEZ Klub is not just content to blend the past and present; it's also focused on preparing for a sustainable future. With initiatives like energy-efficient lighting, biodegradable serving materials, and a robust waste management program, the club makes it evident that responsibility and revelry can coexist.

Berlin's Vintage Playground Reimagined for the Modern Age

SEZ Klub stands as a unique entity in Berlin's ever-competitive nightlife landscape. It offers more than just a night out; it provides a holistic experience that ties together elements of sport, culture, art, and of course, groundbreaking music. For those who appreciate Berlin's complex history and its ceaseless drive towards the new, SEZ Klub serves as the perfect playground—a space where the city's multiple facets are not just displayed but celebrated.

Balcony Club Logo

Balcony Club

Casual, Local +1

In a city renowned for its sprawling techno temples and gritty underground haunts, Balcony Club offers a refreshing departure. Located in Berlin's trendy Mitte district, this intimate venue marries chic ambiance with unparalleled acoustics, inviting patrons to experience nightlife with a touch of sophistication. Set atop a historic building, the club boasts an actual balcony that opens up to the city's breathtaking skyline, making it a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

The Grand Entrance

As you ascend the vintage stairway that leads to the club, a sense of anticipation builds with each step. Detailed wooden panels line the walls, and ambient lighting guides your ascent, setting the tone for an experience that promises to be exceptional.

Luxe Interiors Meet Iconic Views

The moment you step into Balcony Club, you are greeted by a blend of opulence and warmth. Luxurious velvet couches, chandeliers, and ornate mirrors coexist with modern art pieces and minimalist design elements. However, the crown jewel of the club is undoubtedly its eponymous balcony. Stepping out onto it, you're greeted by a panoramic view of Berlin's skyline, from the iconic TV Tower to the twinkling lights of the cityscape below.

Soundtrack for the Sophisticated

While many Berlin clubs focus primarily on techno, Balcony Club offers a musical palette that is as diverse as it is discerning. From jazz and soul nights to carefully curated DJ sets spanning house, disco, and electronic music, the club caters to a mature audience seeking sonic quality over sheer volume. And with its top-tier sound system, every note, every beat is a pristine auditory experience.

The Art of the Cocktail

At Balcony Club, the bar is not just a place to grab a drink; it's an institution of mixology. Featuring an array of classic cocktails with modern twists, the menu is a celebration of the fine art of drink-making. Ingredients are locally sourced, organic, and combined in innovative ways that tantalize the palate. For the wine and beer aficionados, there is a selection that spans local gems and international favorites.

An Audience Apart

Given its elegant setting and unique offerings, Balcony Club attracts a different kind of crowd. The atmosphere is upscale but not pretentious, intimate but not insular. Whether you're on a romantic date, a sophisticated night out with friends, or simply treating yourself to a night of elegance, you're in good company here.

Intimate Events and Special Occasions

The club frequently hosts special events that align with its upscale ethos, from wine tasting evenings to live acoustic sets and art exhibitions. The space can also be rented for private occasions, providing a lavish backdrop for anything from corporate events to milestone celebrations.

Sustainability in Elegance

Despite its focus on luxury, Balcony Club doesn't turn a blind eye to sustainability. Eco-friendly practices are integrated into various aspects of the club's operations, from waste management to energy-efficient lighting, proving that elegance and environmental consciousness can indeed go hand-in-hand.

Berlin's Elevated Oasis of Intimacy and Elegance

In a city brimming with nightlife options, Balcony Club emerges as a venue in a category of its own. With its focus on atmosphere, diversity of music, and quality of experience, it elevates Berlin's nightlife to new heights—quite literally. For those seeking a night out that is as classy as it is unforgettable, Balcony Club is the perfect destination.

Gestrandet Mitte Berlin Logo

Gestrandet Mitte Berlin

Casual, Local +1

Tucked away in the pulsating heart of Berlin's Mitte district, Gestrandet Mitte Berlin is a testament to the city's unending creativity and its knack for the unconventional. Translated as "Stranded in the Middle," this unique club delivers precisely what it promises: a beachy haven stranded amidst Berlin's urban sprawl. Offering a seamless blend of laid-back vibes, eclectic tunes, and a relaxed atmosphere, Gestrandet Mitte stands out as a striking oasis where the city's contrasting elements harmonize.

Step Off the Streets, Step Onto the Sand

As you approach Gestrandet Mitte, you'll notice that the familiar textures of Berlin's cobblestone streets and concrete facades give way to something entirely unexpected: soft, golden sand. The transition is as surreal as it is inviting. Upon entry, you'll find yourself surrounded by beach chairs, tiki umbrellas, and the unmistakable scent of summer, creating an immediate disconnect from the bustling city just beyond the walls.

The Unlikely Alchemy of Settings

One of the most captivating elements of Gestrandet Mitte is its unique spatial concept. It's not just an indoor club; it's an indoor beach club, complete with a sandy floor, wooden walkways, and tropical foliage. Whether you lounge under a palm-frond canopy or gather around the indoor fire pit, you'll quickly forget that you're actually in the heart of a European metropolis.

Eclectic Sounds for an Eclectic Space

The musical offerings at Gestrandet Mitte Berlin are as diverse as its crowd. On any given night, you could be swaying to Balearic beats, grooving to electronic funk, or unwinding to a live acoustic set. The club’s state-of-the-art sound system ensures that the music is both immersive and crystal-clear, encapsulating the venue’s relaxed yet vibrant essence.

A Fusion of Flavors

The club extends its tropical theme to its culinary offerings as well. The bar serves up a range of cocktails that take you straight to the beach, from classic mojitos to innovative concoctions infused with exotic fruits. As for food, expect a menu that honors Berlin's cosmopolitan spirit with a touch of beachside flair, featuring everything from local sausages to seafood tapas.

An All-Season Retreat

While Gestrandet Mitte is an undeniable summer hotspot, its appeal isn't limited to the warmer months. During winter, the club transforms into a cozy retreat, with the sand making way for snug rugs and the tiki umbrellas replaced by twinkling fairy lights. The fire pit continues to crackle, providing warmth and an irresistibly romantic atmosphere.

Inclusive and Chill

Gestrandet Mitte takes pride in its inclusive atmosphere. It’s a place where people from all walks of life can kick off their shoes—literally—and relax. The laid-back ethos is reflected in its welcoming crowd, ensuring that anyone who walks in will feel at home.

An Urban Beach Paradise Amidst Concrete and Cobblestone

Gestrandet Mitte is more than just a club; it’s a microcosm of what makes Berlin so extraordinary—a city where the unexpected is the norm, and where different worlds can exist side by side in harmonious contrast. In offering an escape to the beach without ever leaving the city, Gestrandet Mitte captures the very essence of Berlin: endlessly diverse, creatively inspiring, and unapologetically unique.

Panke Logo


Casual, Local +1

Tucked away in the quiet nooks of Berlin's Wedding district, a district increasingly drawing the attention of young creatives, Panke is an establishment that defies easy categorization. Neither just a club nor merely an art space, Panke is an evolving organism dedicated to promoting experimental art forms, subcultures, and under-the-radar music genres. As you wander through its labyrinthine layout, you'll discover a venue that serves as a catalyst for Berlin's underground art and music scene.

Unassuming Elegance

Situated in a 19th-century horse stable turned soap factory, Panke's exterior lacks the traditional glitz and glam associated with high-profile clubs. Its charm lies in its rustic, unassuming façade — a statement in itself that encapsulates the venue's emphasis on substance over surface.

A Haven for Multiple Art Forms

While many clubs focus solely on music, Panke takes a broader view of artistic expression. Graffiti art and urban installations occupy its walls. Pop-up galleries featuring local artists occasionally emerge within its chambers. Experimental video art may light up one corner, while an impromptu spoken word event takes place in another. This ethos turns Panke into a creative kaleidoscope, always shifting, always surprising.

Music Beyond the Mainstream

Panke has made a name for itself as a sanctuary for musical genres that often get overlooked in more commercial settings. From electronic to hip-hop, dubstep to breakcore, the music here is for those eager to explore the peripheries of sound. The venue often features DJs and live acts that may not be household names but are respected champions in underground circles.

The Unforgettable Backyard

What distinguishes Panke from many other Berlin venues is its spacious outdoor area. This isn't your average club garden but a fully functional social space adorned with eclectic furniture, work by local artists, and enough greenery to make you forget you're in the middle of a bustling city. During the day, the area hosts a variety of community events, from workshops to film screenings, which adds an educational and interactive layer to Panke's portfolio.

Culinary Delights

Adding to its versatility, Panke also offers an inventive culinary menu. Instead of typical club snacks, you'll find an ever-changing selection of dishes that echo the venue's global and experimental outlook. Vegan options are readily available, and the kitchen places a strong emphasis on organic and locally-sourced ingredients.

The Crowd: A Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Panke attracts an eclectic audience, from local artists and musicians to international visitors seeking an alternative to Berlin’s mainstream club scene. What unites this diverse crowd is an insatiable curiosity for the new, the experimental, and the avant-garde.

Sustainable Heartbeat

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at Panke but a fundamental part of its operation. Recycling and composting are taken seriously, single-use plastics are largely avoided, and sustainability-focused events often feature on the calendar, making Panke a model for responsible revelry.

Berlin's Mecca for Underground Arts and Music

Panke is more than just a venue; it's an ethos, a community, and a vibrant tapestry of creative expressions. In a city where the line between mainstream and underground is constantly in flux, Panke holds its ground as an ambassador of the arts less celebrated but deeply impactful. For those in search of a nightlife experience that challenges as much as it entertains, Panke stands as one of Berlin's most compelling destinations.

gART.n Logo


Open air
Live music

Berlin, a city with an indomitable spirit and a rich history, has long been the cradle of innovation, art, and counterculture in Europe. Nestled amidst its iconic streets and timeless architecture is gART.n, a venue that embodies the ethos of Berlin's progressive and avant-garde spirit.

An Artistic Genesis

At its core, gART.n isn't just another nightclub. It's an art-infused sanctuary where the boundaries between different forms of artistic expression blur. The name itself, a playful blend of 'art' and 'garden', hints at its nature: a place where creativity blooms in all its diverse forms.

A Canvas in Itself

The interiors of gART.n are a testament to the city's commitment to cutting-edge design. Every nook and cranny feels like a carefully curated installation. Raw industrial aesthetics juxtaposed with lush, organic motifs create an atmosphere that is both intimate and expansive. Visitors often speak of the venue's ability to transport them to a different realm, a testament to its immersive design philosophy.

Echoes of the Avant-garde

Staying true to Berlin's reputation as the epicenter of electronic music, gART.n offers a soundscape that is both eclectic and sophisticated. While techno beats resonate with Berlin's heartbeat, the club is also known for its experimental nights, where genres blend and new sounds are birthed.

The Artistic Experience

But gART.n's true uniqueness lies in its commitment to holistic artistic experiences. On any given night, one might encounter live art installations, performance artists weaving stories with their bodies, or impromptu poetry sessions unfolding in its quieter corners. The club believes in fluidity, allowing artists from diverse disciplines to coexist, collaborate, and create.

Eco-conscious Ethos

Echoing the 'garden' in its name, gART.n has a strong commitment to sustainability. From eco-friendly materials in its decor to a zero-waste policy at its bars, the club is a beacon for sustainable nightlife. This emphasis on eco-consciousness isn't just a nod to current global trends but is deeply ingrained in the club's philosophy.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Berlin's legacy of inclusivity and acceptance finds a home in gART.n. The club is a haven for the LGBTQ+ community, a space where all identities are celebrated. Its events often underscore this ethos, with nights dedicated to queer artists and performers.

Berlin's Avant-garde Oasis

In a city teeming with nightclubs and bars, gART.n stands out as a beacon of art, culture, and progressive thought. It's not just a place to dance the night away; it's a space to engage, to be challenged, and to experience the pulsating heart of Berlin's avant-garde spirit. For those looking to immerse themselves in Berlin's rich tapestry, a visit to gART.n is an absolute must.

Bohnengold Logo



Berlin's nightlife is a tapestry of eclectic spots, each with its unique vibe and history. From pulsating techno temples to intimate cocktail bars, the city offers an array of nocturnal experiences. Among these, Bohnengold shines as a distinctive spot, delivering an authentic Berliner experience away from the mainstream.

A Peek into the Past

Located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Bohnengold has the ambiance of a well-aged vintage piece. As soon as you step in, you're embraced by a sense of nostalgia. The decor is a blend of retro furniture, kitschy wallpapers, and a sprinkle of neon, all coming together to create a vibe reminiscent of Berlin's bohemian past.

Bar, Lounge, and Dance Floor Rolled into One

Bohnengold's multifaceted space is one of its major draws. While the front part is a relaxed bar setting, perfect for a quiet drink and conversation, the rear transforms into a lively dance floor. The club manages to balance these contrasting atmospheres beautifully, allowing visitors to choose their vibe for the night.

A Delightful Mix

True to its eclectic spirit, Bohnengold doesn't limit itself to a single genre. Depending on the night, one could sway to indie rock, groove to funk and soul, or lose oneself in classic 80s and 90s tracks. The club has a penchant for throwing surprise music nights, making every visit unique.

A Magnet for Artists

Kreuzberg's rich history as a haven for artists is palpable in Bohnengold. The club frequently collaborates with local artists for exhibitions, performances, and installations. This commitment to the art community has made Bohnengold a favorite among Berlin's creative souls.

Inclusivity at its Core

Berlin is globally renowned for its inclusive nightlife, and Bohnengold proudly carries this legacy. The club's events, staff, and patrons are a testament to its open-minded and accepting ethos. It's not rare to find a mix of locals, expats, and tourists of all backgrounds blending seamlessly in this melting pot.

Cocktails with a Twist

Apart from its music and vibe, Bohnengold is also recognized for its innovative cocktails. The menu offers a mix of classic drinks and house specials, often with a quirky twist inspired by local flavors. For those who prefer their beer, the selection is vast, celebrating both German brews and international favorites.

A Gem in Berlin's Nightlife Crown

Bohnengold isn't just another club in Berlin; it's a reflection of the city's soul. It embodies Berlin's rich history, its artistic spirit, and its commitment to inclusivity. Whether you're a seasoned Berliner or a curious traveler, Bohnengold offers a slice of the city's vibrant nightlife, wrapped in a nostalgic embrace. For those seeking an unpretentious, genuine Berlin experience, Bohnengold is the place to be.

Festsaal Kreuzberg Logo

Festsaal Kreuzberg

Live music

Berlin has long been known for its vibrant nightlife, teeming with clubs and bars that cater to every musical taste and preference. Yet, among this dizzying array of nightlife choices, Festsaal Kreuzberg stands out not only for its musical offerings but also for its rich history and commitment to preserving the alternative spirit of the city.

A Storied History

Festsaal Kreuzberg was originally located on Skalitzer Straße, where it quickly became a favorite for those seeking live music and a laid-back atmosphere. Unfortunately, a fire in 2013 forced its closure at that location. However, the spirit of Festsaal refused to be extinguished, and it reopened at a new location in Am Flutgraben, bringing along its distinctive vibe and faithful audience.

Architectural Delight

The new venue is spacious, accommodating larger crowds but still retaining the intimate feel that was the hallmark of the original Festsaal. The architecture, with high ceilings and an industrial charm, pays homage to Berlin's raw and unpolished beauty. Wooden floors and vintage furnishings add warmth and character to the space.

Musical Diversity

Festsaal Kreuzberg has always prided itself on offering a diverse musical lineup. While it leans heavily into punk, indie, and alternative music, it's not uncommon to find evenings dedicated to electronic, hip-hop, or world music. This eclecticism ensures a fresh experience with each visit and introduces patrons to genres they might not typically explore.

Cultural Events Beyond Music

Beyond its musical endeavors, Festsaal Kreuzberg is also a hub for various cultural events. From poetry slams to political debates and film screenings, the venue is deeply embedded in Berlin's cultural fabric, providing a platform for voices that often remain on the fringes.

An Outdoor Oasis

One of the highlights of Festsaal Kreuzberg is its Biergarten – a spacious outdoor area perfect for Berlin's warm summer nights. Lined with trees and strung with fairy lights, it offers a relaxed setting to chat, drink, and soak in the atmosphere before heading indoors for a gig.

A Commitment to the Community

Festsaal Kreuzberg's dedication to the community is evident in its programming and collaborations. The venue often partners with local artists, musicians, and activists, ensuring that it remains rooted in its surroundings and reflective of the city's ever-evolving identity.

The Pulse of Berlin's Alternative Scene

Festsaal Kreuzberg is more than just a club; it's an institution. Its resilience, mirrored in its rise from the ashes after the 2013 fire, is emblematic of Berlin's spirit. For those seeking an authentic Berlin experience, one that marries music, culture, and community, Festsaal Kreuzberg is a must-visit. Amidst the city's rapidly changing landscape, this venue stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Berlin's alternative scene.

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